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 Posted:   Sep 19, 2018 - 2:17 PM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

Continuing SEASON 7:

I had to skip this one; NO LOAD FOUND.

"Academy of Evil"
By: Frank Denson

"The Medium"
By: Mauro Bruno

  • 0:50 in.
  • 2:50 in.
  • 21:42 in. Reminding us of the days when tension scoring was more than a synth pad, a legato string line and some percussions hits.
  • 23:41 in.
  • 26:38 in.
  • 31:57 in.
  • 37:40 in.
  • 40:10 in.

    Terrible episode, good different score.

    "Echo of a Distant Battle: Part 1"
    By: Duane Tatro

  • 3:40 in.
  • 20:44 in. Disco source music.
  • 26:00 in.
  • 28:47 in. In an interesting first -- I don't immediately recall an example like this in any TV series or film -- the action music is a variation on the disco source music. It's usually the other way around.
  • 33:25 in. Kind of vaguely reminds me of Stu Phillips.
  • 43:31 in.

    Barnaby: "Let that be a lesson to ya: never chase an armed man unless you have a gun."

    "Echo of a Distant Battle: Part 2"
    By: Duane Tatro

  • 3:35 in.
  • 6:17 in.
  • 25:46 in.
  • 42:07 in.
  • 48:25 in.

    "The Enslaved"
    By: Robert Drasnin

    This is Drasnin's final effort for the series.

  • 3:56 in.
  • 5:12 in.
  • 23:43 in.
  • 31:41 in.
  • 22:57 in.
  • 41:25 in. I'm joining a cue in progress, but this is where it gets good.

    "Dance with Death"
    By: Ralph Kessler

  • 4:19 in.
  • 14:00 in. Disco source music.
  • 26:23 in.
  • 33:27 in. More disco source music.
  • 41:06 in. Yet more disco source music.
  • 42:31 in.
  • 44:09 in. And closing with disco source as well.

    I have a Kessler score promo; I think there are some Barnaby cues on it. It's filled with a lot of TV commercial pieces. None of them were disco, sadly. I would have liked to have heard a Kessler score for an episode of "CHiPs".

    There's been very little Barnaby in a series titles "Barnaby Jones", for a number of episodes now. his magically appearing assistants, a season or two ago, are taking up the screen time.

    I had to skip this one; NO LOAD FOUND.

    "The Protectors"
    By: ?????

    I'm not certain it has a credited composer.

    "Fatal Overture"
    By: John Elizalde

  • 0:50 in.
  • 24:03 in.
  • 34:07 in.
  • 36:02 in.
  • 38:00 in.
  • 41:00 in.

    There's not much score in the episode (compared to the average episode).

    15:18 in: is that an actual studio recording place?

    "Master of Deception"
    By: Mauro Bruno

  • 11:08 in.
  • 12:18 in.
  • 31:44 in. So, disco is not working it's way into the series' scoring.
  • 34:25 in. And after the commercial break.
  • 43:07 in.

    "A Short Happy Life"
    By: Richard Markowitz

  • 2:26 in.
  • 11:56 in.
  • 21:57 in. With a brief lull.
  • 25:31 in.
  • 33:07 in.
  • 37:08 in.
  • 40:13/41:17 in.

    The relative "Foxy" wins the award Is Wayne Brady Gonna Have to Choke a Bitch?.

     Posted:   Sep 20, 2018 - 11:10 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Finishing SEASON 7:

    "Child of Love, Child of Vengeance: Part 1"
    By: Ralph Kessler

  • 4:50 in.
  • 10:50 in.
  • 13:30 in.
  • 25:08 in.
  • 39:37 in.

    I had to skip these; NO LOADS FOUND.

    "Child of Love, Child of Vengeance: Part 2"
    By: Ralph Kessler

    "Target for a Wedding"
    By: Don Bagley

    By: Ralph Kessler

     Posted:   Sep 20, 2018 - 1:44 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    SEASON 8:

    The opening/closing music has been re-recorded again, this time sped up since the last version slowed it down some.

    I had to skip these; NO LOADS FOUND.

    "Man on Fire"
    By: Duane Tatro

    I need to preface Tatro entries from this point on. With a brief e-mail change years ago with him, he said he didn't score all these episodes. So something is going on here. My notions: One: he simply doesn't recall; Two: they are tracked with existing episode scores; Three; He created a library of music early on and the episodes are being tracked with cues and therefore anything that doesn't sound tracked, isn't. I am going to e-mail him again for some clarification.

    "Nightmare in Hawaii: Part 1"
    By: Richard Markowitz

    "Nightmare in Hawaii: Part 2"
    By: Richard Markowitz

    This is Markowitz's final effort for the series.

    "A Desperate Pursuit"
    By: Bruce Broughton

    This is Broughton's final effort for the series.

  • 10:32 in.
  • 13:22 in.
  • 15:43 in. Some small enable drama and action music.
  • 21:01 in.
  • 24:43 in. More small ensemble action music.
  • 31:49 in.
  • 40:27 in. Some ensemble chase music.

    If they hadn't showed the bad guy changing into the disguise, that would have been a hell of a reveal around the end.

