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Occupation:    I'm Not Telling!
Favorite Score(s):    Too many to mention & whatever else takes my fancy, but check out my Composer list for an indication!
 Favorite Composer(s):    John Williams, John Carpenter, Jerry Goldsmith, John Barry, David Arnold, Ron Grainer, Brad 'Terminator' Fiedel, Roy 'Get Carter/The Wild Geese' Budd, The Beatles, Hans Zimmer, Bernard Herrmann, Alan Silvestri, Mark Mancina, Elmer '7' Bernstein, Charles Bernstein, Ennio Morricone, Vangelis, Steve 'Transformers' Jablonsky, Craig 'Remo' Safan, Dimitri Tiomkin, James Horner, Jean Michel Jarre, LeRoy 'L&H' Shield, Miklos Rozsa, Stu 'Galactica' Phillips, Lalo Schifrin, Alex North, Mike Post, Henry 'Panther/Condorman' Mancini, Basil Pouledouris, Maurice Jarre!
Interests:    ScoreTrax, STAR WARS & Movies, Theatre, Live Concerts, Autograph & DVD Collecting, Travel-USA, Females, Staying Alive!
About Me:    -For Your Eyes Only-