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New FSM CDs: The Illustrated Man and The Bravados

News flash by Lukas Kendall

Film Score Monthly's new limited edition CDs are a classic science fiction/fantasy score by Jerry Goldsmith and a vintage western score by Alfred Newman and Hugo Friedhofer.

Silver Age Classics: THE ILLUSTRATED MAN

The Illustrated Man (1969) is a moody and poetic adaptation of several short stories by Ray Bradbury. Rod Steiger stars as the titular character, whose full-body illustrations unleash separate stories within the main narrative. In this way, the score is not only one of Jerry Goldsmith's greatest in the sci-fi/fantasy genre, but also pinnacle of his work in the anthology format, a fusion of straightforward lyricism with chilling, avant garde effects. Much like the main character, Goldsmith's score is alluring and beautiful on the surface -- with a haunting main theme performed by female vocalise over the main title -- and mysterious, hypnotic and maddening underneath.

The Illustrated Man was previously circulated as a mono bootleg which was inept even by pirate standards. FSM's official release features the entire score in pristine stereo, including the vocalise and the interior electronic cues (which foreshadow the "city" sequences of Logan's Run). It is a masterpiece of a score, lavishly presented in FSM style.

Golden Age Classics: THE BRAVADOS

The Bravados (1958) is a stark and realistic revenge western starring Gregory Peck in pursuit of a band of vicious outlaws. The film has long been acclaimed for its mature themes, realistic treatment of violence, and skilled mounting -- which includes the handsome and powerful score by a pair of Hollywood legends, Alfred Newman and Hugo Friedhofer. The two composers had a long and fruitful relationship in which they often contributed to each other's scores, and The Bravados features both at the peak of their powers. In this case, Newman provided the film's thundering main theme, "The Hunter," and the religious, Mexican-flavored cues, while Friedhofer captured the dark brooding of the outlaws and the grim reality of the lead character's quest.

The Bravados has never been released in any form and is here presented complete, with the full underscore in stereo followed by source cues and selected tracks repeated in mono. Liner notes are by musicologist William H. Rosar, who details the composers' history together and the score's recording in Germany during the 1958 Hollywood musicians' strike.

Both CDs are on sale now. Spread the word!

Click on the links above for cover art, more detailed descriptions, track lists and sound clips.

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