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 Posted:   Jun 16, 2011 - 4:24 PM   
 By:   tranzishun   (Member)

6X19 Three of a Kind

 Posted:   Jun 17, 2011 - 1:32 PM   
 By:   Mr. Marshall   (Member)

thank you so much for posting my request for THREE OF A KIND Trazishum!

ps is the wife the same actress from UNUSUAL SUSPECTS?

 Posted:   Jun 17, 2011 - 5:16 PM   
 By:   waynebartley123   (Member)

Please include the music from Triangle near the end where our heroes are exploring the ship and we have that lovely jazzy piece and the screen splits in two and both Scullys cross each other.It was so different to anything I had heard in x files and I was really hoping this was the piece included in vol 1.It's a marvellous piece and really shows how versatile Mark Snow is.I'v also just watched the episode Space..I know it's not a fan favourite..but the sequence where they are waiting for the shuttle to re-enter the atmosphere and land at a different's a driving piece of music with a steady heartbeat that gets louder and louder and then erupts when the shuttle appears.It always gives me goosebumps when I watch that piece and if that could be included I would be very happy! Love the first volume and i only got it today but have already listened to 2 of the CDs and I then had to reach for my x files DVDs and watch some classic Mulder and Scully action.

 Posted:   Jun 19, 2011 - 9:28 AM   
 By:   SupAJ1M   (Member)

I really like this choon from Season 9 episode Audrey Pauley

 Posted:   Jun 19, 2011 - 9:47 AM   
 By:   Mike_H   (Member)

I really like this choon from Season 9 episode Audrey Pauley

If that's the scene I think it is, (ending scene between Doggett and Reyes) I fully agree! Snow had some beautiful moments during those last two seasons.

 Posted:   Jun 28, 2011 - 5:07 AM   
 By:   Tempest   (Member)

Another track I'd love on Volume 2 is from:

The dance theme used in the teaser, with the big beat and wild theme. It's used again later in the episode, but without the wild theme. At first it sounds like another artist, but I'm pretty sure Snow composed this.

 Posted:   Jul 13, 2011 - 7:08 AM   
 By:   Muldfeld   (Member)

Thanks so much for this set, LaLaLandRecords/MV. Is it fair to say, based on you having 16 CDs of music, that all the extraction/refining/mastering of music has been done by Mr. Snow and you've only to compile future sets?

You've included many cues that I asked for and more; it was a great idea to include long segments of various melodies so it wasn't all cut up and gives a better sense of how the music flowed in the show. I still have many more requests, which I've mostly included in list form with time stamps!

You tragically excluded the best melody from "Paper Hearts" from halfway through the episode when Mulder examines the skeleton remains of a young girl. This melody is elaborated upon at the end of the episode when Scully comforts Mulder. Gorgeous stuff! This is a must!

Thanks very much.

-I've listed all the pieces I enjoy
-1 asterisk denotes pieces I love
-2 asterisks denotes pieces without which I can't live and which are absolutely essential

"Deep Throat"
*-Deep Throat begins speaking to Mulder on the track (flows from "Fallen Angel" 4:18-6:30 piece) 43:42-45:15

*-Scully listens to Mulder's hypno-regression therapy tape/Mulder cries in a church 41:54-43:39

"Ghost in the Machine"
-Mulder rewatches footage of Agent Lamana in elevator and of scientist trying to stop the computer. 23:12-24:02

"Fallen Angel"
*-Deep Throat tells Mulder about crash site/Mulder investigates (This music is reused throughout Season 1) 4:18-6:40
-Mulder sneaks into military guarded clean up of crash site 7:11-8:55

"Gender Bender"
-Mulder questions store owners, looks at pictures 7:23-8:34
-Scully seduced by man while Mulder goes into feed store 8:57-10:42
-Mulder and Scully search for settlement 11:31-13:04
-Mulder and Scully accompany people to the settlement 13:07-14:02
-Mulder and Scully pursue killer 38:43-42:41 and 42:58-44:16 (Found on "The Truth and the Light")

"Young at Heart"
-John Barnett has been shot by Mulder and Scully awakens from being shot by Barnett 42:32-43:16

"The Erlenmeyer Flask"
**-Mulder first discovers the alien human hybrids in a warehouse 21:37-23:26
*-Mulder runs from men in black 24:52-26:00
-Deep Throat is shot/Mulder tells Scully the X-Files have been closed/CSM leaves Pentagon 41:15-45:17

*-Mulder meets X 18:36-21:35

*-Mulder is upset by Krychek’s disappearance/Skinner reopens the X-files/Mulder greets Mrs. Scully 40:39-41:47
**-Mulder at Skyland Mountain searching the stars 43:46-44:35

**-Man in hot tub with vampire (teaser) 0:00-2:42

"One Breath"
*-Mulder pursues man who stole Scully's blood sample/X saves Mulder 14:39-16:52, 16:59-18:43

