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 Posted:   Sep 10, 2013 - 8:30 PM   
 By:   Sirusjr   (Member)

Off-topic, but...isn't it time to create a new thread for this subject? This current one takes nearly as long to load as the old "Now Playing" thread.

Good idea. I agree.

 Posted:   Apr 6, 2014 - 9:13 PM   
 By:   Michaelware   (Member)

Stuff I saw:

Captain America The Winter Soldier 9/10 ****
Radical dispatch of info. A few can find the source infos on the darkest reaches of the internet, but the prevailing idea is the straight and narrow path of integrity is the hardest. You may have few to no friends, your moorings may be proved to be false, everyone may be out to eradicate you, but you have to stand up for good things. The only one who can decide this is you. That is why the movie runs strong and true. Cinematics are thrilling. Marvel is like a collective Stanley Kubrick now and is creating a series like no other.

The Wind Rises 9/10 ****
Miyazaki with potent truths once again.

47 Ronin 7/10 ***
Underated for many reasons. We have only ourselves to think for us, right.

The Wolf of Wall Street 8/10 ****
Scorsese at his best, a loutish hero who suffers the consequences of himself or chooses not to. In line with Scorsese's best character dramas where the deceptively loose-appearing structure serves the humanity of someone you can't make an easy judgment and why do you feel the need. Empathy is there to understand what things we make ourselves become.

12 Years a Slave 5/10 **

Gravity 3/10 *.5

Man of Steel 0/10 *
Boooring. No sense of purpose just occult mumbo jumbo and lame postures.

Thor the Dark World 7/10 ***
While the human intrigue dukes it out in the halls of secret intel, the outer dimensions thunder with cutthroat battles for control of whole dominions.

Nebraska 6/10 **
I'm not a fan of hipster cinema (payne, o russell, pt anderson)

Frances Ha 1/10 *
Video about nothing

The Grandmaster 9/10 ****
WKW subverts Ip Man and the legend by showing that under the ideal (or romance) is the human individual striving for both survival and integrity while battling the real fight within. Layers of pure cinematic richness and hard drinking beauty. Reality and fantasy fight and neither wins. get the Chinese version as the US release edited out crucial info.

Ender's Game 7/10 ***
Good philosophical musings about ethics. Why dis this film?

A Touch of Sin 2/10 *
I know its art house sanctioned and has artful observations, however I just saw preaching to the choir the spoils of negativity, hopelessness, brutality and defeat.

Man of Tai Chi 7/10 ***
Keanu knows his way with HK cinema and serious kung fu. A film about choosing integrity vs compromise of the soul.

The Hobbit the dislocation of smaug 5/10 **
I fell asleep. I just remember the dragon talking. And talking. And talking, then it was over, or not really over but we could go.

Machete Kills 0/10 0
Lame predictable idiocy. Clones. whatever. You could feed tons of poor families for the cost of one of those cgi effects shots of corpses turned inside out. Bravo. What an accomplishment. I'm not a fan of negative koolaid.

The Counselor 8/10 ****
Real ridley Scott film. Actions have consequences that own you. That is why no one drank from it, no koolaid or forgetful liquor. Ruben Blades' speech is epic.

Odd Thomas 8/10 ***
Lots of secret sauce insights and a fun romp. Sommers' best work. recommendo.

I think that's everything I saw since the last time I was on FSM. I liked JW's score for The Book Thief and Brian Tyler's for Thor.

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