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Intrada has anounced two brand new CDS featuring never-before-released scores by Oscar-winning composers.

Director Rowdy Harrington followed up his cult favorite Road House with the 1992 boxing drama GLADIATOR (no relation, of course, to Ridley Scott's 2000 Best Picture winner), starring Twin Peaks' James Marshall, Cuba Gooding Jr., Jon Seda, Robert Loggia, John Heard and Brian Dennehy. The film was ultimately released with an orchestral score by Terminator composer Brad Fiedel, but the first score composed and recorded for the film was by the master, Jerry Goldsmith. Intrada's Special Collection CD is the first-ever commercial release of Goldsmith's Gladiator music.

James Horner had a particularly impressive batch of scores in 1989, including his Oscar-nominated Field of Dreams, the smash hit Honey, I Shunk the Kids, the epic, stirring Glory, and his moving orchestral score for IN COUNTRY. Norman Jewison (Moonstruck, In the Heat of the Night) directed this film version of Bobbie Ann Mason's novel, with Emily Lloyd as the teenage niece of a troubled Vietnam vet, played by Bruce Willis in a change-of-pace role. The Intrada release of this first-rate Horner score features the composer's planned sequencing for a never-released soundtrack CD, followed by the remaining cues.

Next week, La-La Land will release a new, two-disc deluxe edition of one of John Williams's most underappreciated great scores -- THE FURY, the 1978 Brian De Palma thriller that merged telekinetic thrills with international intrigue. Varese Sarabande released the first CD of the score, featuring the re-recorded tracks from the original LP.  Later the label's CD Club released a two-disc Deluxe Edition -- one of the first soundtrack releases that featured both the original LP version and the complete original score tracks. The La-La Land release, limited to 3500 units, features a remastered version of the same tracks, plus additional music and new liner notes by Julie Kirgo.

Varese Sarabande has announced three more new score CDs to be released on April 2 -- Henry Jackman's score to the action sequel G.I. JOE: RETALIATION; Jeff Beal's music for the Netflix miniseries HOUSE OF CARDS, starring Kevin Spacey and featuring episodes directed by David Fincher; and Jacob Groth's score for the upcoming noir DEAD MAN DOWN, starring Noomi Rapace, Colin Ferrell and Terrence Howard (the director of Dead Man Down, Niels Arden Arplev worked with Rapace and composer Groth on the first of the three "Lisbeth Salander" films -- The Girl with the Disappointing Resume, The Girl who Picniced Too Close to the Anthill, and The Girl Who Made a Face and It Stayed That Way).

This Monday, the label also plans to announce two new CDs in their series of limited editions of contemporary scores.

Buysoundtrax has announced two new releases -- one of Basil Poledouris' final scores, the martial arts epic THE TOUCH, starring Michelle Yeoh and directed by Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon's Oscar-winning cinematographer Peter Pau (this is the first U.S. release for this score and features additional cues); and a remastered version of Robert Folk's BEASTMASTER 2: THROUGH THE PORTAL OF TIME (previously released by Intrada). 


Bullet to the Head - Steve Mazzaro - Varese Sarabande
Cent Mille Dollars Au Soleil/Les Morfalous
- Georges Delerue - Universal France
Four Assassins
- Andrea Matthias - Kronos
Gladiator [1992]
- Jerry Goldsmith - Intrada Special Collection
A Good Day to Die Hard - Marco Beltrami - Sony
In Country
- James Horner - Intrada Special Collection
L'Aine Des Ferchaux/Un Flic
- Georges Delerue/Michel Colombier - Universal France
Laura - David Raksin - Kritzerland
Le Pacha/Vidocq/Comment Trouvez Vous Ma Soeur
- Michel Colombier/Serge Gainsbourg - Universal France
Murder on the Orient Express
- Richard Rodney Bennett - Quartet
Una Pura Formalita [A Pure Formality]
- Ennio Morricone - GDM
War-Gods of the Deep/Crossplot
- Stanley Black - Quartet


Bless Me, Ultima - Mark Kilian - Score CD-R on Lakeshore
Caesar Must Die - Giuliani Taviani, Carmelo Travia
Dark Skies - Joseph Bishara
Inescapable - Geo Hoehn
Snitch - Antonio Pinto - Score CD due March 5 on Lakeshore


