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By Scott Bettencourt

Songwriting collaborators (lyricists, co-composers) are listed in parentheses. If the composer wrote the lyrics himself, his initials are used.


Anyone Home - THE RETURN OF THE SOLDIER (Franklin Roosevelt Underwood)
Far From the Madding Crowd - FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD (Paul Francis Webster)
Song of Titus - GORMENGHAST (Mervyn Peake)
Too Beautiful to Last - NICHOLAS AND ALEXANDRA (Paul Francis Webster)


Ballad of Dick Turpin - THE LEGEND OF YOUNG DICK TURPIN (Norman Newell)
Before Winter Comes - BEFORE WINTER COMES (Carole Bayer Sager)
Hold on to Your Women - LOCK UP YOUR DAUGHTERS (Jim Dale)
If There Ever is a Next Time - HOFFMAN (Don Black)
Life is a Precious Thing - THE ASSASSINATION BUREAU, LTD. (Hal Shaper)
Nothing But the Best - NOTHING BUT THE BEST (Frederic Raphael)
Something's Coming Off Tonight - PROMISE HER ANYTHING (RG)


Alone in the Night - APOLOGY (Norman Gimbel)
Always and Forever - SHADOW OF THE WOLF (Nathalie Carsen)
As Rivers Run Deep - SHOUT AT THE DEVIL (Georges Sigara)
Five Card Stud - FIVE CARD STUD (Ned Washington)
Isadora - ISADORA (Don Black)
It Was a Good Time - RYAN'S DAUGHTER (Mack David)
Marmalade, Molasses and Honey - THE LIFE AND TIMES OF JUDGE ROY BEAN (Alan & Marilyn Bergman)
One to Each Man - POSSE (Paul Francis Webster)
Paris Smiles - IS PARIS BURNING? (Jay Livingston, Ray Evans)
Some Wings - ALMOST AN ANGEL (Ray Underwood)
Somewhere My Love - DOCTOR ZHIVAGO (Paul Francis Webster)
Summer Green-Autumn Gold - ASH WEDNESDAY (Paul Francis Webster)
Time Goes By - MR. SYCAMORE (Paul Francis Webster)
Where Was I When the Parade Went By? - RYAN'S DAUGHTER (Mack David, Mike Curb)
The World Will Smile Again - THE NIGHT OF THE GENERALS (Howard Greenfield)


All For Love - THE THREE MUSKETEERS (Bryan Adams, Robert John Lange)
Beside You - WHAT DREAMS MAY COME (Mark Snow)
Daredevil Gonna Make an Angel Out of You - STUNTS (Amy Ephron)
Ease Your Mind - STUNTS (MK)
(Everything I Do) I Do It for You - ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES (Bryan Adams, Robert John Lange)
Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman? - DON JUAN DEMARCO (Bryan Adams, Robert John Lange)
Holding All My Love For You - OPEN RANGE (Julianna Raye)
It's Probably Me - LETHAL WEAPON 3 (Eric Clapton, Sting)
Lethal Weapon - LETHAL WEAPON (MK)
Love, Love, Love - STUNTS (MK)
Nicole's Theme - THE NEXT MAN (Rosko Mercer)
On Springfield Mountain - INVENTING THE ABBOTTS (Tara MacLean)
Stay With Me - THE NEXT MAN (MK)
Sweet Sweet Baby Girl - THE NEXT MAN (MK)
You're the One - CIRCLE OF FRIENDS (Shane MacGowan)


