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 Posted:   Jul 19, 2013 - 12:10 AM   
 By:   Thor   (Member)

If it is indeed the same Williams, I suspect it's only piano playing too. Williams also appeared as pianist -- onscreen -- in the TV series STACCATO otherwise scored by Elmer Bernstein. But it is an interesting piece of information nonetheless.

 Posted:   Jul 19, 2013 - 3:37 PM   
 By:   Jeff Eldridge   (Member)

To elaborate on some of Tom's detective work, on 2/27/1958 Daily Variety reported:

and on 4/3/1958:

This means that principal photography was completed by the beginning of April, but doesn't necessarily means that it would have been edited and scored. If Williams was doing pre-recording at the end of February, that would be a rather quick turnaround even for a poorly made film like DADDY-O. Variety reported in mid-January 1958 that DADDY-O was to start shooting on 2/10/1958.

I seem to remember finding a movie ad for DADDY-O playing somewhere in the Midwest during December 1958, but can't locate my notes to that effect; it's possible I confused the December 18, 1958 copyrght date with a release date.

A UPI article published around February 16, 1959:

says the movie will be released "within the next few months" and the earliest ad I can find for it is from March 18, 1959:

So it was released no later than 3/18/59, and a 12/10/58 Variety article reported: "DADDY-O has been made by Imperial Productions to American International, per Elmer Rhoden Jr., president of the local film making outfit. Picture is scheduled to be put into release by AI as soon as prints can be obtained and distribution details handled." So that seems to narrow the release date down to somewhere between mid-December 1958 and March 18, 1959.

A 7/30/1958 Variety article says: "His recently completed feature, DADDY-O, will be unveiled in Kansas City, with a Hollywood contingent flown here for festivities and ballyhoo." So there may have been a public showing as early as August 1958, which would indicate that Williams must have scored DADDY-O before beginning work on M SQUAD (which would have been during late summer of early fall of 1958).

The big news here is the mention that Tom found of Williams scoring a PLAYHOUSE 90 that aired (live) on 3/20/1958. This explains those mentions of PLAYHOUSE 90 in various articles from the early 1960s. Unfortunately, this episode (even though it was repeated during July 1958, so it must have been on film/kinescope at some point) seems to have disappeared, as it's not among the many PLAYHOUSE 90 episodes contained in the catalogs of various TV archives or those posted on YouTube.

The Variety article seems to indicate that Williams composed some orginal music for "The Right Hand Man" but whether that was actual dramatic underscoring or merely providing (perhaps even improvising) some source music on piano (since he was appearing on screen as a pianist) is unclear.

So what I wrote here:

may still be accurate, as it's entirely possible that he did not receive a screen credit for music composition, even if he did provide some music for the show. (Most PLAYHOUSE 90 episodes I have checked from that era don't have music credits.)

It's pretty impressive....Williams' first-ever scoring gig was a FEATURE FILM, not a TV series episode.

If you've ever seen's not that impressive!

 Posted:   Jul 22, 2013 - 6:39 AM   
 By:   Thor   (Member)

He, he...true, the film is pants, so it's not impressive that way. But I think it IS impressive to do a feature film -- regardless of quality -- with a reasonably good distribution as one's first-ever score; before television even.

But now it seems like that PLAYHOUSE 90 thing may or may not precede it. I would think a confirmation is impossible at this point.

Thanks for extra information, Jeff. Very helpful, as always.

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