February 26
Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time - Robert Folk - Buysoundtrax
The Fury - John Williams - La-La Land
I Magliari - Piero Piccioni - Beat
La Bestia Nella Spazia - Marcello Giombini - Beat
The Naked Maja - Angelo Francesco Lavagnino - Digitmovies
1000 Dollari Su Nero
- Michele Lacereneza - Beat
Passion - Pino Donaggio - Quartet
Phantom - Jeff Rona - Milan
Piero Umiliani: Discomusic
- Piero Umiliani - Beat
Providence - Miklos Rozsa - Digitmovies
Sai Cosa Faceva Stalin Alle Donne
- Ennio Morricone - Beat
- Clint Mansell - Milan
Super Fantozzi
- Fred Bongusto - Digitmovies
The Touch
- Basil Poledouris - Buysoundtrax
Vivo o Preferibilmente Morti 
- Gianni Ferrio - Digitmovies
March 5
Identity Thief - Christopher Lennertz - La-La Land
Side Effects - Thomas Newman - Varese Sarabande
Snitch - Antonio Pinto - Lakeshore
March 12
Napoleon et l'Europe
- Wojciech Kilar - Music Box
The Outsiders - Carmine Coppola - Music Box
March 19
Frozen Planet
- George Fenton - Silva
A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III - Liam Hayes - Alternative Distribution Alliance
Les Miserables (2-disc Deluxe Edition) - Claude-Michel Schonberg - Universal Republic
S.O.S. Titanic - Howard Blake - Silva
Silent Hill: Revelation 
- Jeff Danna - Lakeshore
March 26
Doctor Who: The Caves of Androzani
- Roger Limb - Silva
April 2
Dead Man Down - Jacob Groth - Varese Sarabande
G.I. Joe: Retaliation - Henry Jackman - Varese Sarabande
House of Cards - Jeff Beal - Varese Sarabande
Spartacus: War of the Damned - Joseph LoDuca - Varese Sarabande
Date Unknown
Caprica (the series) - Bear McCreary - La-La Land


February 22 - Angelo Francesco Lavagnino born (1909)
February 22 - Maurizio De Angelis born (1947)
February 22 - Gary Chang born (1953)
February 22 - Jerry Goldsmith records his score to Hawkins on Murder (1973)
February 22 - James Horner begins recording his replacement score for Something Wicked This Way Comes (1983)
February 22 - William Loose died (1991)
February 22 - A.R. Rahman wins the Original Score and Song Oscars for Slumdog Millionaire and its song "Jai Ho" (2009)
February 23 - Allan Gray born (1902)
February 23 - Erich Wolfgang Korngold wins Original Score Oscar for The Adventures of Robin Hood, the first year the award goes to the composer instead of the head of the studio's music department; Alfred Newman wins Score Oscar for Alexander's Ragtime Band (1939)
February 23 - David Buttolph begins recording his score for The Horse Soldiers (1959)
February 23 - Ron Jones records his score for the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Offspring" (1990)
February 24 - Fred Steiner born (1923)
February 24 - Michel Legrand born (1932)
February 24 - George Harrison born (1943)
February 24 - Rupert Holmes born (1947)
February 24 - Elmer Bernstein begins recording score to The World of Henry Orient (1964)
February 24 - Franz Waxman died (1967)
February 24 - Jerry Goldsmith records his score for Crosscurrent (1971)
February 24 - Roy Budd begins recording his score to The Carey Treatment (1972)
February 24 - Walter Scharf died (2003)
February 25 - George Duning born (1908)
February 25 - Erich Wolfgang Korngold begins recording his score for The Sea Wolf (1941)
February 25 - Laurence Rosenthal records his score for To Heal a Nation (1988)
February 25 - Ennio Morricone wins an Honorary Oscar, "for his magnificent and multifaceted contributions to the art of film music;" Gustavo Santaolalla wins his second consecutive Best Score Oscar, for Babel (2007)
February 26 - John Lanchbery died (2003)
February 26 - Bernard Herrmann wins his only Oscar, for the All That Money Can Buy score (1942)
February 27 - The first score Oscar is awarded, to Victor Schertzinger and Gus Kahn's score to One Night of Love; however, Academy policy at the time awards the Oscar to the head of the studio's music department, Louis Silvers (1935)
February 27 - Leigh Harline, Ned Washington, Paul J. Smith win Best Score Oscar for Pinocchio (1941)
February 27 - Recording sessions begin for Bronislau Kaper's score to A Life of Her Own (1950)
February 27 - Mort Glickman died (1953)
February 27 - George Duning died (2000)
February 28 - Pierre Jansen born (1930)
February 28 - Mike Figgis born (1948)
February 28 - David Raksin begins recording his score for The Next Voice You Hear (1950)
February 28 - Jerry Goldsmith records his score to the Twilight Zone: The Movie segment "It's a Good Life" (1983)


A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD - Marco Beltrami

"Marco Beltrami (who's done better) composed a score that is standard-issue action: insistent to the point of flat-out pushy. What's he trying to shove us past? The thin yet hyperactive storytelling? The lack of chemistry between onscreen kin? Hard to tell, but the score definitely wants us to feel a sense of urgency."