Ada - ADA (Mack David)
All God's Chillun Got Rhythm - A DAY AT THE RACES (Gus Kahn, Walter Jurmann)
As If I Didn't Know - GO WEST (Gus Kahn)
Blue Lovebird - LILIAN RUSSELL (Gus Kahn)
Blue Venetian Waters - A DAY AT THE RACES (Gus Kahn, Walter Jurmann)
Children's Picnic Song - TWO LOVES (Walton Farrar)
Cosi Cosa - A NIGHT AT THE OPERA (Ned Washington, Walter Jurmann)
Don't Go Near the Water - DON'T GO NEAR THE WATER (Sammy Cahn)
Drifting - AUNTIE MAME (Kim Gannon)
A Flea in Her Ear - A FLEA IN HER EAR (Sammy Cahn)
Follow Me - MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY [1962] (Paul Francis Webster)
Forever Darling - FOREVER DARLING (Sammy Cahn)
Gaby - GABY (Mitchell Parrish)
Gloria - BUTTERFIELD 8 (Mack David)
Green Dolphin Street - GREEN DOLPHIN STREET (Ned Washington)
Hi Lili-Hi-Lo - LILI (Helen Deutsch)
Home From the Hill - HOME FROM THE HILL (Mack David)
I Know, I Know, I Know - THAT MIDNIGHT KISS (Bob Russell)
Invitation - INVITATION (Paul Francis Webster)
Kisses - KISSES FOR MY PRESIDENT (Rick Harlow)
A Life of Her Own - A LIFE OF HER OWN (Paul Francis Webster)
Love Song of Tahiti - MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY (1935) (Gus Kahn, Walter Jurmann)
Melody Farm - EVERYBODY SING (Gus Kahn, Walter Jurmann)
Message From The Man in the Moon - A DAY AT THE RACES (Gus Kahn, Walter Jurmann)
My Heart Is Singing - THREE SMART GIRLS (Gus Kahn, Walter Jurmann)
The One I Love - EVERYBODY SING (Gus Kahn, Walter Jurmann)
San Francisco - SAN FRANCISCO (Gus Kahn, Walter Jurmann)
Somebody Up There Likes Me - SOMEBODY UP THERE LIKES ME (Sammy Cahn)
Someone to Care About Me - THREE SMART GIRLS (Gus Kahn, Walter Jurmann)
Song of Green Mansions - GREEN MANSIONS (Paul Francis Webster)
Swing Mister Mendelssohn - EVERYBODY SING (Gus Kahn, Walter Jurmann)
Take My Love - THE GLASS SLIPPER (Helen Deutsch)
To-Morrow Is Another Day - A DAY AT THE RACES (Gus Kahn, Walter Jurmann)
The Way West - THE WAY WEST (Mack David)
While My Lady Sleeps - THE CHOCOLATE SOLDIER (Gus Kahn)
Young is Your Lover - HOME FROM THE HILL (Mack David)
You're All I Need - ESCAPADE (Gus Kahn, Walter Jurmann)


Click Go the Shears - SOUTH SEAS ADVENTURE (Norman Luboff)
The Devil's Brigade March - THE DEVIL'S BRIGADE (Al Stillman)
Handful of Dreams - MAN WITH THE GUN (Paul Francis Webster)
I Belong to You - THE RACERS (Jack Brooks)
I'll Cry Tomorrow - I'LL CRY TOMORROW (Johnny Mercer)
The Long Hot Summer - THE LONG HOT SUMMER (Sammy Cahn)
The Nile - CLEOPATRA (Johnny Mercer)
The Rainmaker - THE RAINMAKER (Hal David)
Sanctuary - SANCTUARY (Alan & Marilyn Bergman)
The Singing Wind - THE SHOES OF THE FISHERMAN (Paul Francis Webster
The Sound and the Fury - THE SOUND AND THE FURY (Sammy Cahn)
Unchained Melody - UNCHAINED (Hy Zaret)
Vino Vino - THE ROSE TATTOO (Hal David)
Was it Really Love? - HARD CONTRACT (Paul Francis Webster)
Who's Afraid? - WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? (Paul Francis Webster)
A World of Love - CLEOPATRA (Sid Wayne)


