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With me, that is. I'll be on a panel in L.A. at USC at 11:30AM on Thursday, Feb. 26 as part of a symposium; go here for the complete program. Then on Saturday, Feb. 28 in San Francisco I'll be at Wondercon where I'll be part of the panel exercise in "nostalgia-porn" entitled "It Came From 1979"; I'm not in the program but I'm assured I'll be part of it. FSM/Intrada/Percepto art director Joe Sikoryak will be there too. Come say hi.

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Do you know if SAE or any other vendor at Wondercon will be selling FSM cds? I remember a few years ago FSM was selling cds at San Diego Con. Looking forward to the panel.

I don't know if any other vendors might have our CDs but we will not have a table at Wondercon, sorry.


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April 23
Alain Jomy born (1941)
Andre Previn begins recording his score for The Fastest Gun Alive (1956)
Bernard Herrmann begins recording his North by Northwest score (1959)
Christopher Komeda died (1969)
Harold Arlen died (1986)
Hilmar Orn Hilmarsson born (1958)
James Horner begins recording his score for House of Cards (1992)
Jay Gruska born (1952)
Jonsi born (1975)
Kenji Kawai born (1957)
Louis Barron born (1920)
Patrick Williams born (1939)
Robert Farnon died (2005)
Satyajit Ray died (1992)
Sergei Prokofiev born (1891)
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