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 Posted:   May 18, 2009 - 9:23 PM   
 By:   Josh   (Member)

Wow, you guys came up with a ton of excellent picks! I hadn't realized how much time our beloved film score composers spent underwater .

Besides the titles listed in my initial post, some of my other faves mentioned above are Ice Station Zebra, Boy on a Dolphin, The Poseidon Adventure, Fantastic Voyage, and Thunderball (although I'm still trying to fully appreciate the eardrum-splitting brass attacks in some portions of the latter).

I'm also looking forward to checking out the other titles you recommended, those as-yet-unattained as well as those unfamiliar. Fingers crossed that the titles which haven't already been so will soon be officially released on CD. Who knows, maybe there's a Seafoam Green FSM Box somewhere in our future.

 Posted:   May 18, 2009 - 9:55 PM   
 By:   Tall Guy   (Member)

Oh, I think Thor has ... but I'm happy to be corrected. Just as he created the sound for gold (in Goldfinger) so John Barry perfected the sound for being underwater in Thunderball. I don't just mean the action scenes in the final segment of the film ... but throughout the film, where Bond dallies with Domino or when he's below the Disco Volante, or investigating the sunken bomber.

Yes, of course, and thanks to Thor for referencing up the thread.

Much of the Thunderball underwater music is a minimalist variation on the James Bond Theme, and of course Barry's 007 theme is used also. The orchestration, as so often with Barry, is perfect - apparently simple yet so hard (for me at any rate) to pin down how he actually does it. You're right about him creating the sound for gold, and you could have added diamonds and space!

As for Thor, I have no problem whatsoever with his opinions on film music, even when they don't coincide with mine. His criticism is always considered and never knee-jerk, and is scrupulously honest and fearless. I'll take Thor disagreeing with me ahead of certain posters agreeing with me anyday!

 Posted:   May 18, 2009 - 10:38 PM   
 By:   Filmscoremonty   (Member)

 Posted:   May 18, 2009 - 11:13 PM   
 By:   Josh   (Member)

Great call, BJ! I'm a big fan of Cacavas' score for AIRPORT '75, but have yet to see (or hear) '77. I hope it gets released on CD soon.

 Posted:   May 19, 2009 - 1:05 AM   
 By:   JADSTERSDAD   (Member)

So, what are some of your favorite "underwater" scores?

Sorry to be predictable, but Thunderball defined underwater scores for me. It was my cinematic introduction to the sub-aquatic region, and I measure all others by it.

The action in those sequences is often rubbished, but I don't recall anyone criticizing the music.

I agree. Hands down the best.

 Posted:   May 19, 2009 - 1:17 AM   
 By:   CinemaScope   (Member)

The suite of "Beneath The 12-Mile Reef" on the RCA Classic Film Scores album is the piece of underwater music that I'd judge all the others by.

 Posted:   May 19, 2009 - 1:06 PM   
 By:   Ron Pulliam   (Member)

Am I the first to name Leigh Harline's "The Enemy Below"?

 Posted:   May 19, 2009 - 1:07 PM   
 By:   Ron Pulliam   (Member)

How about Lee Holdridge's "Splash"?

 Posted:   May 19, 2009 - 1:09 PM   
 By:   Ron Pulliam   (Member)

And wouldn't Robert Emmett Dolan's 1948 score for "Mister Peabody and the Mermaid" qualify?

 Posted:   May 19, 2009 - 2:18 PM   
 By:   Neville555   (Member)

Gray Lady Down from Jerry Fielding is interesting too, would be a nice release...

 Posted:   May 19, 2009 - 2:25 PM   
 By:   Josh   (Member)

Gray Lady Down from Jerry Fielding is interesting too, would be a nice release...

How could I have forgotten Gray Lady Down?!? Great film and score. "Psst. Hey, Intrada!"

 Posted:   May 20, 2009 - 8:27 AM   
 By:   Ray Faiola   (Member)

 Posted:   May 20, 2009 - 8:16 PM   
 By:   Holly   (Member)

Gray Lady Down from Jerry Fielding is interesting too, would be a nice release...

Oh yeah...I totally second this! And I dig the film, too.

Charlton, the MAN, Heston:

And Crew:

...bring on the score, Intrada, FSM or where the power may be!

 Posted:   May 21, 2009 - 7:30 PM   
 By:   gscurl   (Member)

John Barry...Thunderball...enough said !!!

