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 Posted:   Oct 31, 2013 - 3:23 PM   
 By:   DeviantMan   (Member)

What I'd like to see...

THE BLUE LAGOON (1980) complete
CONAN THE DESTROYER (soon from Intrada)

 Posted:   Nov 4, 2013 - 6:11 AM   
 By:   Yavar Moradi   (Member)

The Blue Lagoon I thought might come out concurrently with Twilight Time's release of the film on Blu-ray with isolated score. Since that didn't happen who knows what the issue with it might be? But I do hope we get it, plus Basil's totally unreleased score for the sequel done many years later.

As for Starship Troopers and Robocop III, you may have noticed they are on the "Varese-owned" list at the beginning of my post...which means they are apparently off limits to anyone else and we may be holding our breaths for quite a while, waiting for them to get around to Deluxing them.


 Posted:   Feb 21, 2014 - 8:28 PM   
 By:   Yavar Moradi   (Member)

I'm pleased to be able to update this thread again, for what looks like a promising new series from BSX, The Basil Poledouris Collection. The first volume is a two disc set (for the price of one); here are the details:

I hadn't realized the existing release of Whale for the Killing was NOT the complete score, so it's exciting to be getting it! There's also a remastered Flyers as well as a score I'd never heard of before (and didn't include as missing in my original post): Behold Hawaii. Filling out the album are re-recordings of Poledouris themes to other films, which is a bit strange to me to mix in with OSTs, but I'll just think of them as bonuses...

I'm really looking forward to reactions to this new release and I eagerly anticipate more obscure gems on future releases.


 Posted:   Feb 24, 2014 - 10:21 PM   
 By:   nitzschemorricone   (Member)

If there are no rights issues, I hope the next volume contains Basil's SUMMER LOVERS, beyond the 2 tracks ("Sea Cave" and "Search for Lina") already included on the soundtrack LP.

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