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Chris Rimmer 

Member Since: December 8, 2005
Sex: male
Location: Lancashire. England
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Occupation:    Househusband
Favorite Score(s):    Once Upon A Time In The West/America.Duck You Sucker.Wind And The Lion.Ben Hur.El Cid.The Five Man Army.Bandoleros.Star Wars 1-6.The Patriot.Malena.The Dollar Trilogy.The Magnificent Seven.Ten Commandments.Lawrence Of Arabia.Willow.Glory.Titanic.Spartacus.Where Eagls Dare. Lord of the Rings Trilogy.Big Country.John Barry's Bond Scores.
 Favorite Composer(s):    Ennio Morricone.Jerry Goldsmith.Elmer Bernstein.John Williams.James Horner Alex North.Ron Goodwin.
Interests:    Listening and collecting Film Soundtracks.Walking with dogs or without. Before my back injury I used to practise Martial Arts(Karate, Wing Chun, Tai Chi, Hsing I etc.)I still practise when the wife's not around, but sadly I am somewhat limited in what I can do these days.
About Me:    I'm married to Margaret who is an Anglican Priest,I don't work due to a severe back injury I suffered falling of a building, the falling was fine, it was hitting the concrete floor that caused problems.I fill my days walking the 5 dogs we have and taking endless messages for the boss.We recently moved back to Lancashire and live in Lostock Hall, just outside Preston. There appears to be only ONE soundtrack shop in the city (HMV) so I rely on the internet a lot, thank goodness for places like SAE and Intrada.