    I had to skip this one; NO LOAD FOUND.

    "Design for Madness"
    By: Mauro Bruno

    "Girl on the Road"
    By: Don Bagley

    This is Bagley's final effort for the series.

  • 5:17 in.
  • 27:19 in.
  • 34:09 in.
  • 36:01 in.
  • 42:10 in.

    I had to skip this one; NO LOAD FOUND.

    "Indoctrination in Evil"
    By: Ralph Kessler

    "Homecoming for a Dead Man"
    By: Ralph Kessler

  • 7:57 in. I'm joining a cue in progress, but it was mixed low and has dialogue over it prior, so this is the point to really be able to hear it.
  • 24:55 in.
  • 39:30 in.
  • 43:17/45:26 in.

    "False Witness"
    By: Nathan Scott

    This is Scott's only effort for the series.

  • 5:05 in.
  • 6:43 in.
  • 17:15 in. Short but good.
  • 27:46 in.
  • 33:53 in.
  • 40:16 in.
  • 43:21 in.
  • 44:49 in.

    Scott's scoring sensibilities are clearly that of a decade or prior, with modern touches. There's nothing wrong with his score, in fact I like the almost noir-ish detective flavor, old-scholl drama sensibilities and the effort he put into the writing, but I suspect it was not what the producers of the show wanted and that's why other composers filled out the roster to the end of the series.

    0:57: Not worth a highlight mention, but if this is by Scott, would this be his only disco music?

    I had to skip these; NO LOADS FOUND.

    "School of Terror"
    By: ????

    "Cry for Vengeance"
    By: Frank Denson

    "Run to Death"
    By: Duane Tatro

    "The Price of Anger"
    By: Charles Hoover

    This is presumably his only effort for the series.

    Could this be a pseudonym for somebody who didn't either want their name associated with the series after some problems behind the scenes? Though nothing in the score sounds like any of the previous composers.

  • 2:00 in.
  • 4:30 in.
  • 31:10 in.
  • 35:04 in.
  • 41:05 in.
  • 42:25 in.

     Posted:   Sep 21, 2018 - 11:05 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    I'm back-tracking to two episodes I thought there was no load of, but turns out the links were just hidden.

    SEASON 6:

    "The Wife Beater"
    By: Robert Drasnin

  • 2:00 in. I'm joining a cue in progress, but this is the good point.
  • 15:33 in.
  • 17:25 in.
  • 33:05 in.
  • 35:26 in.
  • 40:45 in.

    SEASON 8:

    "Indoctrination in Evil"
    By: Ralph Kessler

  • 5:40 in.
  • 33:37 in.
  • 41:46 in.

    In a few minutes I'll finish off what episodes I can for the final season.

     Posted:   Sep 21, 2018 - 11:12 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Finishing SEASON 7:

    "The Killing Point"
    By: John Elizalde

  • 3:58 in.
  • 15:49 in.
  • 24:37 in.
  • 35:05 in.

    I had to skip these; NO LOADS FOUND.

    "Focus on Fear"
    By: Lance Rubin

    This is Rubin's final effort for the series.

    Both Rubin-scored episodes were not up. Damn.

    "Murder in the Key of C"
    By: Nan Schwartz

    "Killer Without a Name"
    By: John Elizalde

    This is Elizalde's final effort for the series.

  • 1:02 in.
  • 13:32 in.
  • 19:27 in.
  • 23:35 in.
  • 26:24 in.
  • 30:38 in.
  • 35:41 in.
  • 39:57 in.
  • 42:31 in.

    I had to skip these; NO LOADS FOUND.

    "Death Is the Punchline"
    By: Duane Tatro

    "The Final Victim"
    By: Ralph Kessler

    This is Kessler's final effort for the series.

    "The Silent Accuser"
    By: Duane Tatro

    This is Tatro's final effort for the series.

    "Deadline for Murder"
    By: ?????

    I don't know if there is a compsoer credited or not.

    "The Killin' Cousin" (final episode of the series)
    By: Will Schaefer

    This is, of course, Schaefer's only effort for the series.


    This listing is from both ASCAP and BMI (in the order I found them, not alphabetical order).

  • Milton Raksin (listed for something called "It's Always Monday", which is presumably a song or original sopurce piece)

  • Michael Zaslow (who is also an actor; maybe he had composer aspirations)

  • Chick Camera (who is also a soudn editor on a small number of episode; probably provided a little original material and didnt' get credit)

  • Tommy Vig
  • Dale Oehler
  • Stephen Pautta
  • David Whetley
  • Michael Miller (also an actor)

  • Ken Wilhoit (music editor listed on the two-parter "Final Judgment"; he's also a composer, so I suspect he did some original uncredited scoring for the two-parter)

  • Rozella Gayle (also an actor)

  • Harry Flagle (who?)
  • Thomas Scott

    Of course, like other threads, if and when I find the episodes I missed, I will come back to it. I only hope some label will release some of the scoring from the show -- good music!

     Posted:   Sep 21, 2018 - 11:29 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    I forgot:

    BMI and/or ASCAP list Goldsmith for two bumpers, so there's at least a little more to hear.

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