"Excelsis Dei"
-Scully and Mulder look upon Leo’s painting of dead patients’ ghosts 28:39-29:40

-Mulder, Scully, and BJ Morrow figure out "brother" is carved on remains and go to new crime scene with Lt. Brian Tillman 13:03-15:50
-BJ recognizes Cokely and Mulder and Scully discuss if he's the right suspect 19:22-20:20
-Mrs. Thibedault tells Mulder and Scully that the child she had from Cokely raping her was the spawn of evil 31:30-32:25

"Die Hand Die Verletzt"
-Mulder provokes Mr. Ausbury and angers him/Mrs. Paddock kills Shannon 23:10-25:39
-Scully and Mulder question Mrs. Paddock/teachers decide to frame Shannon for Jerry Stevens' death 25:42-27:44
-Mrs. Paddock calls Mulder, pretending to be Scully/Mulder leaves Mr. Ausbury handcuffed 34:16-35:22
-Mr. Ausbury is killed by a snake 36:15-37:32
-Teachers plan to sacrifice Mulder and Scully/Mrs. Paddock kills teachers and Mulder and Scully find her gone 42:09-44:39

**Mulder's monologue 0:00-1:00
-Chappell tells Mulder and Scully he wants to expose the Gregors/Dickins leaves warehouse with Samantha 18:03-20:13
*-Mulder leaves his mother and talks to Samantha 31:51-33:49
**-Mulder talks to and hugs Samantha who tells of her alien parents 34:54-36:05.

**-"previously on" segment/Crew on the submarine face a crisis 0:00-2:38
**-Samantha tells of her parents' origins/Mulder trades Samantha for Scully (variation of "Colony" at 25:18-31:50 with added percussion and a final percussive ending) 6:39-14:14
*-Mulder confesses Samantha's death to his father/Mulder enters the address his sister left him (It elaborates on earlier musical themes in the 2-parter) 15:40-18:20

"Fearful Symmetry"
-Scully and Mulder talk to the Wild Again Organization's Kyle Lang about Ganesha the elephant 9:21-10:57
*-Scully follows a WAO member trying to videotape animals and he is killed by an invisible tiger 13:59-17:35
*-Mulder tells Scully the WAO member's attacker was invisible/Willa Ambrose tells Mulder what Sophie the gorilla saw and autopsies Ganesha the elephant 18:15-21:18

"Dod Kalm"
-Henry Trondheim agrees to take Mulder and Scully on his ship/Mulder is seasick 10:01-10:46
-Scully, Mulder, Trondheim, and Halverson embark on the missing ship and then Trondheim's ship is stolen 11:06-13:31
*- Scully tells Mulder to sleep and both are rescued/Scully awakens in hospital 40:56-43:19

"F. Emasculata"
-Robert Torrence receives a package/Mulder and Scully arrive at prison to arrest escaped convicts 4:09-8:32
-Scully finishes talking on phone to Mulder and takes insect from dead body/Prisoner's wife becomes infected 21:18-23:05
*-Boy boards bus/Scully tells Mulder she's not infect and that the escaped prisoner is his only proof 34:41-38:36

"Soft Light"
*-Dr. Chester Banton searches for his colleague and accidentally kills man in hotel room 0:00-2:39
*-Scully and Mulder help Det. Kelly Ryan at crime scene and then search Margaret Wysnecki's home 4:53-9:29
-X refuses Mulder's request to help Dr. Banton but tries to kidnap him 28:29-32:44

"Our Town"
-Scully inspects remains of dead/Doris Kearns is told George Kearns' remains have been found/Chaco Chicken plant manager Jess Howe talks to Dr. Randolph/Mulder suspects Dudley, Arkansas' residents of cannibalism 23:39-27:38
-Scully narrates Mr. Chaco's past, as plant is shut down and human remains are fed to chickens 42:16-43:38

-The Thinker gives Mulder the digital tape/Scully figures out encryption is Navajo/Mulder punches Skinner 9:13-12:16

"The Blessing Way"
-Scully drives at night and has her papers stolen by CSM's military men 3:00-4:33

"Paper Clip"
-Mulder and Scully finish talking to Victor Klemper/Klemper calls the Well Manicured Man 12:15-13:42

-Scully disputes that the victim died of a lightning strike 5:46-7:47
-Scully and Mulder search Darren Peter Oswald's bedroom 21:57-23:30

"The List"
-Warden interrogates and beats John Speranza/Mulder questions closing the case/Neech kills the warden 39:52-44:36

-Mulder and Scully inspect crime scene/2Shy talks to interrupting neighbor 3:57-8:28
-Scully and Mulder inspect dead hooker's body/neighbor asks 2Shy out/Mulder explains his theory 17:27-22:11
-2Shy reads his email/2Shy's door is knocked upon/Scully questions another man 23:04-24:03
-Mulder tells Scully 2Shy isn't going to New York/2Shy persuades Ellen to let him in 33:28-35:34
-Scully and Mulder pursue 2Shy/Ellen shoots 2Shy/Scully and Mulder interrogate 2Shy 35:59-44:23

