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I want to thank everyone who made our second annual “convention” (or meet and greet, or open-house, or whatever you want to call it) so enjoyable at the end of May. You can continue to read reports and see photos by visiting our (newly redesigned) message board.

Here’s what to expect from our CD label in the coming weeks.

First up: we are doing a summer CD sale—35 CDs over 35 days, five every week, for seven weeks. The first five are on sale now at SAE and are Jerry Goldsmith titles from our catalog: The Flim-Flam Man/A Girl Named Sooner, Room 222/Ace Eli and Rodger of the Skies, The Illustrated Man, Hawkins on Murder/Winter Kill/Babe and Jericho/The Ghostbreaker. Normally $19.95, they are now $14.95. These will be discounted for one week starting today; next Monday, these will return to regular price, and five more titles will be discounted. This will go on through the end of July. (NONE of the discounted titles will be new releases, so don’t worry about buying something at full price of our new stuff only to find it reduced shortly. We’d never do that to you guys anyway.)

The next two FSM CDs will both be Silver Age titles from the 1960s—one score on each CD, neither one previously available in any form. One is a big-name composer doing a dramatic, symphonic score, the other a big-name (albeit mostly in other fields) composer doing a dramatic, pop/funk score. These will be released some time in June.

Then there will be a Silver Age CD in early July of vintage television music—big-name composer, little-known show.

Then there will be a very popular (and NOT limited) CD available at the end of July which we are aiming to have available at Comic Con. I daresay this will be MORE popular than Twilight Zone: The Movie, and that sold like gangbusters.

Speaking of Comic Con—Ed from SAE will be there and we’re thinking of setting up some time and place for FSM’ers to get together. We’re not sure if that’s best done at the con or at a hotel nearby—does anyone have any ideas? Post them in the comments thread here.

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Okay, looks like I need to finally initiate my plan to knock over a couple of liquor stores. Does SAE accept cash? Or, perhaps, liquor?

I like this description from FSM News and Notes:

The other a big-name (albeit mostly in other fields) composer doing a dramatic, pop/funk score

Yes! We need more dramatic pop/funk scores. CanĀ“t wait:)

I only wish i lived in LA ...unfortunately I am accross the pond!!

Hey there!

We (the Mr. and I) will be attending the Saturday venue of Comic-Con this July. Please let us know what date(s) ya'll have scheduled?

If we are not attending the same day as you, mayhap we can meet up for beverages laters? Downtown S.D. is a blast for after partying!

Let us know your schedule.

Much Mahalo, Me!

That is so cool you guy'll be at Comic-Con. If there is some sort of gathering, I'll tear myself away from my table to come by.

But please, any day but Saturday. ;)

Greg Espinoza

Wish I could have made the get-together, but 'tis a long, costly way from Bayside to LA.

I'll venture a guess that the July tv score album might be Goldsmith's music for the now forgotten
CAIN'S 100, a 1961-62 MGM/Arena production falling between DR. KILDARE and MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. with the then ubiquitous (Peter) Mark Richman. (God, does anybody remember him in AGENT FOR H.A.R.M.?)

A get together at Comic Con is a great idea. I am planning to be at the Con all four days, and would love to meet my fellow board members. As for places we could meet, I am not sure what time of the day you were thinking, Lukas, but I have a couple of ideas: if you are thinking early evening or late afternoon, it sounds like SAE is getting a booth in the Exhibit Hall. How about we meet at the booth fairly close to when the Exhibit Hall closes one of the nights (it closes at 7:00), or any other time convenient for everyone, and then we can all walk to a bar, or other place nearby. That way we all have a chance to check out the new cd you are hinting about, plus whatever else is available, while also meeting fellow score fans. Another idea depends on the program schedule, which hasn't been released yet, but we could get together after a particular panel. Especially if there is a music related panel. I remember going to a panel at Comic Con a few years ago when some of the composers for the various DC animated series, such as Justice League Unlimited and Teen Titans talked about scoring for animation. It was a pretty interesting panel. Unfortunately, I don't have any idea what is planned this year.

the then ubiquitous (Peter) Mark Richman. (God, does anybody remember him in AGENT FOR H.A.R.M.?)

Only in its Mystery Science Theater 3000 form ("OW! We're being attacked by the music!").

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