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 Posted:   Jul 19, 2014 - 6:29 AM   
 By:   Other Tallguy   (Member)

Mr. Phelps, glad this answered your question. That music wasn't on the GNP disc?

Well, this is one of the 900 lb gorillas of Star Trek. When the TOS Box came out people would ask "Why would you want 15 CDs of Nah Nah NAAA NAAA NAAA NAAA NAAA NA NA NA NA?"

For all of the recognition that The Fight music gets for me the real standout of this music is Spock's theme. I like Spock music. Loved Goldsmith's in TMP, loved Horner's in TWOK and TSFS, loved Eidelman's retread of Horner in TUC and I adore Giacchino's theme for Spock in JJ-Trek.

But Fried really set the gold standard. That bass guitar manages to be cold and unfeeling while also being profoundly sad. The string version of the theme certainly doesn't hurt. I love the way it's played at the end of the episode when Spock is talking with T'Pau.

The music under T'Pring's speech is mercifully dialed out. I hated this kind of plink plink music in Catspaw too.

One of the interesting discoveries for me in this set is discovering Fried's theme for Kirk. It's kind of like Giacchino's Kirk theme in that it's all action and danger rather than Courage or Steiner's Captain themes which are more exploration and discovery and the loneliness of command. Watching the episode I was surprised at how specific his use of the theme is. When Kirk is talking with Spock at the beginning of the episode the music is Spock's theme but when Kirk calls the bridge to order the diversion to Vulcan the music switches to the Kirk theme. A small thing but it caught my attention.

Fried's Enterprise music is a little over the top. Which is probably why they tracked in Duning and Courage music for the teaser and the titles.

The ceremony music / fight music is pretty terrific. I like how it's foreshadowed when Spock is describing Pon Far. I always thought it was interesting that when Sarek is introduced rather than using the cold calculating Spock theme they used the crazy combative ceremony music.

That's it. See you on 8/30 for The Doomsday Machine!

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