-Mulder arrives at Amy Jacobs' home and meets mother and lead detective 4:40-7:39
*-Lucy Householder is found at crime scene/Mulder and Scully pursue and save Amy Jacobs/Scully comforts Mulder 34:19-44:35

-Scully doesn't want to discuss her abduction at a MUFON meeting/Mulder searches for the Talapus 17:30-22:18

-Mr. Kryder says Scully must come full circle to find the truth/Owen Jarvis finds Kevin in the foster home 11:39-13:56
*-Jarvis keeps Kevin captive/escapes Mulder and Scully to save Kevin from Simon Gates, who kills him 15:30-23:55

-Scully confronts Paterson about his motives and finds blades under a car/Mulder asks John Mostow how to find evil 25:45-30:08
-Mulder searches Mostow's studio (version on "The Truth and the Light" has better timing) 34:46-36:10
-Scully calls Agent Nemhauser's cell phone and Mulder answers 36:11-37:04

"Piper Maru"
-Mulder talks to Scully from the airport, as he prepares to follow Geraldine Kalenchuk to Hong Kong 27:53-29:19
-Mulder handcuffs Kalenchuk/Krychek, pointing a gun, closes a door between them 35:59-37:26
*-Scully hears Skinner was shot/Mulder corners Krychek at the Hong Kong airport/black oil hijacks Krychek 41:03-44:09

*-Mulder and Krychek rent a car 6:06-7:11
-Scully updates her case file/Scully enters Mulder's office to find deep sea diver suit 15:57-17:02
*-The Syndicate challenges CSM 21:12-23:33
**-Mulder meets Well-Manicured Man in Central Park/Scully checks on Skinner 26:26-30:25
**-Scully and Mulder search silos/CSM has them arrested and leaves Krychek to cough up the black oil 34:45-39:35
*-Scully at Melissa's grave 39:53-41:21
-Krychek stuck in the silo 42:57-43:34

-At Robert Patrick Modell's bedside, Mulder tells Scully Modell refused treatment of his tumor 42:47-43:50

"Teso Dos Bichos"
-Indios excavate ruins in Ecuador 0:00-1:27
-Scully pulls partial rat body part from car 17:12-18:12
*-Scully goes to Dr. Bilac's home/Mulder searches the museum and finds Bilac 25:50-33:06

-Skinner tells Mulder about the old woman 24:25-27:46

-Scully distraught over Queqeg's death/Scully drives boat 24:13-25:15
-Mulder and Scully see Dr. Faraday off/talk about not finding Big Blue 40:22-42:17

*-Mulder talks to informant in parking garage/identifies body isn't Scully's/finds Scully at her mom's home 28:34-33:03
*-Mulder enters Dr. Strollman's motel room/finds Strollman in a house killed by X, whom Mulder confronts 36:42-41:42
*-X meets CSM in a car 42:30-43:44

"Talitha Cumi"
-Mulder is told by Skinner that mother Teena is in hospital/Mulder and Scully visit her/She writes "PALM" 9:17-11:46
-Jeremiah Smith is kidnapped from the Social Security Administration and imprisoned 14:51-16:41
**-Mulder searches his parents' summer home 20:55-24:30
**-CSM's 1st interrogation of Jeremiah Smith 24:31-28:00
**-CSM's 2nd interrogation of Jeremiah Smith/They make a deal/Bounty Hunter finds Smith gone 30:00-33:43
-Mulder at hospital with Teena/Mulder confronts CSM 34:16-36:43
**-Scully searches Social Security database/Mulder meets X in parking garage 36:43-38:46
*-Scully and Jeremiah arrive at Bonmill Road to meet Mulder/Bounty Hunter arrives 42:26-44:04

*-Mulder saves Jeremiah Smith from Bounty Hunter/Heavy Set Man decides to find leak/Scully held at knifepoint by Bounty Hunter 3:49-15:06
*-Mulder and Smith explore the bee farm and escort Samantha and boy clones to doorstep of a house 17:08-21:16
-Scully puts tape on Mulder's window and receives X at the door 22:09-23:13
*-X is lured and shot/Scully comforts Mulder at the hospital/X leaves a message 35:25-39:39
-Mulder meets Marita Covarubias 39:40-41:21
*-CSM has the Bounty Hunter heal Mrs. Mulder 41:23-43:15

-Mulder and Scully find policeman dead/Scully is kidnapped by Gerald Schnauz and Mulder chases after them 29:12-32:22

"The Field Where I Died"
-Scully and Mulder take Melissa Riedal back to the compound where her personality Lily emerges 14:03-16:19
-Melissa recalls Civil War era past life Sarah Kavanaugh, who says she watched Mulder die in a past life 17:03-20:47
-Melissa tells Mulder that the idea of past lives is beautiful/Vernon Ephesian walks into the interrogation room 35:23-36:07

"Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man"
*-CSM listens to Lone Gunmen's telling of his parents and childhood 3:02-4:02
*-CSM and Deep Throat decide on who kills the EBE 32:19-35:49
*-CSM brings in Scully to spy on Mulder/Frohike says CSM believes his actions are all life affords him 35:51-38:03
-CSM resigns and quits smoking due to his short story being published 39:33-40:14

*-Scully and Mulder prepare to stop rightist terrorists 6:38-7:56
**-Mulder and Scully arrest Krychek, who persuades them to intercept the diplomatic pouch 8:40-15:40
-Mulder contacts Marita Covarubias 24:33-25:50
**-Mulder almost leaves Krychek in the car at the airport 29:05-30:05
*-CSM visits Well Manicured Man 30:05-31:58
**-Mulder and Krychek jog away from trucker and find Tunguska prison camp 32:59-35:18
*-Tunguska prisoner warns Mulder that Krychek deceives him/Mulder is given black oil 41:33-44:10

-Mulder is escorted outside the prison and kidnaps Krychek and escapes 11:04-13:22 (commercial interruption)
*-CSM talks with the Well Manicured Man at night 14:46-17:20
-Mulder's stolen truck is abandoned/Krychek runs from escaped prisoners but is surrounded by them 17:21-18:15
*-Mulder tells woman he and her family must flee Tunguska/Krychek's arm is cut off 23:04-24:38
*-Mulder and Scully finish questioning rightist terrorist and pursue Vasily Peskov 34:55-39:55
-Mulder berates the Senate subcommittee for not believing in extraterrestrial life 41:10-42:08
*-Synth and piano ending to the "Apocrypha" Central Park theme should be blended to end that piece 42:40-43:34

"Paper Hearts" (Most important episode music of all to me!)
-Mulder dreams of dead girl and then finds her remains in real life 0:00-3:07
*-Mulder excavates body/Mulder tells Scully about John Lee Roach 3:39-5:00
*-Mulder questions what John Roche knows about Samantha and punches him 16:12-18:21
-Mulder asks Teena Mulder about vacuum cleaner 20:31-21:15
*-John Roche asks Mulder to pick a cloth heart/Mulder and Scully dig up body's remains 23:03-25:01
**-Mulder and Scully examine body of dead girl who turns out not to be Samantha 25:02-26:50
*-John Roche tells Mulder how he supposedly kidnapped Samantha from the house 30:54-32:44
-Mulder tells Roche he's wrong/Mulder dreams of saving Samantha/Roche is gone 32:55-35:47
**-Mulder, Skinner, and Scully search Roche's house/Mulder shoots Roche/Scully comforts Mulder 38:21-44:01
(If you can't include the full prior piece, at least include the most important melody in all of The X-Files to me! **Scully comforts Mulder 41:45-44:01)

"Leonard Betts"
-Scully and Mulder investigate the disappearance of Leonard Betts' body at the morgue 4:50-5:30
-Medics find Leonard Betts dying in front of hospital/Mulder drives Scully home/Scully's nose bleeds 41:06-43:44

"Momento Mori":
**-Mulder brings flowers for Scully 2:10-4:27
*-Mulder hears Betsy Hagopian's modem in use/He and Scully search for Kurt Crawford/Scully's nose bleeds 6:44-9:05
*-Scully finds Penny Northern/Mulder leaves Kurt Crawford, who is killed by the Gray Haired Man 11:28-15:50
-Mulder talks to the Lone Gunmen about Scully's DNA/Skinner makes a deal with CSM in Mulder's office 25:30-28:17
*-Mulder enters the Kurts' lab (before a Kurt shows him the vault with the ova) 31:59-33:47
**-Mulder escapes the Gray Haired Man/Mulder finds Scully with Northern/CSM in Skinner's office 35:22-44:02

-Mulder and Scully talk to Skinner and question Renee Davenport whom Teager told her husband is alive 14:44-17:30
-Scully spots Teager in crowd heading for the podium/Skinner's team kills Teager 35:57-40:25
-Mulder leaves Skinner at Vietnam Memorial to think about how he could've shared Teager's fate 41:25-42:06

"Tempus Fugit"
**-airplane crash site/Scully receives Sharon on runway 9:21-15:45
**-Mulder sees Max's body/military air traffic controller lies to Scully and Mulder 18:24-20:10
-Mulder and Scully drive military air traffic controller and avoid capture/UFO spotting 32:02-35:46

"Small Potatoes"
-Eddie Van Blundht tells Mulder to live a little/Scully tells Mulder he's not a loser 43:11-44:03

-Scully finishes being solded by Mulder and goes to her car where she sees a vision of Harold Spuller 42:23-43:59

-Mulder and Scully visit Teena Mulder where Mulder confronts her about her affair with CSM 32:08-34:51