Baby You Knock Me Out - IT'S ALWAYS FAIR WEATHER (Betty Comden, Adolph Green)
Best Things - PAINT YOUR WAGON (Alan Jay Lerner)
The Blue Danube (I Shouldn't Have Come) - IT'S ALWAYS FAIR WEATHER (Johann Strauss, Betty Comden, Adolph Green)
The Circus is a Wacky World - INSIDE DAISY CLOVER (Dory Previn)
Come Live With Me - VALLEY OF THE DOLLS (Dory Previn)
Cousin Ebenezer - THE SUN COMES UP (William Katz)
Designing Woman - DESIGNING WOMAN (Jack Brooks)
Faraway Part of Town - PEPE (Dory Previn)
First Thing You Know - PAINT YOUR WAGON (Alan Jay Lerner)
The Fortune Cookie - THE FORTUNE COOKIE (Dory Previn)
Give a Little More - VALLEY OF THE DOLLS (Dory Previn)
Gold Fever - PAINT YOUR WAGON (Alan Jay Lerner)
Goodbye Charlie - GOODBYE CHARLIE (Dory Previn)
Gospel of No Name City - PAINT YOUR WAGON (Alan Jay Lerner)
Hot Summer Night - HOT SUMMER NIGHT (Bob Russell)
I Like Myself - IT'S ALWAYS FAIR WEATHER (Betty Comden, Adolph Green)
I Thought They'd Never Leave - IT'S ALWAYS FAIR WEATHER (Betty Comden, Adolph Green)
I'll Plant My Own Tree - VALLEY OF THE DOLLS (Dory Previn)
Irma La Douce Theme - IRMA LA DOUCE (Dory Previn)
It's Impossible - VALLEY OF THE DOLLS (Dory Previn)
Jack and the Space Giants - IT'S ALWAYS FAIR WEATHER (Michael Kidd)
Livin' Alone - HARPER (Dory Previn)
Love is Nothing But a Racket - IT'S ALWAYS FAIR WEATHER (Betty Comden, Adolph Green)
Madeline's Commercial (Klenzrite) - IT'S ALWAYS FAIR WEATHER (Franz Liszt, Betty Comden, Adolph Green)
March March - IT'S ALWAYS FAIR WEATHER (Betty Comden, Adolph Green)
A Million Miles Away Behind the Door - PAINT YOUR WAGON (Alan Jay Lerner)
Mine For the Moment - THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE (Dory Previn)
Music is Better Than Words - IT'S ALWAYS FAIR WEATHER (Betty Comden, Adolph Green, Roger Edens)
Once Upon a Time - IT'S ALWAYS FAIR WEATHER (Betty Comden, Adolph Green)
Quietly There - HARPER (Dory Previn)
A Second Chance - TWO FOR THE SEESAW (Dory Langdon)
Situation-Wise - IT'S ALWAYS FAIR WEATHER (Betty Comden, Adolph Green)
Stillman's Gym - IT'S ALWAYS FAIR WEATHER (Betty Comden, Adolph Green)
The Swinger - THE SWINGER (Dory Previn)
Tall Story - TALL STORY (Dory Previn, Shelley Manne)
Thanks a Lot But No Thanks - IT'S ALWAYS FAIR WEATHER (Betty Comden, Adolph Green)
That's How It All Went Right - PEPE (Dory Previn)
Theme From Valley of the Dolls - VALLEY OF THE DOLLS (Dory Previn)
Time For Parting - IT'S ALWAYS FAIR WEATHER (Betty Comden, Adolph Green)
Why Are We Afraid? - THE SUBTERRANEANS (Dory Previn)
Your Smile - WHO WAS THAT LADY? (Dory Previn)
You're Gonna Hear From Me - INSIDE DAISY CLOVER (Dory Previn)

I have omitted Andre Previn's opera A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE, libretto by Philip Littell, which of course is pretty much all songs.


Adoration of the Magi - BEN-HUR (Harry Wilson)
The Falcon and the Dove - EL CID (Paul Francis Webster)
Green Fire - GREEN FIRE (Jack Brooks)
Harbour Scene - THE THIEF OF BAGDAD (Robert Vansittart)
I Want to Be a Sailor - THE THIEF OF BAGDAD (Robert Vansittart)
Loved One - SO PROUDLY WE HAIL (Eddie Heyman)
Lygia - QUO VADIS? (Paul Francis Webster)
Mother's Love - BEN-HUR (Mary Ann Eager)
The Prince and the Princess - THE THIEF OF BAGDAD (Robert Vansittart)
Spellbound - SPELLBOUND (Mack David)
Strange Love - THE STRANGE LOVE OF MARTHA IVERS (Edward Heyman)
Time Out of Mind - TIME OUT OF MIND (Jayne Glyde)
A Time to Love - A TIME TO LOVE AND A TIME TO DIE (Charles Henderson)
The Willow - THE VIPS (Mack David)


All For the Love of Sunshine - KELLY'S HEROES (Mike Curb, Harley Hatcher)
Arkansas - BRUBAKER (Nelson, Cray)
Be Happy Again - THX-1138 (LS)
Burning Bridges - KELLY'S HEROES (Mike Curb)
Changing World - SERIAL (Norman Gimbel)
Chilly Winds - PRETTY MAIDS ALL IN A ROW (M. Charles)
The Cincinnati Kid - THE CINCINNATI KID (Dorcas Cochran)
Dimelo - BOULEVARD NIGHTS (Greg Prestopino)
Down Here on the Ground - COOL HAND LUKE (Gale Garnett)
Go With It - DIRTY HARRY (lyricist unknown)
Great Divide - BULLITT (Norman Gimbel)
I Am the Future - CLASS OF 1984 (Gary Osborne)
I'm Not the Marrying Kind - MURDERERS' ROW (Howard Greenfield)
Just Call Me Love Bird - JOY HOUSE (Peggy Lee)
The Liquidator - THE LIQUIDATOR (Peter Callander)
Nice to Know - SOL MADRID (Norman Gimbel)
No More Lies, Girl - DIRTY HARRY (Donna Schifrin)
No-One Home - SOMETHING TO BELIEVE IN (Gale Garnett)
On the Boulevard - BOULEVARD NIGHTS (Greg Prestopino, Laura Plotkin)
Our Venetian Affair - THE VENETIAN AFFAIR (Hal Winn)
Pages of Life - HIT (Larry Kusik)
People Alone - THE COMPETITION (Will Jennings)
Rolling Down - BRUBAKER (Nelson, Cray)
Small World - DIRTY HARRY (lyricist unknown)
So Far From Love - BRUBAKER (Nelson)
Something to Believe In - SOMETHING TO BELIEVE IN (Tim Rice)
Street Tattoo - BOULEVARD NIGHTS (Gale Garnett)
Take Another Chance - BOULEVARD NIGHTS (Greg Prestopino)
Taste of Love - THE BROTHERHOOD (Norman Gimbel)
That Night - THE FOX (Norman Gimbel)
This Side of Forever - SUDDEN IMPACT (DeWayne Blackwell)
Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows - WHERE ANGELS GO, TROUBLE FOLLOWS! (Tommy Boyce, Bob Hart)
You're Always There When I Need You - THE NUDE BOMB (Don Black)

