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 Posted:   Jul 19, 2014 - 5:00 PM   
 By:   samlowry   (Member)

Hehehe, that little debate about what to keep in the Ben-Hur set and the logic or lack thereof behind it, made me laugh, so thanks to all parties for the entertainment.

As for my anal level, I was an 8 with physical cd's and am a 10 with digital files.

Like for others here, I no longer display my cd's in "active" form ever since I ripped everything. Once processed, they are stored in boxes and put in storage.

My digital collection IS my official music collection and I'm very anal on how it's managed.

From all the tags, metadata fields, artwork, playlists and file system in general, no album I rip from a cd or buy online is archived before going through the entire workflow I've set up.

I'm so strict, that even the front cover needs to be a minimum size of 600 pixels so it looks good if I want to display it in full screen, but also if I find any scratches, dust marks or anything I don't like on the cover, I'll fix it in photoshop, crop it and save it as a new file, and that's what I'll embed in the music file.

I also have the habit to create one playlist in iTunes for each album. Each playlist is then put in folders with the name of the composers or the genre like for soundtrack song albums. The advantage of doing this, is that it allows me to quickly access any title by composer or genre and see their entire output, without having to enter a title in the search engine.

I have over 6500 titles, and when you get into these high numbers, without a proper organization with digital files, it all gets pretty messy quickly.

I also have the particularity to create a FLAC master for all titles (with .log and .cue files) and a sub master in Apple Pro Res, just so I can play the music in iTunes, which is not FLAC friendly.

I could go on with other specifics, but I'll spare you all my OCD attributes. I think you get the idea why I label myself as a 10.

 Posted:   Jul 19, 2014 - 5:03 PM   
 By:   samlowry   (Member)

Correction: I meant to say Apple Lossless, not Apple Pro Res (a format I deal with daily in my day job as a video editor)

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