*-Scully tells of Mulder's belief in a lie 1:33-2:32
*-Expedition team in the Yukon 3:04-5:47
--This is varied upon when Mulder finds dead body in the Yukon at 19:55-20:26 & 24:03-24:24
-Expedition team saws through ice and finds a casting channel/man walks in the snow 14:05-15:46
**-Bill Scully confronts his sister Dana Scully 25:13-26:37
-Scully pursues Michael Kritschgau and stops him at gunpoint 31:29-33:23
**-Mulder contemplates suicide/Scully discloses that he has died 42:07-44:04

*-Mulder contemplates suicide 1:03-2:37
-Scully lies to Skinner that Scott Ostelhoff's body is Mulder's/Mulder uses Ostelhoff's ID to enter the DOD 8:25-10:26
*-CSM arrives at Mulder's apartment 13:48-15:00
*-CSM confronts the Heavy Set Man at the race track about his secretly watching Mulder 22:01-23:52
**-Scully testifies (great music!) at 37:24-40:15 & 40:47-42:05
-Mulder escapes Pentagon 40:16-40:52

"Redux II":
**-Mulder sees Samantha 19:42-20:44
**-Mulder speaks with Samantha 22:59-25:54
*-CSM offers Mulder a job working for him/Mulder rejects it and threatens him 26:53-29:42
**-Mulder arrives at the hospital 1:05-1:42, which segues beautifully into...
**-Mulder at bedside of a sleeping Scully at 32:45-33:50
*-Mulder testifies/Blevins and CSM are shot 39:45-42:43
**-Mulder tells Skinner of Scully's cancer going into remission and weeps 43:52-45:24

"Unusual Suspects"
-Byers first sees Susanne Modeski 4:55-6:18
-Byers hacks into the Department of Defense mainframe at Modeski's request 11:30-13:06
-X arrives with his men into the warehouse and orders Mulder sanitized 32:11-33:16

"Christmas Carol"
-Scully sees 2 men suspiciously parked outside the Sims' home/Scully tells Mrs. Scully the PCR test shows Emily Sims is Melissa's daughter 22:46-25:38

-Mulder has Frohike looks up names of impregnated seniors in a database/Scully talks to Emily before her test 28:55-30:48

-Melissa and daugher Polly go shopping with the doll and shoppers self-mutilate 0:00-2:50
-Melissa tries to light a match/Scully and Sheriff rescue Polly and Melissa from the doll 37:48-41:01

"Bad Blood"
-Mulder points out the victim's shoes are untied/Scully does an autopsy and winds up at a motel 9:11-12:11
-A friendly Mulder shows a cynical Scully slides of exsanguinated cows and discusses the case 18:51-20:15

"Patient X"
*-Mulder's monologue 0:00-1:10
-Scully talks to Cassandra Spender to warn her about the chip in her neck 25:58-29:01
*-Scully is lured away/Mulder finds Marita Covarubias gone 40:19-41:20
*-Scully on the bridge with fellow abductees 41:55-44:21

"The Red and the Black"
**-CSM types letter to Spender 0:00-2:09
-Mulder searches among the burned victims (longer version of "Crater Hug" than is on "The End") 2:42-4:30
**-Krychek gives Mulder a pep talk 30:40-34:41

-Sheriff tries to evict Edward Skur in 1990 and is attacked 0:00-3:16
-FBI agents Arthur Dales and Hayes Michel find dead German/Dales meets William Mulder in a bar 20:40-22:30

"Mind's Eye"
-In interrogation, Marty Glenn refuses to answer if she knows Paco Ordonez and Mulder provokes her 7:24-8:54
-Mulder tells Marty how she acquired her ability to see Charles Wesley Gotts' actions 31:20-33:07
-Mulder talks to an imprisoned, happier Marty (a happier variation on the prior melody) 42:54-44:40

"All Souls"
-The Kernof family receives Father McCue to baptize Dara, who later walks outside to a figure who leaves her dead 0:00-3:41
-Scully and Mulder question Father Gregory at his church about why he tried to adopt Paula Koklos 18:05-21:47
-Aaron Starkey kills Father Gregory 32:39-33:28

"Pine Bluff Variant"
-Scully tells Skinner the bank money is tainted/August Bremer pretends he'll kill Mulder and sets him free 38:06-41:57

"The End"
*-Krychek is sent to bring CSM back 3:29-6:07
*-CSM reunites with the Syndicate 9:34-11:20
*-Scully pines for Mulder/Mulder sees Spender talking to CSM in an underground parking lot 24:34-28:04
**-Mulder gets an immunity deal for the prisoner/Well-Manicured Man doubts CSM 30:43-33:48

"The Beginning"
*-CSM walks sexily down the hallway to the operating room to order Gibson Praise bandaged 12:53-14:43
-Scully shows Mulder her report analyzing the alien nail that shares Gibson Praise's DNA 41:26-42:30

-Mulder sees TV news of the Crumps' arrest and Mrs. Crump's death 5:15-5:55
-Crump throws out Mulder's cellphone/Mulder figures out Crump must be driven to avoid pain 15:03-17:40
-Scully tells Mulder how she can cure Crump's problem/Mulder arrives with Mr. Crump dead 36:58-42:43

