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I recently got a new (to me) computer, resulting in the rebooting of my iTunes library. So my play counts reset to zero. As far as iTunes was concerned, I'd never played any of my music tracks before.

Today I took a look, just for grins, at the "Top 25 Most Played" list (that iTunes automatically adds to your list of folders). Right away, I saw confirmation of the recent Star Trek bender I've been on. It also shows some of the randomness of shuffle mode, but mainly it's comprised of two recent playlists I've been running over and over. First, a Star Trek mix that contains just the music from the first three films. Then, a sort of calm, soothing (to me) mix of a couple of favorites.


And now the full list.

The Cloud - Jerry Goldsmith Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Odd that this would show up as my number one most played. It's a great, atmospheric piece, and may actually appear on my chill out mix as well as the Star Trek mix. And so it reached number one. For now.
Theme from Man from Atlantis - Fred Karlin, Austin Wintory and Tina Guo Theme from Man from Atlantis
This is actually another atmospheric piece, a new recording and arrangement of one of my personal favorites. It's sort of a Bear McCreary-ish take on the theme and very enjoyable. It's part of a series of one-off tracks BSX has been releasing and it's well worth the 99 cents for a download. I love it.
The Harvest - Jerry Goldsmith Medicine Man
Medicine Man remains one of my favorite Goldsmith albums and is a mainstay in my mixes of relaxing music - has been for years.
Ilia's Theme - Jerry Goldsmith Star Trek: The Motion Picture 
Main Title - Jerry Goldsmith Star Trek: The Motion Picture 
Vejur Flyover - Jerry Goldsmith Star Trek: The Motion Picture 
Can't argue with the classics.
Lonely People - America History - Greatest Hits
Um, I can't really explain this one except for the joys of shuffle mode. 
Anvil Of Crom - Basil Poledouris - Conan The Barbarian
Oh yeah. BUM-bum-bum-bum bum-bum bum bum BUM-bum-bum-bum bum-bum bum bum. Now it's a great theme, I love it, but I'm a little mystified that it's on this list. Hooray for shuffle mode.
Bye Bye Love - Ben Vereen & Roy Scheider All That Jazz
And speaking of shuffle mode... I love this movie. I love the music. I love this piece. It's full of weird joy, it's over the top and, what can I say -- it's showtime folks!
Descent Into Mystery - Danny Elfman Batman
Again, can't argue with the classics. One of the best tracks from the album.
Prologue and Main Title - James Horner Star Trek III: The Search For Spock 
Klingons - James Horner Star Trek III: The Search For Spock 
Spock's Cabin - James Horner Star Trek III: The Search For Spock
Stealing the Enterprise - James Horner Star Trek III: The Search For Spock
Grissom Destroyed - James Horner Star Trek III: The Search For Spock 
Guess what showed up at my house this week?
Winter Scene - James Newton Howard Promised Land
Circle K Shooting - James Newton Howard Promised Land
This score has long been one of my treasured favorites. Yes, it's new age-y, but it can instantly bring me to a calm and centered place. Again the vagaries of shuffle mode cause these two tracks to appear on the list rather than Plymouth Waltz or Dreams and Promises, two of my most favorite pieces.
The Fire -Jerry Goldsmith Medicine Man
Klingon Battle -Jerry Goldsmith Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Total Logic - Jerry Goldsmith Star Trek: The Motion Picture 
Floating Office - Jerry Goldsmith Star Trek: The Motion Picture 
Spock Walk - Jerry Goldsmith Star Trek: The Motion Picture 
End Title - Jerry Goldsmith Star Trek: The Motion Picture 
I still love this score. Love love love.
Main Title (Avengers, The) - Joel McNeely The Avengers
And here's another score I still love. It's fun, adventuresome and (like much of Jerry Goldsmith's output) utterly transcends the film for which it was written. Seek it out if you don't have it. 
Emergency! End Credits - Nelson Riddle - T V Funland
So over the years I've accumulated bibs and bobs of internet detritus and lumped them into my own compilation I call TV Funland. It's a nice repository of themes originally found as  .wav files that sound just like the ones I used to make by jamming the cassette player next to the TV speaker. My kids have requested this one several times (my 3 year old son is still in a firefighter phase) and here it is on the list. Lately, my 5 year old daughter has been requesting that I play the CHiPs soundtrack, so maybe some of those discotastic tracks will show up on the list next time I check it.
So there you have it. An odd cross section of what's been blaring through my ears lately.
And what are YOUR current top 25 most played?
p.s. Yes, I know there's already been a message board thread about this topic. In fact I feel certain I participated in the thread. I bet my list then looks entirely different.
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And now, this morning, I am playing The Enterprise, from ST:TMP. Dammit, I love this track! I love this score. It's been thirty years and I've bought this music on LP and twice on CD. And I still find it glorious, transcendent and sublime. If I had to take one disc to the desert island, this would most likely be it.

Looking in the Top 25 folder - it is a Goldsmith-a-thon...Star Trek TMP, Capricorn One, Timeline, and The Swarm. However, when looking at total play counts...I have Zathura, Star Trek (Giacchino), Shattered Glass, BSG (Gibbs), Miracle at St. Anna, Paycheck, The Core, About a Boy, The Italian Job, Nicholas Nickelby, On the Beach (Gordon), and The Gift. Quite a hodge podge.

Can you tell I enjoy fast-moving, bombastic music? :)

I find I enjoy playing the Innerspace score in the background when I'm working. "Alarm" was the first cue I listened to when they released the expanded Indy boxset - a holy grail track. And evidently, I went through a hardcore Medal (of Honor) period.

And evidently, I went through a hardcore Medal (of Honor) period.

I couldn't tell.

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