Lisa Kennedy, Denver Post

"It’s hard to hear the words over the noise of weapons, vehicles and Marco Beltrami’s bludgeoning score, but I’m pretty sure that McClane refers to a beautiful Russian woman named Irina (Yulia Snigir) as 'Solzhenitsyn,' though he might be referring to her father, Komarov (Sebastian Koch), who looks a bit more literary."

A.O. Scott, New York Times

"Willis’ character, John McClane, who is still supposedly a New York cop, goes to Russia in search of his bad-seed son, Jack (the impressively muscled Jai Courtney, of TV’s 'Spartacus: War of the Damned'), who turns out to be a CIA agent who is trying to spirit some evil rich dude out of the clutches of some Moscow government minister dude who is even more evil. We can tell that about the second dude because every time we see him he’s walking at normal speed and talking in Russian on his phone and then, whoosh! he slows into super slo-mo, with ominous music playing. Evil!"

Andrew O’Hehir,


“'They live off the land and are self reliant, truly free,' [narrator/co-director Werner] Herzog intones, as a Klaus Badelt score works to send a chill of admiration up our spines. 'No rules, no taxes, no government, no laws, no bureaucracy, no phones, no radio, equipped only with their individual values and standard of conduct.'”

Steven Boone, Chicago Sun-Times


Screenings of older films, at the following L.A. movie theaters: AMPASAmerican Cinematheque: AeroAmerican Cinematheque: EgyptianLACMANew BeverlyNuartSilent Movie Theater and UCLA.

February 22
LET'S SCARE JESSICA TO DEATH (Orville Stoeber) [Silent Movie Theater]
ON THE WATERFRONT (Leonard Bernstein), FORCE OF EVIL (David Raksin) [LACMA]
PINK FLOYD: THE WALL (Roger Waters, Michael Kamen) [Nuart]
THE TERMINATOR (Brad Fiedel) [CInematheque: Aero]
THOMASINE & BUSHROD (Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson) [New Beverly]

February 23
KILLER'S KISS (Gerald Fried), THE GLASS WALL (Leith Stevens) [LACMA]
LAWRENCE OF ARABIA (Maurice Jarre) [Cinematheque: Aero]
MADEMOISELLE (Antoine Duhamel) [Silent Movie Theater]
THE MAN FROM THE ALAMO (Frank Skinner) [Cinematheque: Egyptian]
NEXT OF KIN (Klaus Schulze) [Silent Movie Theater]
THOMASINE & BUSHROD (Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson) [New Beverly]

February 24
The Oscars are tonight, and the revival houses realize they won't get much business, since the people who'd actually make the effort to see Marathon Man or The Mafu Cage in a theater are almost certainly watching the Oscars, so those blessed remaining revival theaters don't tend to schedule anything tonight.

February 25
MINNESOTA CLAY (Piero Piccioni) [New Beverly]
NEXT OF KIN (Klaus Schulze) [Silent Movie Theater]

February 26
THE BIRDS (Remi Gassmann, Oskar Sala, Bernard Herrmann) [LACMA]
CLEO FROM 5 TO 6 (Michel Legrand), SUMMER OF '42 (Michel Legrand) [Cinematheque: Aero]
MINNESOTA CLAY (Piero Piccioni) [New Beverly]
NEXT OF KIN (Klaus Schulze) [Silent Movie Theater]

February 27
CHARLEY ONE-EYE (John Cameron) [New Beverly]
THE MAFU CAGE (Roger Kellaway) [Silent Movie Theater]

February 28
BODY OF WAR (Jeff Layton) [Cinematheque: Aero]
BREAKING AWAY (Patrick Williams) [Silent Movie Theater]
CHARLEY ONE-EYE (John Cameron) [New Beverly]

March 1
BACK TO THE FUTURE (Alan Silvestri) [Silent Movie Theater]
BLAZING SADDLES (John Morris) [Nuart]
DR. STRANGELOVE (Laurie Johnson) [Silent Movie Theater]
GUN CRAZY (Victor Young) [UCLA]
MARATHON MAN (Michael Small), AU GALOP (Emmanuel Deruty) [Cinematheque: Aero]

March 2
THE DIRTY DOZEN (Frank DeVol) [Silent Movie Theater]
RAISING ARIZONA (Carter Burwell) [Silent Movie Theater]

March 3
TWO-LANE BLACKTOP [Cinematheque: Aero]

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"(the director of Dead Man Down, Niels Arden Arplev worked with Rapace and composer Groth on the first of the three "Lisbeth Salander" films -- The Girl with the Disappointing Resume, The Girl who Picniced Too Close to the Anthill, and The Girl Who Made a Face and It Stayed That Way)"

Nicely done, sir.

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