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 Posted:   Oct 15, 2013 - 4:27 PM   
 By:   haineshisway   (Member)

I didn't feel the comments were malicious.

The cash flow comment is simple.

Ones I have used pay every 30 days after an initial 60 or 90 day period has passed.

So I receive a payment every month but it is 3 months behind.

If I release a record that is a hit and have to re-press, it is on my dime, as I still haven't received
my first payment yet for the initial batch.

It can be a challenge if you are talking about more than a thousand cds.

Add to that the fact that the wholesale amount received back from the distributor is much less than mailorder, it is a leap of faith to move into having titles distributed.

You are gambling that the numbers sold will justify the decreased per unit revenue.

There was nothing malicious in this thread until the usual suspect came along, first under a new name, then under the usual name, and tried to make it seem as if there was name calling and abusive posts, which there wasn't. Then the real point came out, which was to make this about me and how terrible I am. This has happened many times before and until this little demented woman is finally banned it will happen many times again. She fails, but on she goes. That is the only "bloviating" at play in this thread.

Anyone who has actually been in the record business and had to deal with independent distribution knows exactly what those pitfalls are - there's nothing different today than there was thirty years ago when Bay Cities had independent distribution. Your post states some of those pitfalls clearly - there are others, too, but hopefully this will work for Robin and his label.

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