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 Posted:   Jan 5, 2011 - 4:34 AM   
 By:   HM1313   (Member)

YouTube link:

From "The Battle of Britain" (1969)
I think I've heard almost all versions, including ... orig. 1969 M. Arnold-conducted score (2nd best, but see comments below); Chandos (Neville Marriner, AoSMitF, 1990; So-so perf.); EMI (Carl Davis, 1987. AWFUL perf.!)

But this one from BBC Proms 2007 blew me away: Very tight, dynamic, and CONTROLLED performance. It's fast-paced but never rushed. "Rushed" with what I might call "asymmetric tempo/meter" is how I'd describe Arnold's orig. 1969 performance (but he may have HAD to do this -- i.e., sacrifice pace and flow performance, by compressing or stretching tempo/meter -- to fit film edits/cues).

The YouTube version's sound quality is decent (and hints at what full-rez may be capable of!!), but, alas, not in stereo and image is cropped from 16x9 to 4:3.

Can't find the 2007 Proms on DVD or CD (source, anyone?). I would LOVE to have a higher-quality version -- video, audio-only, whatever. Please reply in-thread or we can communicate off-list. Thx!

Refs/ Links:
BBC Proms page (2007 program line-up):

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