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 Posted:   Jun 24, 2013 - 5:04 PM   
 By:   David-R.   (Member)

Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume 249
Date: 1985
Tracks: 16
Time = 41:29

At last! Early-ish Alan Silvestri score for Kevin Reynolds drama with Kevin Costner, Judd Nelson gets world premiere release on CD! Moving film is part road trip tale, part coming of age drama, part story about friendship, loss. Silvestri writes to powerful action, sensitive drama with score that mixes equal parts dynamic orchestral writing, gently moving, intimate ideas. Beautiful solo colors for guitar, piano also make appearance. Fun to hear ideas here that became signatures in subsequent masterpiece BACK TO THE FUTURE (happily also available on Intrada.) Entire score presented in vivid stereo from newly mixed 2" 24-track session masters courtesy Warner Bros. & WaterTower Music. Alan Silvestri conducts. Intrada Special Collection available while quantities and interest remains!

The Album
01. Road Trip 1:41
02. Desert Trek 1:01
03. The Train 2:52
04. Grave Stone 1:31
05. Desert Dream 1:51
06. Fatal Fall 0:27
07. Plane Take-Off 6:12
08. Plane Ride 2:23
09. Desert Walk 5:00
10. Fandango (Piano Solo) 1:56

11. Wedding 3:51
12. Dance 2:22
13. Goodbye Friend 2:17
Total Album Time: 33:47

The Extras
14. Spanish Guitar (Duet) 2:01
15. Wild Percussion 0:26
16. Desert Walk [Alternate] 5:01
Total Extras Time: 7:33

 Posted:   Jun 24, 2013 - 5:25 PM   
 By:   Xalandar   (Member)

Amazing!!! Thanks so much Intrada! I hope 'Blown Away' is not far behind smile

 Posted:   Jun 24, 2013 - 5:58 PM   
 By:   Kim Peterson   (Member)

I like Silvestri, but I have never seen this movie. Will have to wait until sound is working.

 Posted:   Jun 24, 2013 - 8:17 PM   
 By:   SBD   (Member)

I presume "Plane Take Off" contains that astounding cue from Silvestri's "Screen Themes". Can't wait to hear the sound clips.

 Posted:   Jun 24, 2013 - 10:32 PM   
 By:   The Mutant   (Member)

Wicked. I will own this.

 Posted:   Jun 25, 2013 - 1:52 AM   
 By:   Thor   (Member)

Cool! I saw this movie and did a thread on it awhile back. Can't find it now.

 Posted:   Jun 25, 2013 - 3:57 AM   
 By:   spielboy   (Member)

clips not working??

 Posted:   Jun 25, 2013 - 5:19 AM   
 By:   jedizim   (Member)

clips not working??

Not for a couple days.

 Posted:   Jun 25, 2013 - 5:19 AM   
 By:   jedizim   (Member)

Double Post...

 Posted:   Jun 25, 2013 - 5:35 AM   
 By:   JohnnyG   (Member)

Audio samples still don't work...

 Posted:   Jun 25, 2013 - 5:37 AM   
 By:   jedizim   (Member)

Audio samples still don't work...

From Doug's Corner:

For reasons both due additions to our sound studio and the Grand Poobah being asleep at the wheel, audio samples for the two new releases being announced today will not be posted here for a couple of days. I'd like to think the releases will speak for themselves but rest assured we will have samples available here shortly. I promise.

 Posted:   Jun 25, 2013 - 8:00 AM   
 By:   ghost of 82   (Member)

Wow. One of my grails. I remember watching this on tv many years ago and falling in love with it, and the music especially. Looked everywhere for an album, only to eventually find it was never released. Similar to all those months searching record shops for the Blade Runner OST. Its funny how, thanks to the Internet, we now seem to know before a film is even released if a soundtrack album will be out. Back in those pre-internet days, we'd seem to be looking in vain forever.

Anyway. This baby is ordered. All I want now is someone to release Silent Running on CD, and The Odd Couple, then my shelf is complete.

Well, almost.... but its getting there....

Fandango is a great score though. Anybody who isn't familiar with it should give it a blind buy, it really is that good. Thank goodness for Intrada!

 Posted:   Jun 25, 2013 - 9:11 AM   
 By:   dpsternan   (Member)

Awesome release - but $20 seems a bit steep for a single disc/40 minutes of music.

Not complaining, as I am grateful for the work Intrada is doing.

 Posted:   Jun 25, 2013 - 11:23 AM   
 By:   Kev McGann   (Member)

Count me in as another who always wanted this score after seeing the film on DVD many years ago.
It certainly does have the cells that where used to create his Back To The Future theme and some of the dreamy piano and guitar cues are real nice too.
The Train track also features that tense, exciting Silvestri style that would go on to become his classic trade-mark style.
The film also featured some cool songs too (one in particular, by Pat Metheny) which sometimes worked in conjunction with the score. Shame they couldn't be here too, but they are available from their original sources I guess.
I will always remember laughing at a comment made by Mrs Silvestri during the recording sessions for this score, (that I read in a copy of Soundtrack magazine). Upon hearing the quality of the music her husband was laying down (pretty much his first major orchestral work), she exclaimed
"We're gonna be rich!" smile

 Posted:   Jun 25, 2013 - 11:33 AM   
 By:   Shaun Rutherford   (Member)

Awesome release - but $20 seems a bit steep for a single disc/40 minutes of music.

Most of us paid $20 for 28-minute Varese albums back in the day (and other things people say all the time in response to this)!

 Posted:   Jun 25, 2013 - 11:43 AM   
 By:   Tobias   (Member)

Darn it, I did just a few days ago make not one but two orders from SAE so it have to wait until next time. I guess next order will not be until LLL`s Police Academy is released. So I truly hope it is not sold out by then.

 Posted:   Jun 25, 2013 - 12:03 PM   
 By:   ghost of 82   (Member)

Anyone got a list of the source music used in the film? I could search them out to accompany the score.

 Posted:   Jun 25, 2013 - 2:39 PM   
 By:   Thor   (Member)

I'll be waiting for the sound clips. I can't remember much of the score from watching it, so I need am aural reminder. Thanks.

 Posted:   Jun 26, 2013 - 9:43 AM   
 By:   chriss   (Member)

The clips are now working!

 Posted:   Jun 26, 2013 - 10:41 AM   
 By:   Vermithrax Pejorative   (Member)

>>>>>>>>>>>By: ghost of 82 (Member)
Anyone got a list of the source music used in the film? I could search them out to accompany the score>>>>>>>>>>>>

Try this smile

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