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Intrada has released two new CDs this week -- a complete, remastered edition of a classic thriller score from the 1980s, and a contemporary Western score.

Writer-director Brian De Palma combined the basic structure of Hitchcock's classic Psycho with some original material he'd written for an unproduced adaptation of Gerald Walker's thriller Cruising for his screenplay DRESSED TO KILL, which told the story of a dissatisfied Long Island housewife whose extramarital tryst leads to murder and mystery involving her psychiatrist, her computer genius teenage son, and a high class call girl. The end result proved to be one of the filmaker's biggest box-office hits, with the director and his star, Angie Dickinson, receiving some of the best reviews of their careers, and helped co-star Michael Caine become critically and commercially viable again after flops like The Swarm. It was the third film on which De Palma collaborated with Italian composer Pino Donaggio, and the lush but tense and melodic score is arguably Donaggio's finest work for the screen -- it's almost impossible to imagine the film without his contribution. Varese Sarabande released the original soundrack LP (and later CD), which featured a generous helping of music yet left out some major material, including the theme for Dickinson's son (played by Keith Gordon, later the director of The Chocolate War and Waking the Dead). The Intrada Special Collection CD features for the first time the complete score, with all but the main and end titles remastered from the original score tapes. The liner notes on the film's history were written by me, and I learned things that surprised even me (I was obsessed with the film back in 1980 and saw it four or five times in the theater), such as who played "Bobbi" for most of the killer's scenes, and who was the voice of Bobbi on the telephone messages.

Their other new release presents the soundtrack to the 2011 Western YELLOW ROCK, starring Michael Biehn, James Russo, Lenore Andriel and Eddie Spears. The music was composed by Randy Miller, whose other scores include Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth, And You Thought Your Parents Were Weird, Living in Peril, Robert Towne's Without Limits, and the 2004 miniseries version of Spartacus.

The Star Trek: The Next Generation two-part, season finale/opener "THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS" is considered one of the best Star Treks ever, with Picard getting abducted by the Federation's most fearsome enemy, the Borg, and transformed into "Lokutus." Highlights from Ron Jones' exciting score,which combines orchestra with electronics, were previously released on a GNP Crescendo CD in 1991, but the label's new edition presents the complete, two-episode score for the first time.

The latest CD from Kritzerland is the first-ever release of David Raksin's jazz score for John Cassavetes' 1962 drama TOO LATE BLUES, starring Bobby Darin and Stella Stevens.

Director Ronald F. Maxwell has followed up his epics Gettysburg and Gods and Generals with another Civil War drama, COPPERHEAD, starring Billy Campbell, Angus MacFadyen, Peter Fonda and Augustus Prew. Varese Sarabande will be releasing the soundtrack on June 25, with a score by French-born composer Laurent Eyquem.

The original ROBOCOP will receive a special benefit screening tomorrow (Saturday, May 18) at noon at L.A.'s Harmony Gold screening room, followed by a panel discussion with major RoboCop cast and crew members including director Paul Verhoeven and stars Peter Weller and Nancy Allen. For more info, go to this link.


Doctor Who: The Krotons
- Brian Hodgson - Silva
Dressed to Kill - Pino Donaggio - Intrada Special Collection
Himalaya: The Rearing of a Chief
- Bruno Coulais - Varese Sarabande
The World of Suzie Wong
 - George Duning - Kritzerland
Yellow Rock
- Randy Miller - Intrada


Augustine - Jocelyn Pook
Black Rock - Ben Lovett
The English Teacher - Rob Simonsen
Frances Ha - Music Supervisor: George Drakoulias; with additional music by Dean Wareham & Britta Phillips, plus eight cues by Georges Delerue
Free the Mind - Johann Johannsson
The Ghastly Love of Johnny X - Ego Plum - Score CD on Kritzerland
Pieta - In-young Park
Star Trek Into Darkness - Michael Giacchino - Score CD due May 21 on Varese Sarabande
State 194 - Michael Brook
Stories We Tell - Jonathan Goldsmith
33 Postcards - Antony Partos
Valentino’s Ghost - Lisa Coleman
What Maisie Knew - Nick Urata - Score CD on Milan


May 21
Before Midnight - Graham Reynolds - Milan
Fatti Di Gente Perbene
- Ennio Morricone - Quartet
Heidi - John Williams - Quartet
Love Is All You Need - Johan Soderqvist - MovieScore Media
Maciste Il Gladiatore Piu Forte Del Mondo (Colossus of the Arena)
- Francesco De Masi - Digitmovies
Rosewood - John Williams - La-La Land
Sexykiller - Fernando Velazquez - MovieScore Media
Star Trek Into Darkness
 - Michael Giacchino - Varese Sarabande
Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Best of Both Worlds - Ron Jones - GNP Crescendo
They Call Me Trinity
- Franco Micalizzi - Digitmovies
To the Wonder - Hanan Townshend - Lakeshore
Trinity Is Still My Name (Continuavano A Chiamarlo Trinita)
- Guido & Maurizio De Angelis - Digitmovies
May 28
Copper - Brian Keane - Valley
Epic - Danny Elfman - Sony
Pain & Gain
 - Steve Jablonsky - Varese Sarabande
June 4
After Earth - James Newton Howard - Sony
June 11
Fringe: Season 5
 - Chris Tilton - Varese Sarabande
Hammer of the Gods - Benjamin Wallfisch - MovieScore Media
The Last Exorcism Part II - Michael Wandmacher - ScreamWorks/MovieScore Media
The Last Stand - Mowg - Red River
The Last of Us - Gustavo Santaolalla - Sony
Man of Steel - Hans Zimmer - Watertower
Metsan Tarina - Palo Aalito - MovieScore Media
Stuck in Love - Mike Mogis & Nathaniel Walcott, songs - Varese Sarabande
Warm Bodies - Marco Beltrami, Buck Sanders - Red River
June 18
Charmed - J. Peter Robinson - La-La Land
Monsters University - Randy Newman - Disney
June 25
Copperhead - Laurent Eyquem - Varese Sarabande
The Lone Ranger - Hans Zimmer - Disney
July 16
Only God Forgives - Cliff Martinez - Milan
Date Unknown
Caprica (the series) - Bear McCreary - La-La Land
I Malamondo
- Ennio Morricone - GDM
I, the Jury - Bill Conti - La-La Land
Il Richiamo Del Lupo (The Great Adventure)/Tre Per Una Grande Rapina (Le Mataf)
- Stelvio Cipriani - GDM
Into the West - Geoff Zanelli - La-La Land
The Killer Likes Candy (Un Killer Per Sua Maeasta)
- Gianni Marchelli - GDM
Too Late Blues
- David Raksin - Kritzerland
Young Justice - various - La-La Land


