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Occupation:    Human.
Favorite Score(s):    All the Matrix stuff, The Sea Hawk, Reign Of Fire, The Prince And The Pauper, Sky Captain, The Excorcism Of Emily Rose, King Kong (1933), Alien, Star Trek The Original Motion Picture, Heavy Metal (Talgorn), Capricorn One, Hellraiser, Star Wars/Empire, The Peacemaker, 1492 Conquest Of Paradise, Bladerunner, She, Transformers, Slither, Bram Stoker's Dracula, K-Pax, Psycho, so many more!
 Favorite Composer(s):    In no order: Vangelis, Handel, Bach, Jerry Goldsmith, Erich Korngold, Ed Shearmur, Frederic Talgorn, Don Davis, Christopher Young, Gabriel Yared, John Debney, Max Steiner, Franz Waxman, Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Bernard Herrmann, John Ottman, John Powell, Wojciech Kilar, Beethoven, Chopin, Elliot Goldenthal, Carl Stalling, many more...
Interests:    Breathing, occasionally blinking my eyes, keeping a pulse.
About Me:    Guitarist, freelance amateur composer.