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Lao Che 

Member Since: March 3, 2010
Sex: male
Location: Syracuse, NY
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Occupation:    International Import/Export
Favorite Score(s):    Depends on my mood. Been listening to Conan the Barbarian, Das Boot & Godzilla (1998) recently.
 Favorite Composer(s):    I have a few scores from most - more from John Williams & Bernard Herrmann.
Interests:    Movies, music & my wife.
About Me:    Based in Shanghai, China, I became one of the city's most notorious gangsters by using my sharp mind and ruthlessness to work my way up from being a petty thief and loan shark to making my fortune in opium and white slavery. As a criminal entrepreneur, I own both legitimate and illegal businesses, including pharmaceutical and export companies, and several taverns and nightclubs. My nightclub, Club Obi Wan, serves as a front and the base of operations for my criminal activities.