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This is a comments thread about Blog Post: My Vintage Selection for 2010, Part 3 by Thomas Rucki
 Posted:   Dec 27, 2010 - 8:17 PM   
 By:   Jim Phelps   (Member)

re: Hunters are for Killing

As usual, the composer makes reference to his past: Advise and Consent (Cf. “Politely Political”) in the last seconds of “Welcome Home” and in the last section of “Big Nite’s Doings”, Star Trek in “Rudy in L.G.’s Room” and the start of “Mr. Florin”, Mannix in “Car Race”—that features the same hectic jazzy cue rearranged from the season 2 score “Pressure Point” that is also slipped in for the track “Amy’s Noise” from the 1971 Straw Dogs—and “Keller Drives In”, the heroics of The Wild Bunch in “Big Nite’s Doings”, “Hunting Party”, “You Tell Your Men” and the Mexican melancolic sides in “You’re Wrong Keller” and “Better Off Dead”, Kolchak: The Night Stalker in the track exit of “Bad Sign”. Keen listeners will identify two tracks (a section of “Chase” and “Elements”) foreshadowing a nervous martial cue from the 1971 score “Murder by the Barrel” from the first season of McMillan & Wife. The general arrangements of this Fielding score are derived from his Mannix work!...Hunters Are for Killing is the finest vintage television soundtrack that you can find on the market in 2010 because it transcends the boundaries of the little screen!

Amen, bruddah!!! I said as much--though not as eloquently--in the HafK thread:

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