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 Posted:   Apr 19, 2012 - 5:11 AM   
 By:   Jim Phelps   (Member)

"I've Heard Your Favorite Score...and it Sucks."

 Posted:   Apr 19, 2012 - 5:11 AM   
 By:   Torque   (Member)

"That John Williams guy cannot into electronic music."

 Posted:   Apr 19, 2012 - 5:17 AM   
 By:   Jim Phelps   (Member)

"Shouldn't We Just Be Listening to Classical Music?"

 Posted:   Apr 19, 2012 - 5:18 AM   
 By:   Jim Phelps   (Member)

"The FSMers Who are Felons Thread"
"The 'I'm a Sci-Fi Bully' Thread"

 Posted:   Apr 19, 2012 - 6:12 AM   
 By:   Jim Phelps   (Member)

"Check Out This Cue I Wrote During My Murder Trial."

 Posted:   Apr 19, 2012 - 6:35 AM   
 By:   David Sones (Allardyce)   (Member)

M'kay, don't push it. *cough*

The Saucy Escapades of Allardyce. wink

Haha! big grin

 Posted:   Apr 19, 2012 - 6:42 AM   
 By:   Scott M (Oldsmith)   (Member)

"Dead Composers: Who Do You Miss Least?"

 Posted:   Apr 19, 2012 - 6:49 AM   
 By:   Jim Phelps   (Member)

My Last $30.00! Hook or Hooker?

 Posted:   Apr 19, 2012 - 6:58 AM   
 By:   solium   (Member)

Who else hates all that stupid background music they put on soundtracks?

 Posted:   Apr 19, 2012 - 7:05 AM   
 By:   Torque   (Member)

"Who else thinks that VA soundtrack albums is better than score soundtrack albums?"

 Posted:   Apr 19, 2012 - 7:27 AM   
 By:   The REAL BJBien   (Member)

We label lovers owe EVERYTHING to Williams and Goldsmith... Horner and Zimmer

 Posted:   Apr 19, 2012 - 8:29 AM   
 By:   MerM   (Member)

Or " Which liner notes do you like to take to the toilet for in depth reading ?"

Or "Which liner notes do you take to the toilet in case you run out of paper?!!?"

"How to make a blunt with liner notes" wink

 Posted:   Apr 19, 2012 - 9:21 AM   
 By:   Amer Zahid   (Member)

here's more:

GLADIATOR (Hans Zimmer) most influential score of the last decade!

INDIANA JONES & THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL- Williams most offending score of the Indy saga!

What the Original STAR WARS TRILOGY succeeded in the 77-80;s period, LOTR trilogy did for the 2000 decade!~

Most Underrated score of this decade TRON: LEGACY!

Debney's PASSION OF CHRIST is influenced by Peter Gabriel s: world music score of LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST!

 Posted:   Apr 19, 2012 - 9:52 AM   
 By:   pulliamrl   (Member)

Whose the biggest Hack composing music today?

 Posted:   Apr 19, 2012 - 10:46 AM   
 By:   Jehannum   (Member)

"Orchestral film scores have had their day"

 Posted:   Apr 19, 2012 - 11:13 AM   
 By:   Ron Pulliam   (Member)

CDs are DEAD! Get Over It!

 Posted:   Apr 19, 2012 - 2:12 PM   
 By:   Peter Atterberg   (Member)

Who here hates film score music?

 Posted:   Apr 19, 2012 - 3:32 PM   
 By:   betenoir   (Member)

I'm laughing at a bunch of these. But honestly, if you wanted to stay really true to the original idea of the thread, you'd have to come up with a title that would be a guaranteed lock. Something political, religious or attacking a sexual orientation.

I don't know how funny that would be though…

"Democrats, Republicans & the Pope listen to bootlegs!"

You left out one element.

"Democrats, Republicans & the Pope listen to bootlegs while privately having sex with each other and publicly condemning sex!

 Posted:   Apr 19, 2012 - 6:24 PM   
 By:   dan the man   (Member)

THE FRANCIS LAI STORY- Did i get you all horny?-THE SECRET STORY OF A BOARD MEMBER. The year i was about to give the great MR Kendell $50,000 to extend his film music dream.WHY FRENCH FILM COMPOSERS LEAD THE PACK?. If every director was Woody Allen this board would not be.4 more years of hell-What can we do?

 Posted:   Apr 19, 2012 - 6:46 PM   
 By:   slime2   (Member)

Theramin - 50's Musical Instrument or Nutritional Supplement???

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