 Posted:   May 24, 2009 - 2:15 PM   
 By:   kjoseb   (Member)

Thanks to American Nightmare for taking the plunge into this "underwater music" thread. For about 10 years, I've been tracking down scores of "underwater" films. With all the film titles mentioned in this thread, even some of which I was not aware, it is amazing how many LPs, CDs, and other format recordings have been released of original scores or re-recordings of music from films having an "underwater" plot motif. Here is my working list to date across 10 "Sea Genres". Hope you find of interest. Thanks, Kerry

Sea Monsters
1953 – The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms (David Buttolph)
1955 – The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues (Ron Stein)
1955 – It Came from Beneath the Sea (Mischa Bakaleinikoff)
1957 – Attack of the Crab Monster (Ron Stein)
1960 – Gorgo (Angelo Francesco Lavagnino)
1960 – Dinosaurus! (Ronald Stein)
1998 – Godzilla (David Arnold)
2006 – The Host (Byeong Woo Lee)

Sea Mutants
1954 – Creature from the Black Lagoon (Hans J. Salter)
1955 – Revenge of the Creature (Herman Stein)
1956 – The Creature Walks Among Us (Henry Mancini)
1963 – Tourist Attraction (TV-The Outer Limits) (Robert Van Eps & Dominic Frontiere)
1965 – War Gods of the Deep (The City under the Sea) (Stanley Black)
1980 – Humanoids from the Deep (James Horner)
1980 – Screamers (Luciano Michelini)
1984 – Splash (Lee Holdridge)
1989 – The Little Mermaid (Alan Menken [Songs] & Howard Ashman [Lyrics])
1985 – Cocoon (James Horner)
1995 – Ocean Girl (TV) (Garry McDonald & Laurie Stone)
1995 – Waterworld (James Newton Howard)
2001 – She Creature (David Reynolds)
2006 – Aquamarine (David Hirschfelder)

Sea Battles
1956 – Moby Dick (Philip Sainton)
1998 – Moby Dick (Christopher Gordon)
1968 – The Lost Continent (Gerard Schurmann)
1958 – The Old Man and the Sea (Dimitri Tiomkin)
1990 – The Old Man and the Sea (TV) (Bruce Broughton)
1977 – Islands in the Stream (Jerry Goldsmith)
1975 – Jaws (John Williams)
1978 – Jaws 2 (John Williams)
1983 – Jaws 3 (Jaws 3-D) (Alan Parker)
1987 – Jaws 4 (aka Jaws The Revenge) (Michael Small)
1977 – Orca (Ennio Morricone)
1980 – Il Cacciatore di Squali (aka Guardians of the Deep) (Guido & Maurizio de Angelis)
1981 – The Great White (Morton Stevens)
1977 – Tentacoli (Tentacles) (Stelvio Cipriani)
1979 – Up From the Depths (James Horner)
1996 – The Beast (TV) (Don Davis)
1978 – Piranha (Pino Donaggio)
1981 – Piranha II: The Spawning (Stelvio Cipriani under name of Steve Powder)
1998 – Creature (TV) (John Van Tongeren)
1997 – Anaconda (Randy Edelman)
2004 – Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid (Nerida Tyson-Chew)
1999 – Lake Placid (John Ottman)
2005 – Open Water (Graeme Revell)
2004 – The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (Mark Mothersbaugh & Sven Libaek)
2007 – Rogue (Francois Tetaz)

Sea Buddies
1966 – Ti-Koyo E Il Suo Pescecane (Francesco de Masi)
1966 – Namu, The Killer Whale (Tom Glazer)
1973 – The Day of the Dolphin (Georges Delerue)
1981 – A Whale for the Killing (Basil Poledouris)
1994 – Whale Music (score by George Blondheim; other music by Rheostatics)
1983 – The Golden Seal (John Barry & Dana Kaproff)
1986 – Where the River Runs Black (James Horner)
1986 – Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (Leonard Rosenman)
1989 – When the Whales Came (Christopher Gunning)
1993 – Free Willy (Basil Poledouris)
1995 – Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home (Basil Poledouris)
1997 – Free Willy 3: The Rescue (Cliff Eidelman)
1994 – Andre (Bruce Rowland)
1996 – Flipper (Joel McNeely)
1995 – Magic in the Water (David Schwartz)
1995 – Loch Ness (Trevor Jones)
1995 – Palla di Neve (Carlo Siliotto)
1997 – Zeus and Roxanne (Bruce Rowland)
1999 – Dolphins (Marcel Barsotti)
2003 – Whale Rider (Lisa Gerrard)
2003 – Finding Nemo (Thomas Newman)
2006 – Lady in the Water (James Newton Howard)
2007 – The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep (James Newton Howard)

