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Location: Somewhere on the East coast.
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Occupation:    Customer Service Clerk @ Call Center
Favorite Score(s):    Too many to list here.
 Favorite Composer(s):    In no particular order...except that which is alphabetical: Elmer Bernstein, Bruce Broughton, John Debney, Danny Elfman, Robert Folk, Jerry Goldsmith, Bernard Herrmann, James Newton Howard, Mark McKenzie, Vic Mizzy, Seikou Nagaoka, David Newman, John Ottman, Amotz Plessner, John Powell, Alan Silvestri, Carl Stalling, Shirley Walker and John Williams.
Interests:    Surfing the net, seeing movies, listening to film music, writing stories (which I hope to turn into screenplays) - the usual stuff.
About Me:    There's not much to say except I kinda stumbled into film music worship and I like it. I really want to be a filmmaker. Why? 1) Steven Seagal and Tom Green got to direct films! By that logic, [i]anyone[/i] should be allowed to make movies. 2) Dino DeLaurentiis (!) has an honorary Oscar. Enough said.