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 Posted:   Aug 14, 2014 - 1:54 AM   
 By:   Bob DiMucci   (Member)

Incidentally, just a little postscript to the history of SAYONARA. Waxman wrote a typically masterful score, but he was no more happy to have to include the Irving Berlin title song than Max Steiner had been to incorporate "As Time Goes By" into CASABLANCA. At least, (if memory serves), Waxman was able to segregate the song without having to make it part of the whole fabric as Steiner had been obligated to do with the Hupfeld tune. But please forgive me if I'm wrong about that, I haven't listened to the score in a long time.

I haven't listened to the score in a long time either. But Royal S. Brown, who wrote the liner notes for the Entr'acte LP re-release of the RCA soundtrack album says this:

"Although Franz Waxman, who composed the bulk of Sayonara's musical score had well over a hundred film scores and two Oscars under his belt; and although Waxman had proven himself more than capable of turning out rich melodies, Sayonara's producers decided to call upon Irving Berlin to compose the title song, which Waxman then had to incorporate into the fabric of his own music. It is out of such circumstances that nasty artistic clashes often grow. Berlin, however, ended up delighted with Waxman's music and wrote him an extremely gracious letter congratulating him for his efforts."

On the album's track listing, Berlin is credited as co-composer on 6 of the 11 tracks.

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