Sea Subs (Fantasy Subs)
1961 – Atlantis, The Lost Continent (Russell Garcia)
2001 – Atlantis: The Lost Empire (James Newton Howard)
1954 – 20,000 Leagues under the Sea (Paul Smith)
1961 – Mysterious Island (Bernard Herrmann)
1961 – Ventimila Leghe Sotti I Mare (Ennio Morricone)
1970 – Captain Nemo and the Underwater City (Angela Morley as Walter Stott)
1972 – Mysterious Island of Captain Nemo (TV) (Die Geheimnisvolle Insel) (Gianni Ferrio)
1997 – 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (TV) (John Scott)
1997 – 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Mark Snow)
1961 – Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (Paul Sawtell and Bert Shefter)
1964 – Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (TV) (Paul Sawtell)
1965 – Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (TV) (Jerry Goldsmith)
1963 – Stingray (Barry Gray)
1966 – Around the World Under the Sea (Harry Sukman)
1966 – Mighty Jack (TV) (Isao Tomita & Kunio Miyauchi)
1969 – Latitude Zero (Akira Ifukube)
1995 – SeaQuest DSV (TV) / Seaquest 2032 (TV) (John Debney)
1998 – Race for Atlantis (Gary Guttman)
1966 – Fantastic Voyage (Leonard Rosenman)
1987 – Inner Space (Jerry Goldsmith)
1996 – Super Atragon (Zero Hours to Destruction / Memories of the Ocean) (Masamichi Amano)

Sea Subs (War Subs)
1943 – Destination Tokyo (Franz Waxman and William Lava-uncredited)
1954 – Hell and High Water (Alfred Newman)
1957 – The Enemy Below (Leigh Harline)
1959 – On the Beach (Ernest Gold)
1999 – On the Beach (Christopher Gordon)
1968 – Submarine X-1 (Ron Goodwin)
1987 – U Boats: The Wolfpack (Christopher Young)
1984 – Das Boot (The Boat) (Klaus Doldinger)
1968 – Ice Station Zebra (Michel Legrand)
1990 – The Hunt for Red October (Basil Poledouris)
1995 – Crimson Tide (Hans Zimmer)
1999 – The Hunley (TV) (Randy Edelman)
2000 – U-571 (Richard Marvin)
2002 – K19: The Widowmaker (Klaus Badelt)
2002 – Below (Graeme Revell)
2004 – 72 Meters (Ennio Morricone)
2005 – Lorelei: The Witch of the Pacific Ocean (Naoki Sato)
2006 – Deguchi No Nai Umi (Sea Without Exit) (Minori Kabasawa)

Sea Spies
1958 – Sea Hunt (TV) (Ray Llewelyn)
1965 – Thunderball (John Barry)
1983 – Never Say Never Again (Michel Legrand)
1977 – The Spy Who Loved Me (Marvin Hamlisch)
1981 – For Your Eyes Only (Bill Conti)
1985 – A View to A Kill (John Barry
1997 – Tomorrow Never Dies (David Arnold)
1999 – The World Is Not Enough (David Arnold)
1980 – North Sea Hijack (aka Ffolkes and Assault Force) (Michael J. Lewis)
1993 – Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life (Alan Silvestri)

Sea Treasures
1948 – Tarzan and the Mermaids (Dimitri Tiomkin)
1952 – Mara Maru (Max Steiner)
1953 – Beneath the 12-Mile Reef (Bernard Herrmann)
1956 – The Sharkfighters (Jerome Moross)
1957 – Boy on a Dolphin (Hugo Friedhofer)
1959 – Forbidden Island (Alexander Laszlo)
1959 – The Wreck of the Mary Deare (George Duning)
1966 – Il Misterioso Signor Van Eyck (Carlos Savina)
1968 – Danger: Diabolik (Ennio Morricone)
1977 – The Deep (John Barry)
1980 – Raise the Titanic (John Barry)
1980 – Caboblanco (Jerry Goldsmith)
1988 – The Big Blue (Eric Serra)
1988 – The Big Blue (Bill Conti)
1993 – The Lucona Affair (John Scott)
2001 – Ocean Men: Extreme Dive (Cliff Eidelman)
2005 – Into the Blue (Paul Haslinger)
2008 – Lost City Raiders (Gert Wilden Jr.)

Sea Escapes
1962 – The Underwater City (Ronald Stein)
1972 – The Poseidon Adventure (John Williams)
1978 – Gray Lady Down (Jerry Fielding)
1979 – Beyond the Poseidon Adventure (Jerry Fielding)
1981 – Goliath Awaits (George Duning)
1997 – Titanic (James Horner)
1989 – Leviathan (Jerry Goldsmith)
1989 – The Abyss (Alan Silvestri)
1989 – DeepStar Six (Harry Manfredini)
1998 – Sphere (Elliot Goldenthal)
1998 – Deep Rising (Jerry Goldsmith)
1999 – Deep Blue Sea (Trevor Rabin)
2005 – The Cave (Johnny Klimek and Reinhold Heil)
2005 – Umizaru Evolution (TV) (Theme Song “Ocean” by B’z)
2006 – Poseidon (Klaus Badelt)