-Mulder is shown floating in the Saragossa Sea 0:00-1:24
-A bed-ridden Mulder tells Scully he loves her 43:38-44:43

"Terms of Endearment"
-Wayne Weinsider gives his wife Laura a drink before she sleeps and tells her he loves her 1:31-2:47
-Spender shreds Sheriff's report/Mulder meets Sheriff and interviews the Weinsiders 6:23-9:03
-Wayne rushes to 2nd wife's side 29:07-30:01

-Alfred Fellig runs into Scully outside his home. She tells him he'll be arrested if he can't explain himself 28:15-29:00
-Fellig tells Scully his story and steals her phone/Mulder tells Peyton Ritter that Fellig killed 2 people in 1929 29:39-35:40

"S.R. 819"
*-Scully inspects Skinner's blood sample/Mulder finds out Dr. Orgell knows Sen. Matheson, whom he then visits 15:54-19:10
*-Dr. Cabrera refuses to revive Skinner/Skinner closes Scully and Mulder's case/He finds Krychek in his car 40:21-44:49

"Two Fathers"
*-CSM explains that he can't kill his wife 22:12-23:44
*-Krychek and CSM encourage continuing collaboration/Mulder and Scully discover CSM's name 24:49-26:50
**-CSM sends Spender to kill an alien rebel until Spender arrives at that rebel's door 31:18-34:28
-Skinner runs into Spender, who is searching for Cassandra, who goes to Mulder to ask him to shoot her 40:56-43:00

"One Son"
-Scully and Mulder take showers 2:58-3:50
**-CSM reveals the conspiracy to Mulder and tells Mulder he shouldn't stop it if he wants to see his sister 16:12-22:09
*-Syndicate assembles/Krychek tries to take foetus and runs into Spender and Covarubias/Syndicate is burned alive 34:06-39:57
-Spender defends Scully and Mulder to Kersh/CSM kills Spender 41:11-43:45

"Agua Mala"
-Mulder chases after the looter and is attacked by the sea monster 36:00-36:51

-Prison superintendent boxes Wilson Pinker Rawls before a tornado and is afterward found severed in half 1:53-3:36
-Mulder and Scully find Jackie Gurwitch left alive in her bedroom and wonder where Rawls could be 21:41-22:39
-Mulder finds Jackie alive/Scully tries to save Trevor from Rawls/June Gurwitch kills Rawls with her car 40:43-44:45

-Mulder's next door neighbor writer Phillip Padgett first sees Scully while taking the elevator to his apartment 2:35-4:13
-Padgett approaches Scully in a church 12:10-16:18
-Padget writes about Scully's arousal/Scully visits Padget before Mulder intrudes 19:42-28:17
-Padget talks with killer Ken Naciamento/Padget leaves to burn pages, while Naciamento tries to kill Scully 38:13-44:43

"Field Trip"
-Mulder searches the crime scene until he sees Wallace Shiff 7:37-8:28
-Mulder introduces Scully to the Schiffs and to a grey and Scully admits he's been right all along 19:44-24:42
-Mulder and Scully escape the fungus in hallucination and then in reality 38:32-44:42

*-Scully's monologue halfway through the episode during a native American ceremony 34:12-35:56
*-Scully finds a spacecraft in Africa 42:50-44:42

"The Sixth Extinction"
*-Skinner looks in on Mulder in the psych ward and is attacked by him/Amina Ngebe meets Scully 3:43-7:21
*-Skinner gets Kritschgau to visit Mulder 14:38-17:43
-Diana leaves Mulder's bedside/Scully arrives at Skinner's office 35:21-36:24
*-Scully arrives at Mulder's bedside/Amina and her African crew find no alien evidence left 40:02-43:00

"The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati"
*-CSM takes Mulder out of his bed 1:33-4:48
-Mulder on a beach 7:56-8:25

-Tony Reed meets with Max Harden and Chastity in the park/policeman arrests Tony and is murdered 0-3:23
-Tony follows Chastity to the cave 25:45-27:03

-Prostitute escapes Donnie Pfaster/Mulder and Scully find Rev. Robert Gailen Orison gone/Orison captures and digs a grave for Pfaster 25:52-31:03

"Sein Und Zeit"
*-Mulder questions the Lapierres/Scully finds Mulder at his motel 8:17-11:50
-Mulder leaves FBI room/Scully tells him he's personalizing the case/Mulder shows Scully Santa Clause note 15:15-16:41
*-Skinner, Scully, and Mulder enter Santa's North Pole Village and arrest Ed Truelove 40:08-43:52

*-Mulder's monologue over children's bodies unearthed 0:00-1:13
*-Scully and Mulder engage in a seance with Harold Piller/Mulder reads Samantha's diary 27:53-33:50
-Mulder tries to convince Piller to accept his son's death 41:52-42:43

