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The FSM Shipping News

by Lukas Kendall

Hello, everyone!

Isn't Scott Bettencourt doing a great job with the daily columns? Let's all give Scott a big hand. And Jon Kaplan too, who has been editing the reviews that appear online for at least a year now. Wow!

A few people (very few) commented that they missed my presence. I cannot help but be touched. But I am still so very tired from doing the web column virtually every day since May 1997 that I am happy to turn things over to Scott and Jon for now.

Still, I'm never too tired that I cannot push our merchandise!

A few items, then, to bring you:

The Turner Film Library

A few people have jumped to the conclusion that because we have begun licensing albums from Turner (which includes the pre-1987 MGM film library) that somehow Rhino is dropping the ball on the catalog. That could not be more wrong!

Rhino is in fact stepping UP their production from the MGM library and view FSM as an additional outlet to make their titles available with the best possible tender loving care. In general, fans should expect Rhino to be releasing a full slate of movie musicals and selected high-profile dramatic scores (both through their retail line and their special, limited edition Rhino Handmade line), while FSM will be releasing a number of previously unreleased, first-rate dramatic scores from the '50s, '60s and '70s. Check out and

I want to take this opportunity to thank George Feltenstein at Turner. George is the executive who has been with the MGM film library since it was still a part of the MGM film company and has overseen its restoration from the vaults, producing dozens of top-notch albums for Rhino. He loves this material and has been a dream to work with. I am greatly impressed with the organization and the high quality of preservation that has been undertaken with the MGM catalog and I am positive George is responsible in a very big way.

I also want to thank the hard-working personnel at the AOL Time Warner behemoth, from the Warner Bros. legal department to the Turner legal department to the Rhino production staff. It goes to show that it does not matter how large or small a company is, as long as they have people who care about what they are doing and go about it in smart ways.

So stay tuned for more terrific albums!

Two Horrible Weeks of Waiting

Thankfully it's now over, but a few people were beginning to fret, and understandably so, that we took some two weeks to ship out orders for the new CDs, Logan's Run and Lust for Life. The explanation is simple: we did not have the CDs until last week, and were not exactly sure when they would be arriving. This was our first time manufacturing with Rhino, and it just took a little bit longer than usual to follow procedure, as we had to learn it. We should have let people know, but we were afraid that would have created an even bigger ruckus. In the end, all's well that ends well, but we sincerely apologize for keeping people waiting, and will take greater care in the future to alert our dear customers of delays.

New Earle Hagen Book

We've cut down on a number of new film music books we carry (mainly for logistics reasons), but Earle Hagen's new memoirs was one we could not resist. It's a terrific read! DO NOT be alarmed if the picture you see is of John Barry at the book's web page -- we just need to update the graphic.

That's it!

Back to packing boxes!

Take care,


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