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Occupation:    StoryTeller (and/or helper OF storytellers)
Favorite Score(s):    It's obvious by my avatar.
 Favorite Composer(s):    It's obvious by my screen-name. Though they are always expanding with growth.
Interests:    The arrival and/or the reflection of a pioneering piece of art that transcends all limitations and expectations, whether it be the word, the visual, the audio, the smell, the taste, the touch, or the spirit. Not all art is understood by everybody. But a good piece of it that IS, is the kind that enriches and enlightens the soul; always reminding us to treat the other ... the way WE'D want to be treated; easily SAID, but sadly, not always easily DONE. Very few pieces of art reach this level of reminding. But when occasionally a good piece of art comes along that DOES, it can alter the dominoes of not only OUR world, but also, everyone ELSE'S. To many, including myself, these good pieces of art that we are seldomly graced with ... BEGIN ... with good pieces of MUSIC. But then again, to those like ME, the music ... IS our art. And it needs no paiting to reach our hearts, only melody ... to kiss our ears. Where it can take a book several pages to convert and evolve our hearts, and take a film several scenes to do the same, a mere few seconds of a good piece of music, is all it takes, and then we are slaves to the harmonies of the heavens ... for life. Instantly. And eternally.
About Me:    I often get asked to speak on behalf of my generation, with my art sometimes speaking FOR me ... WITHOUT having to be asked. I can be reached at BarryHappy4U(at)