"En Ami"
-CSM leaves restaurant to talk to the man who's been following them/Scully receives message from Cobra 32:52-35:34

"Brand X"
-Morley tobacco's Dr. Voss drives home where he is met by Darryl Weaver 10:19-11:40

-Mulder is abducted/Krychek throws CSM down the stairs 38:19-41:13

-Scully persuades Skinner not to talk about Mulder's abduction/Scully sits next to Doggett 6:21-8:26

-Scully and Skinner drive in the desert night and find Gibson Praise 25:33-26:59

-Myron Stefaniuk gathers supplies/Scully and Doggett surveil Myron until they find and stop Ernie Stefaniuk 27:58-31:58
-Scully and Ernie hear the batman/Scully and Doggett shoot it/Doggett and Scully in the office 37:43-43:51

-Billy Underwood is kidnapped from his mother in 1990 0:00-1:55
-Doggett questions Billy and Billy's parents object to his coercive questioning and leave with him 6:39-8:55
-Doggett interrogates Ronald Purcell at the police station/Scully and Doggett rescue Josh Underwood from Cal and realize Billy is dead 36:38-42:05

-Scully believes Martin Wells' account that time is moving backward for him 22:35-23:50
-Wells looks inside a police interrogation room in which Cesar Ocampo is kept and goes in to talk to him 32:12-33:00

"Via Negativa"
-Skinner points out to Doggett that James Leeds' car was locked from inside/They examine dead cult victims 5:34-7:10
-Skinner and Doggett find Angus Stedman dead in his condo/A videotape of Anthony Tipet's preaching plays 7:54-9:04
-Skinner and Doggett talk and arrest to Dr. Andre Bormanis/Doggett sees a vision of Tipet 17:23-21:39
-Doggett and Skinner rush to talk to Bormanis, but find him dead after he's attacked by rats 23:02-24:57

-Scully tells Doggett why Ray Pearce pursued and let live Owen Harris, the accountant 40:55-43:36

"The Gift"
-Doggett and Skinner ask Sheriff Kurt Frey why he didn't mention the dead man found after Mulder's visit 15:37-17:12
-Doggett opens a trap door in the woman's cabin to find underground a reborn Marie Hangemuhl 29:13-31:12

"Per Manum"
*-Scully and Doggett talk to Duffy Haskell/Scully is upset Doggett looked into her file and walks to the elevator 5:03-8:08
*-In the past, Mulder tells Scully about finding her stolen ova/Doggett opens the elevator in the present 9:09-10:29
-Scully arrives at home and calls Dr. Parenti to ask that he look at an ultrasound picture 12:59-14:56
*-Doggett reminds Scully he'll help find Mulder/Mulder consoles Scully after her ova seem to not fertilize 41:28-43:32

"This Is Not Happening"
*-Skinner tells Scully Richie Szalay found Teresa Hoese/Scully, Skinner, and Doggett talk to Dr. Desai about Hoese 5:25-7:56
*-Reyes sees a spaceship from her car/Absalom and Jeremiah Smith collect Mulder's body and leave Gary 23:22-25:26

**-Scully asks Doggett about Mulder's condition and enters Mulder's hospital room to hug him 13:22-15:10
**-Mulder awakens and talks to Scully 41:09-43:25

-Doggett promises Diego Garza he'll help him escape/Mulder rescues Doggett from Bo Taylor and they try to fix the radio 33:21-36:29
-Mulder realizes the oil workers stopped trying to break down the door/Doggett finds Diego Garza dead 38:22-39:43

*-Mulder and Doggett search the Parenti Medical Group building/Parenti confronts Mulder (hasn't seen Doggett yet) 9:58-11:10
*-Mulder and Doggett arrive in Doggett's truck, find Parenti's head, and are attacked by Billy Miles 15:29-16:39
*-Scully is told by her doctor her baby's fine/Mrs. Scully apologizes/Skinner takes Mulder to talk to Lizzy Gill 26:45-28:36
*-Skinner, Doggett, Mulder, and Scully leave Krychek to take the elevator/Scully escapes with Reyes 38:50-43:02

-Doggett follows Knowle Rohr leaving Krychek's car, while Mulder stays/Skinner saves Mulder from Krychek 24:09-31:40
-Mulder arrives at Scully's apartment, talks to Lone Gunmen, and tells Scully William looks like Skinner 39:29-41:47

"4 D"
-Erwin Timothy Lukesh under surveillance by Doggett and Follmer with Reyes on site ready to arrest 0:00-1:35
-Reyes pulls the plug on alternate universe Doggett/Reyes hugs her universe's Doggett upon his return 41:04-43:52

"Lord of the Flies"
-Doggett and Reyes talk to local coroner about the victim, Bill 4:32-5:38
-Scully finds Natalie Gordon and victims' bodies/Anne and Dylan Lokensgard ride off/Natalie watches Dylan's light show 39:39-43:40

