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Member Since: May 7, 2001
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Occupation:    retired
Favorite Score(s):    Ben-Hur, King of Kings, 7 Cities of gold, El Cid, Violent Men, Ranton Pass, Sodom & Gamorah , Lace[tv] Harem[tv], 10 Comm. Predator 2, Stargate, Zulu Dawn, Ali Baba & the 40 Theives,
 Favorite Composer(s):    Max Steiner, Elmer, Rozsa, Goldsmith, Silvestri,Arnold, Skinner, Horner, Scott,Barry etc. etc.
Interests:    movies & soundtracks
About Me:    Retired, 70 years young, I started to get involved with movie music when I saw "Ten Commandments" and the Intermission music was Victor Young's "Samson & Delilah" it took me several months to track down the intermission music but that was the beginning of my LOVE for movie music. I have been a collector for about 50 years. Unfortunetly I sold a lot of my LP's when I moved to an adult community But I kept a double LP of Max Steiner WESTERN MUSIC issued by MAX STEINER MUSIC SOCIETY. Now my problem is I don't have a LP player. It's pure gold.