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Favorite Score(s):    Star Wars; Indiana Jones; LOTR; Hellraiser I & II; A Nightmare on Elm Street II; Haunted Summer; Saturn 3; The Changeling; Superman; The Omen Trilogy; Dirty Harry; Magnum Force; Bullett; Planet of the Apes; Ghostbusters; The Goonies; Psycho I and II; Jaws; Close Encounters; Clash of the Titans; The Black Hole; The Rambo trilogy; Anything Hammer; Slipstream... and farrr too many others to mention here!
 Favorite Composer(s):    John Williams; Jerry Goldsmith; Bernard Herrmann; Christopher Young; James Bernard; Elmer Bernstein... and WAY too many others I highly respect also!
Interests:    Audio equipment; Movies; Movie soundtracks; Music; Gigs; Bettie Page ;)