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Occupation:    Artist / Financial Manager
Favorite Score(s):    John Williams' DRACULA (1979) started it all, although THE GLASS SLIPPER (1955) with Bronislau Kaper's beautiful score had already entered into my subconscious. In the beginning of a new millennium my love for movie music transformed into an obsession of theme park music (and movie composer Bruce Broughton is one of the absolute masters of this field, too).
 Favorite Composer(s):    Bruce Broughton, Alan Silvestri, Jerry Goldsmith, John Debney, Joel McNeely, Marc Shaiman and John Williams (the all-time favorites).
Interests:    Everything with Heart in it.
About Me:    Unfortunately I'm still living in the golden 1980s when the world was somewhat better place and the movie music was MUSIC. Nowadays everything in a movie score is just one big bloated set-piece, killing completely the point of effective music score.