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Location: Northeast, USA
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Occupation:    Active Film & Video Game Composer
Favorite Score(s):    Ben-Hur, Zorro, Titanic, Pearl Harbor, Black Beauty, Black Stallion, Song Without End (1945), A Song to Remember (1945), Fluke, Disney's Homeward Bound, Lion King, Mummy, Mummy Returns
 Favorite Composer(s):    Hans Zimmer, Miklos Rosza, Jack Wall, Dimitri Bodiansky, Jerry Goldsmith, Alan Silvesti, George Gershwin, David Arnold, James Horner
Interests:    History (especially American, 1920s my favorite), composing classical and jazz, playing film and video game scores!
About Me:    I am a History Major. I compose classical and jazz. Piano is my main instrument. I'm scoring a French video game and have scored several films.