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John Williams Stuff

News by Lukas Kendall

Over the Moon is a new book about John Williams -- kind of a dossier of his life and work -- from Chile, so it's in Spanish. The author is Roberto Aschieri. Here are websites with information:



On another subject, John Williams's Clarinet Concerto, here's a question I got from a reader as to a recording of the classical work (not otherwise available) circulating on the Internet:

From: (Al Foster)

I asked Williams expert and webmaster Jeff Eldridge and here is his informed reply:

    Last week, David Blumberg, the producer of a CD featuring a recording of John Williams' clarinet concerto, posted on eBay, offering to sell 10 copies of the recording for $1000 (!) each. He made it clear he was going to be selling them at $10 each in the near future, so this was just for the privilege of having one of the "first 10 copies", which would be autographed by the soloist, Michele Zukovsky. Not suprisingly, no one bothered to bid.

    (See for details of the eBay auction.)

    While is advertising it as a CD, it is actually a CD-R. There is no mention of the orchestra performing the concerto, although it says that the performance is conducted by John Williams. It is a live recording. (The only documented performance of the work I have discovered was the April 1991 premiere by the Riverside County Philharmonic under the direction of Williams.) The CD-R also includes a performance of Carl Maria von Weber's Concertino for clarinet and orchestra, Op. 26, with the LA Phil under the direction of Zubin Mehta.

    The CD-R sounds OK, but not like a professionally-produced, high-quality digitial recording. However, since this is the first and only opportunity most anyone has had to hear the clarinet concerto, it's more than adequate. While the piece isn't as profound as Williams' violin and bassoon concertos, it is nevertheless quite enjoyable.

    The CD-R contains some CD-ROM files in additional to the regular CD audio, but this mostly consists of *.mp3 files (of the same music on the CD-audio portion) and some very brief, not terribly informative notes about the music.

So there you have it. We're back tomorrow with a backlogged Film Score Friday of news and information.

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