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Location: Fort Collins, CO
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Occupation:    Technical Writer; Ballroom Dance Instruction
Favorite Score(s):    Conan the Barbarian, Star Trek - The Motion Picture, The Leopard, 7th Voyage of Sinbad, Golden Voyage of Sinbad, Ben-Hur, Star Trek V, Adventures of Robin Hood, King Kong, LOTR trilogy, Lion in Winter, Last Valley,the Barry Bonds, To Kill a Mockingbird, classic TREK scores.
 Favorite Composer(s):    Bernard Herrmann, Jerry Goldsmith, John Barry, Max Steiner, EW Korngold, Miklos Rozsa, Franz Waxman
Interests:    Greek, Roman, and Byzantine history; Literature; Theater; Opera; Hiking; Classical Music, Art
About Me:    Still haven't gotten over these sad facts 1) Jerry Goldsmith didn't get to score the best Trek film, WRATH OF KHAN 2) John Barry basically retired a decade before he died. (Yes, I know, shaky health! Damn fruit drink!), and 3) Orson Welles was unable to finance his movies for most of his career