May 17 - Taj Mahal born (1942)
May 17 - Heitor Villa-Lobos died (1959)
May 17 - Ron Grainer begins recording his score for The Omega Man (1971)
May 17 - Hugo Friedhofer died (1981)
May 18 - Meredith Willson born (1902)
May 18 - Rick Wakeman born (1949)
May 18 - Mark Mothersbaugh born (1950)
May 18 - Ron Jones records his score for the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Menage a Troi" (1990)
May 18 - Kevin Gilbert died (1996)
May 18 - Albert Sendrey died (2003)
May 19 - Irving Gertz born (1915)
May 19 - Tom Scott born (1948)
May 19 - Edwin Astley died (1998)
May 20 - Zbigniew Preisner born (1955)
May 20 - Lyn Murray died (1989)
May 21 - Fiorenzo Carpi died (1997)
May 23 - Michel Colombier born (1939)
May 23 - William Stromberg born (1964)
May 23 - George Bruns died (1983)
May 23 - Recording sessions begin for John Ottman's score for The Invasion (2007)


PEEPLES - Aaron Zigman

"Everybody in 'Peeples' -- except for poor Wayne -- is gorgeous, successful and rich in the way only sitcom families can be. Even the bouncy score sounds like it was lifted from an old ‘Three’s Compay’ episode; that is when they’re not all belting out a song about where it’s not cool to pee."

Lisa Barnard, Toronto Star


Screenings of older films, at the following L.A. movie theaters: AMPASAmerican Cinematheque: AeroAmerican Cinematheque: EgyptianLACMANew BeverlyNuartSilent Movie Theater and UCLA.

May 17
DEATH BECOMES HER (Alan Silvestri) [Nuart]
MANSON (Paul Watkins, Brooks Poston) [Silent Movie Theater]
THE OUTSIDERS (Carmine Coppola), RUMBLE FISH (Stewart Copeland) [Cinematheque: Egyptian]
TANGO & CASH (Angelo Badalamenti) [Silent Movie Theater]

May 18
BACK TO THE FUTURE (Alan Silvestri), BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II (Alan Silvestri), BACK TO THE FUTURE PART III (Alan Silvestri) [Cinematheque: Egyptian]
IN COLD BLOOD (Quincy Jones), ELECTRA GLIDE IN BLUE (William James Guercio) [Cinematheque: Aero]
MANSON (Paul Watkins, Brooks Poston) [Silent Movie Theater]
WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE'S ROMEO + JULIET (Craig Armstrong, Marius DeVries, Nellee Hooper) [New Beverly]

May 19
ELMER GANTRY (Andre Previn) [UCLA]
MANSON (Paul Watkins, Brooks Poston) [Silent Movie Theater]
A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE (Alex North), WHO AM I THIS TIME? (John Cale) [Cinematheque: Aero]

May 20
THE HOUSE (Walter Kraft) [UCLA]
MANSON (Paul Watkins, Brooks Poston) [Silent Movie Theater]
THE TREE OF LIFE (Alexandre Desplat) [Cinematheque: Aero]

May 21
MANSON (Paul Watkins, Brooks Poston) [Silent Movie Theater]

May 22

May 23
NIGHT MOVES (Michael Small), ULZANA'S RAID (Frank DeVol) [Cinematheque: Aero]

May 24
I DRINK YOUR BLOOD (Clay Pitts) [Silent Movie Theater]
ROCKSHOW [Cinematheque: Aero]
SHADOWS (Charles Mingus) [New Beverly]
SUPER MARIO BROS. (Alan Silvestri) [Nuart]
VERTIGO (Bernard Herrmann) [Cinemathque: Egyptian]

May 25
CITIZEN KANE (Bernard Herrmann) [Cinematheque: Egyptian]
THE GIRL WHO LEAPT THROUGH TIME (Kiyoshi Yoshida) [Silent Movie Theater]
MOULIN ROUGE (Craig Armstrong) [New Beverly]
TICKET TO HEAVEN (Mickey Erbe, Maribeth Solomon) [Silent Movie Theater]

May 26
THE GIRL WHO LEAPT THROUGH TIME (Kiyoshi Yoshida) [Silent Movie Theater]
LAWRENCE OF ARABIA (Maurice Jarre) [Cinematheque: Aero]
THE REVENGE OF FRANKENSTEIN (Leonard Salzedo), FRANKENSTEIN MUST BE DESTROYED (James Bernard) [Cinematheque: Egyptian]
STAND BY ME (Jack Nitzsche) [New Beverly]

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