-Reyes and Doggett find Terry Pruit skinned alive/Ed Kelso kicks girlfriend out and is arrested by Doggett 18:21-21:52
*-Reyes tells Doggett the victim has a rag in his mouth/They search the coal mine before Reyes is attacked 28:52-36:53

-Jeffrey Spender applies prosthetics to his face/Scully and Reyes take him to Mulder's office 16:29-17:01
-Spender can't find certain files in Mulder's office and Scully lets him peruse the files found in her bedroom 17:46-19:01
-Scully talks about William's fate with Monica and decides to give him up for adoption 39:49-41:42

-Rudolph Hayes explains Jane Doe's lonely life and how she was killed to Scully's class 4:01-5:09

 Posted:   Jul 16, 2011 - 2:06 AM   
 By:   SupAJ1M   (Member)

Here's a beautiful little piece from the near ending of John Doe

 Posted:   Feb 23, 2012 - 4:24 AM   
 By:   Pasya   (Member)

Any news about Vol. 2?

 Posted:   Mar 26, 2012 - 5:45 AM   
 By:   Benjamin Cochia   (Member)

hello people! yeah... any news about that?

 Posted:   Mar 26, 2012 - 10:50 AM   
 By:   Nightwalker   (Member)

I'm anticipating it as much as anyone of you does.. that's why I'm asking every quarter directly via Mail about the status (MV please forgive me for that wink

His last reply in February was:

22.02.2012 22:08, schrieb MV Gerhard:
> It’s a work in progress. We hope to have it out by years end
> MV

That means hopefully on Black Friday we'll have the second volume under the "tree" wink

 Posted:   Apr 11, 2012 - 4:56 PM   
 By:   Death Incarnate   (Member)

"Deep Throat"
*-Deep Throat begins speaking to Mulder on the track (flows from "Fallen Angel" 4:18-6:30 piece) 43:42-45:15

*-Scully listens to Mulder's hypno-regression therapy tape/Mulder cries in a church 41:54-43:39

*-Mulder meets X 18:36-21:35

That entire post was epic, but the above three are what I want the most... especially the first two.
I remember being 14 and watching both those ending scenes when they aired, in my parents' back office by myself, realizing what an amazing show this was and what amazing score cues those were. The show was truly a life saver as a lonely sci-fi loving freshman in high school.

"I want to believe."

 Posted:   May 5, 2012 - 11:58 AM   
 By:   guyatkings   (Member)

Anything in the way of confirmation? hints? teases? that Volume 2 will come out in third or fourth quarter of 2012, or in 2012 at all? The distinct lack of concrete news on the next set has me worried...

 Posted:   May 5, 2012 - 12:44 PM   
 By:   Francis   (Member)

I've been revisiting the first disc of volume 1 a lot, I might go over the episodes again from the first three seasons to see what cues would fit the bill. Can't wait for the next volume!

 Posted:   May 5, 2012 - 2:17 PM   
 By:   guyatkings   (Member)

I've been revisiting the first disc of volume 1 a lot, I might go over the episodes again from the first three seasons to see what cues would fit the bill. Can't wait for the next volume!

Yeah, Disc 1 - as well as Disc 2 - of Volume 1 are the ones I listen to a lot. Discs 3 and 4? Not so much. It's not that the music isn't good, it's just that - as the show went on - the tone of the show fluctuated much more often between dark horror/sci-fi and comedy/wimsy - which makes for a varied but inconsistent listening experience on album. Discs 1 and 2 are more consistent in terms of overall tone.

I'm hoping Volume 2, regardless of the number of discs (hopefully four), has a more unified voice. Personally, I'm much more interested in the darker, ambient, more suspenseful music of the early seasons.

 Posted:   May 28, 2012 - 6:50 AM   
 By:   foxmorty   (Member)

mark snow's got a facebook post that seems to indicate that x files volume 2 is a possible july release waiting for artwork approval. fingers crossed that he's right as july is just around the corner!

 Posted:   May 28, 2012 - 10:28 AM   
 By:   MikeJ   (Member)

That is a fan posting, not Mark Snow.

 Posted:   May 28, 2012 - 11:02 AM   
 By:   johndupree52   (Member)

Gerhard's last announcement on Volume 2 was in April, stating it would also be a 4CD set.

 Posted:   May 31, 2012 - 4:54 PM   
 By:   adamtrons   (Member)

I really enjoyed The X-Files Volume 1, although I did not care for the CD with the comedy themed music, I really enjoyed the dramatic stuff, especially anything with piano. For Volume 2, I would like to put in a request for music from "Max" Season 4, Ep 18. There is a scene with Mulder boarding a plane, taking off and then suddenly the plane starts shaking and bright lights shine in through the windows. There is some mysterious piano work that leads into frantic cello and low bass notes. I have always like that music. The Wikipedia article is here: "" Thanks for your consideration!


 Posted:   May 31, 2012 - 6:06 PM   
 By:   jwb79   (Member)

I really wish it was coming out in July but I'll wait patiently. smile Still listening to Volume 1 and loving it!

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