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Charles Mazarakes 

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Occupation:    Composer
 Favorite Composer(s):    Waxman, Goldmith, Glass, Copland, Williams,
Interests:    Music, Films, Politics, Science, History,Science Fiction
About Me:    Since I was a teenager I've been making short films. I always loved making them but there was something very special about taking the footage into a quiet editing room then placing one shot against another. That's when the magic really happened. And most magical of all was when I would bring MUSIC into these films. Instantly I could see what a powerful effect music had. Though I always had an excellent feel using it in my films for many reasons it would be years before I would compose and bring my own music into them. But when I did it was as if a door was flung open and wondrous, eclectic, powerful music stormed in.