Sea Docs
1950 – Beaver Valley (Walt Disney’s True-Life Adventures) (Paul Smith)
1953 – Prowlers of the Everglades (Walt Disney’s True-Life Adventures) (Paul Smith)
1969 – Settie Mari (TV) (Ugo Calise)
1970 – Racconti Di Mare (TV) (Bruno Zambrini)
1970 – Andrea Doria _74 (Riz Ortolani)
1971 – The Legend of the Living Sea (Walter Scharf)
1973 – Inner Space (TV) (Sven Libaek)
1973 – Men of the Sea (TV) (Daniele Patucchi)
1973 – Alla Scoperta del Mare (Daniele Patucchi)
1976 – Uomini e Squali (Sharks and Men) (film version of 1973 “Men of the Sea” - TV) (Daniel Patucchi)
1977 – Cari Mostri del Mare (Carlo Savina)
1978 – Pericolo Negli Abissi (Stefano Liberati)
1980 – The Cousteau Odyssey – The Warm Blooded Sea: Mammals of the Deep (TV) (John Scott)
1982 – Cousteau-North American Adventures–St. Lawrence: Stairway to the Sea (TV) (John Scott)
1983 – The Whale Savers (TV) (Bruce Rowland)
1984 – Cousteau/Amazon: Journey to a Thousand Rivers / River of Gold (TV) (John Scott)
1985 – Cousteau/The First 75 Years (TV) (John Scott)
1985 – OceanQuest (TV) (William Goldstein)
1986 – Cousteau/Rediscovery of the World I – Cape Horn: Waters of the Wind (TV) (John Scott)
1986 – Cousteau/Rediscovery of the World I – Legacy of Cortez (TV) (John Scott)
1987 – Cousteau/Rediscovery of the World I – Channel Islands (Waters of Contention / Days of Future Past (TV) (John Scott)
1988 – Discoveries Underwater (TV) (Howard J. Davidson)
1989 – Parc Oceanique (Paris Exhibition) (John Scott)
1990 – Cousteau/Rediscovery of the World I – Papua New Guinea: Into the Time Machine / River of Crocodile Men / Center of Fire
1990 – The Encircled Sea (TV) (Robert Boyle)
1991 – Atlantis (Eric Serra)
1991 – Secrets of the Seas (Ragnar Bjerkreim)
1992 – Cousteau/Rediscovery of the World II - The Great White Shark: Lonely Lord of the Sea (TV) (William Goldstein)
1993 – Under Pressure: Making ‘The Abyss’ (Dennis Eveland)
1995 – The Living Sea (IMAX) (Steve Wood & Sting)
1997 – Whales (IMAX) (Sam Cardon)
1998 – Island of the Sharks (IMAX) (Alan Williams)
1998 – Titanic: Anatomy of a Disaster (Michael Whalen)
1998 – Planet of Ocean (Taro Iwashiro)
2000 – Cousteau (Vangelis)
2000 – Cousteau’s Dream (A Benefit Album) (Vangelis, others)
2000 – Dolphins (Steve Wood & Sting)
2000 – Galapagos (IMAX) (Mark Isham)
2001 – The Blue Planet (TV) (George Fenton)
2003 – Deep Blue (George Fenton)
2003 – Ghosts of the Abyss (Joel McNeely)
2003 – L’Expedition Jules Verne – A Bord Du Troi-Mats Belem (John Scott)
2003 – Ocean Wonderland (Christophe Jacquelin)
2004 – Sharks 3D (Christophe Jacquelin)
2006 – Deep Sea 3D (Danny Elfman)
2006 – Sharkwater (Jeff Rona)
2008 – Dolphins and Whales 3D: Tribes of the Ocean (Christophe Jacquelin)

 Posted:   May 24, 2009 - 2:29 PM   
 By:   Charles Thaxton   (Member)

Alexander Laszlo's "Atlantis In Hi-Fi"

Laszlo's ATOMIC SUBMARINE with the "Electro Sonic Music" is very cool....wish Laszlo could be presented on CD.

Original Music by
William McCauley
Lalo Schifrin

iso scores on the DVD

 Posted:   May 24, 2009 - 2:30 PM   
 By:   Charles Thaxton   (Member)

Irwin Allen's CITY BENEATH THE SEA (Richard La Salle)

 Posted:   May 24, 2009 - 2:34 PM   
 By:   Charles Thaxton   (Member)


 Posted:   May 24, 2009 - 2:44 PM   
 By:   Thor   (Member)

Thanks to American Nightmare for taking the plunge into this "underwater music" thread. For about 10 years, I've been tracking down scores of "underwater" films.

Now if that isn't a niche within a niche, I don't know what is! smile

 Posted:   May 28, 2017 - 8:19 PM   
 By:   Josh   (Member)

There's nothing like the lilting, swirling*, intoxicating power of underwater music.


*Warning; The consumption of alcohol may intensify this effect.

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