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 Posted:   Mar 2, 2015 - 6:37 PM   
 By:   Preston Neal Jones   (Member)

Bless you. Hope you keep enjoying the journey. (Or should I say, "The Adventure"?)

 Posted:   Mar 4, 2015 - 7:54 AM   
 By:   Howard L   (Member)

...the tale of Mr. Shatner coming to my high school somewhere between the end of the TV run and like 5 years before ST: TMP. He was doing Bell, Book and Candle [I think] off-off-Broadway and they got him to come over and address 2 humanities classes. He was great with us teenagers...

I've gotten through the first 50 pages and am ever delighted to be informed of what was going on behind the scenes between '69 and '79. Boy, does this clear up a lot of misconceptions I had back then.

Hey, I can be forgiven and claim youthful ignorance as I was but a youngster when the series began airing. Full-fledged early fandom was not mine but the province of my next older brother. Still, I was aware of things and managed to catch a smattering of episodes. The Man Trap sticks in mind because of my kid reaction to the monster at the end. As does A Piece of the Action; older brother was so amused to hear the crooks refer to phasers as "heaters."

No, I became a bonafide Trekker, like so many, during the rerun stage. It was junior year in h.s., northern NJ when the ship's captain came as described above. By then I had discovered some mail order Trek merchandiser in California and spent my paper route money on all sorts of little things. Still have a few. Then a couple years later I went into The City and attended the 2nd convention for a day. It was at the Statler Hilton a/k/a Hotel Pennsylvania a/k/a Pennsylvania Six Five Oh Oh Oh and pretty much the whole crew was there, save for Nimoy. One thing I remember coming away with was not coming away with a neat 'phaser' for sale that had a built in strobe light or something for effect.

Oh and can't forget devouring The Making of Star Trek.
"Whither Star Trek?" HA!

And then maybe a couple years after that Mr. Roddenberry put on a one-night event at Nassau Coliseum out in Long Island that I attended along with friends. It lasted a few hours. It was a little weird because he and a few other trucked-in minds of intellegentsia started off with lectures about what it was that was bringing us together with all this pop psychology philosophical yada yada yada and the stands got pretty restless and vocal about it. He was humbled, acknowledged the feedback, and they lowered a huge screen and put on a terrific gag/blooper reel that quickly restored happy order.

He addressed the idea of a movie and said things were in the working stage. I don't think any Trekkers could believe that NOTHING had happened by then, we all knew it would be a hit.

And now with The Book everyone can know why it was taking so long. Who knew a ST2 series on a proposed 4th network was brewing? That like 10 episode scripts had been prepared?? And that's just a tidbit.

Indeed, there was "a whole different Thrall game" going on. wink

 Posted:   Mar 4, 2015 - 7:07 PM   
 By:   Howard L   (Member)

Saturday, after admonishing him that Star Trekkers hate being called "Trekkies", he laughed and admitted he just doesn't understand it all.

The one doing the admonishing (good-naturedly, 'twas more like ribbing) was Yours Truly. The one on the receiving end was Jerry Goldsmith. Our exchange took place after his 2nd of 3 consecutive concerts in Detroit in June, 2000. I took grief from a couple of fellow FSMessageboarders for that. Next day, however, he turns to the audience after conducting the ST:TMP theme and inquires, "Are there any Trekkers in the audience?"

He obviously had taken it good-naturedly, too. I let my buddies have it.
Jerry, I luv ya. smile


"I never lost faith in the Star Trek fans. They're incredible, and indomitable...They are the real heroes of Star Trek. I love them."

"And I'm with them in disliking the word 'Trekkies.' It sounds diminutive, and it sounds like someone blindly following the herd, but they're not."

Luv ya, too, Nichelle. smile


"What I did not consider myself to be was a Trekkie. (This word alone will tip off the initiated to the depth of my ignorance: I didn't know enough to use the less condescending term, 'Trekker.')"

Preston, I luv ya. smile

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