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 Posted:   Jan 20, 2015 - 12:19 PM   
 By:   Richard-W   (Member)

PAL discs play 4% faster in American players, making voices higher-pitched and physical motion slightly unnatural, or very unnatural, depending on the mastering. It has to do with SECAM > NTSC conversion and 25 as opposed to 24 frames per second. Nevertheless I've bought many PAL discs over the years. I try to avoid them now. But I will buy ATOLL K in PAL if I can't find an American edition.

I enjoy UTOPIA / ATOLL K for Laurel & Hardy and don't mind it's cinematic faults. There is something so poignant about it, especially in Oliver. I'm sure you know what I mean.

Thanks, gentleman, for your input.

 Posted:   Aug 1, 2016 - 12:22 AM   
 By:   deepscan   (Member)

No, there were other cuts to the Lippert reissue. They replaced the entire title section, removed the entire Mother Goose opening song and character intro (partly because they could not show book title Babes in Toyland) and removed the cave song sequence because it wound up with Tom Tom and Bo Peep sleeping next to each other on the cave floor, Tom Tom with his arm around Bo Peep. Censors nixed this for post-code era reissue.

Auerbach's LAUREL AND HARDY IN TOYLAND was complete except for the title section and the VERSE of the Mother Goose song (again - due to book title).

When WPIX first aired the picture after the purchase from Auerbach they ran LAUREL AND HARDY IN TOYLAND (early 1960's). But it was advertised as MARCH OF THE WOODEN SOLDIERS. They later ran the Lippert reissue version as distributed by Prime TV inc. The Lippert End title (same artwork as main titles) was replaced by a plain concrete block style The End. Later, WPIX reclaimed distribution rights from Prime after Prime was discovered to have been sending out poor dupe prints to stations in the 1970's. When I contacted WPIX on behalf of CBS to see if they had complete print to license for video release, they said "no - only the edited reissue". I then tracked the picture down, ultimately to Eastman House where a nitrate fine grain had been deposited years earlier. This was negotiated for release by CBS/Fox (as a headliner to accompany the six L&H Fox features). At the last minute, WPIX demanded we pay for colorization. CBS said no and the deal went to Goldwyn/Goodtimes. But I managed to get a 16mm reduction neg of the first reel so that collectors could complete their 16mm prints. Even though the Federal Films / Lippert prints had the cave scene removed, that sequence along with the original NRA emblem storybook End Title, was on the Erko rental prints - issued before the Lippert edited reissue.

For the record, everyone...the copyright on this film was renewed by Prime TV, making Tribune the technical successor-in-interest to Prime, and thus Tribune (which owns WPIX) is the underlying rights holder. Here's where MGM comes in again...the Samuel Goldwyn Company properties (that is, the non-Samuel Goldwyn produced films with the exception of "The Hurricane" which is now back with its original distributor, United Artists) became incorporated into the Orion Pictures library--which leads to another twist of irony here--Orion produced the awful remake in the 1980s with Drew Barrymore. So now MGM has this film back in terms of its distribution. Any questions, class?

 Posted:   Aug 1, 2016 - 1:05 AM   
 By:   Stefan Huber   (Member)

I wonder when the recently re-discovered "Battle Of The Century" footage will be released...

That still leaves us with "Hats Off" lost frown

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