FROM: "Miguel Andrade"
SUBJECT: About Williams songs

At a first look at your John Williams song list I should add that Lapti Nek, from Return of the Jedi also had lyrics by Joseph Williams, the composer's younger son. Using the notes of FSM's own Lukas Kendall from the Star Wars Anthology Box Set (1993), I quote: "This recording of Lapti Nek is not the one that appears in the film, but both versions share Huttese lyrics by Anne Arbogast, based on the original English lyrics by Joseph Williams, the composer's son."
This was also the case on the Return of the Jedi finale "Ewok Celebration".
Below are also a few additions to the list. Some are choral works, but since you included some on your list, it seems fitting to have this too...
A Place of My Own from "Heidi" (1968), lyrics by Rod McKuen
Daddy's Gone A-Hunting from "Daddy's Gone A-Hunting" (1969), lyrics by Dori Previn
Gloria from "Monsignor" (1982)
The Temple of Doom from "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" (1984)
We're Lookin' Good (1985), lyrics by Alan and Marilyn Bergman -- actually a concert march for the Special Olympics. The lyric version was performed on the opening ceremonies, with the athletes singing.
Songs for the unfinished musical "Peter Pan" (1985), lyrics by Leslie Bricusse -- three of the nine songs written at this time ended up in Hook (1991). Another one, "Childhood" found its way to the score as an orchestral theme, but the piano reduction was published in a Leslie Bricusse compilation.
Pick 'Em Up from "Hook" (1991), lyrics by Leslie Bricusse -- a tribal chant used as source music as the lost children train Peter.
Imolation (With our lives, we give life) from "Schindler's List" (1993) -- don't know if this count as a song, but has a chorus singing a hebrew text
Saying the Rosary from "Sleepers" (1996) -- same thing as above with Imolation.
Light My Way from "Rosewood" (1997), lyrics by John Williams (?)
The Freedom Train from "Rosewood" (1997), lyrics by John Williams (?)
Seven for Luck (1998), song cicle on poems by Rita Dove -- a concert work for soprano and orchestra. Songs are "Song", "Chocolate", "Adolescence", "Black on a Saturday Night", "Serenade", "Expecting" and "Starting Over"
Duel of the Fates from "The Phantom Menace" (1999), based on the traditional poem "Battle of the Trees"
Qui-Gon's Funeral from "The Phantom Menace" (1999), based on the traditional poem "Battle of the Trees" -- don't know if this qualifies as a song...
Christmas at Hogwarts from "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone" (2001), lyrics by John Williams
A Winter's Spell from "Harry Potter and the Prisioner of Azkaban" (2004), Lyrics by Cynthia Weil and Jamie Richardson
I think I didn't miss a thing... Hope this is of some interest.

FROM: "Olivier"
SUBJECT: Songs of the Film Composers - Goldsmith
Here are a few more-- including really little tiny tidbits rather than songs, but they do have lyrics:
- "Waiting" (Richard Gillis), The Ballad of Cable Hogue
- the Rekall jingle-- bonus cue on the DE Total Recall
- the Walmart choir-- bonus cue at the end of Looney Tunes Back in Action
Might/Should Gizmo's theme be considered as a song, since he does hum/sing it in the first Gremlins movie?
Also "The Theme from QBVII" -- "I used the text of the Kaddish, the Jewish mourners prayer, as the words to this theme".

Parts One and Two of this series are accessible on the website.

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