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Member Since: February 20, 2001
Sex: male
Location: New York City, N.Y., USA
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Occupation:    grant proposal writer
Favorite Score(s):    The best of North, Herrmann, Rota, Goldsmith, Rozsa, Jarre, Delerue, Williams, Kaper, E. Bernstein, A. Newman, Rosenthal, Morricone, ad infinitum
 Favorite Composer(s):    See above -- the usual suspects.
Interests:    I started collecting film scores in '63, cutting my teeth that year on Lawrence, Mutiny on the Bounty, Becket, Kwai, How the West Was Won, Navarone, Mockingbird, Ben Hur, One Eyed Jacks, Great Escape, Ten Commandments, Voyage En Ballon, King of Kings, Spartacus and The Alamo. Needless to say, this initial collection got me hooked on soundtracks for life. Ten years later, I began collecting classical music -- but I've pretty much stayed with my big LP classical collection, and simply fill in the gaps with cds. With filmscores, however, my huge cd collection continues to mushroom out of control -- even with highly selective purchases. I used to be passionate about film, but there are very few movies nowadays that I find even remotely interesting. In fact, I'm starting to write one-act plays . . . something I never thought I would do. I think dogs are great -- especially my 12 lb. apricot poodle, Louie: truly one of the most popular dogs on New York's Upper West Side.
About Me:    Born in Detroit, 1945. Have lived in N.Y.C. since '72.