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Intrada has announced the three CDs they will be releasing next week -- one of James Newton Howard's most sought-after scores, for the 1993 urban psychological drama FALLING DOWN, starring Michael Douglas and Robert Duvall; a CD pairing music from two Oscar-winning Paramount films scored by Lyn Murray -- Alfred Hitchcock's romantic caper TO CATCH A THIEF, featuring the classic teaming of Cary Grant and Grace Kelly, and the Korean War drama (not World War II as I'd originally, erroneously reported) THE BRIDGES AT TOKO-RI; and a re-release of their out-of-print version of Richard Band's cult classic RE-ANIMATOR score.

The latest CD announced by Kritzerland is the first-ever commercial release of the score to JOSEPH ANDREWS. Director Tony Richardson had arguably his greatest success with his 1963 film version of Fielding's classic Tom Jones, which earned Richardson Oscars for Picture and Directing, and in 1977 he directed the film version of Fielding's first novel, with Peter Firth as the title character and Anne-Margaret as the libidinous Lady Booby. Hugh Griffith had a cameo reprising his Oscar-winning role as Tom Jones' Squire Western, while the lighthearted, romantic score was composed by Tom Jones' other Oscar winner, Richardson's longtime collaborator John Addison. The only previous release of this score was a composer promo LP; the Kritzerland edition has additional music (but apparently not the Jim Dale songs featured in the film, which were also absent from the promo LP).

On January 28, Varese Sarabande will release the soundtrack to the upcoming sex comedy THAT AWKWARD MOMENT, teaming Zac Efron with two of 2013's most acclaimed young actors -- Michael B. Jordan (Fruitvale Station) and Miles Teller (The Spectacular Now). The CD will feature songs as well as selections from the score by David Torn (Lars and the Real Girl, The Order).

Buysoundtrack has announced two new CDs -- John Debney's score to the 1999 sci-fi thriller KOMODO, directed by Oscar-winning visual effects artist Michael Lantieri; and a CD pairing two scores by veteran orchestrator-composer Steve Bartek, 2008's THE ART OF TRAVEL and the 1991 dark comedy GUILTY AS CHARGED, starring Rod Steiger, Lauren Hutton and Heather Graham.

In case you simply don't have time to scroll down to yesterday's column, the nominations for the 2013 music Oscars are:


THE BOOK THIEF - John Williams
GRAVITY - Steven Price
HER - William Butler, Owen Pallett
PHILOMENA - Alexandre Desplat
SAVING MR. BANKS - Thomas Newman


"ALONE YET NOT ALONE" - Alone Yet Not Alone - Music by Bruce Broughton, Lyric by Dennis Spiegel
"HAPPY" - Despicable Me 2 - Music and Lyric by Pharrell Williams
"LET IT GO" - Frozen - Music and Lyric by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez
"THE MOON SONG" - Her - Music by Karen O, Lyric by Karen O and Spike Jonze
"ORDINARY LOVE" - Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom - Music by Paul Hewson, Dave Evans, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen, Lyric by Paul Hewson

Alex Ebert (aka "Alexander") won the Golden Globe for his score to J.C. Chandor's survival drama ALL IS LOST (aka Gravity at Sea). The song award went to Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom's "Ordinary Love," by the kids from that new Irish boy band U2.


Afrikaioli/Travail D'arabe/Les 4 Saisons Despigoule
- Michel Korb - Music Box
Colpo Di Mano 
- Stelvio Cipriani - GDM
Dead Again - Patrick Doyle - La-La Land
Fantastic Voyage - Leonard Rosenman - La-La Land
Libera, Amore Mio!
 - Ennio Morricone - GDM
Music on Hold
 - Guillermo Guareschi - Howlin' Wolf
- Roque Banos - Varese Sarabande
Silent Night
 - Kevin Riepl - Howlin' Wolf
Tough Guys Don't Dance
- Angelo Badalamenti - Music Box


Back in the Day - Rob Danson
Big Bad Wolves - Frank Iflman - Score CD due Jan. 28 on MovieScore Media/Kronos
Devil's Due - Music Supervisor: Andrea von Foerster
Freezer - David C. Williams
G.B.F. - Brian H. Kim
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit - Patrick Doyle - Score CD due Feb. 4 on Varese Sarabande
Jamesy Boy - Jermaine Stegall
The Nut Job - Paul Intson
Reasonable Doubt - James Jandrisch
Return to Nuke 'Em High - Kurt Dirt
Ride Along - Christopher Lennertz - Score CD due Jan. 28 on Varese Sarabande
The Rocket - Caitlin Yeo


January 21
Falling Down - James Newton Howard - Intrada Special Collection
I, Frankenstein - Johnny Klimek, Reinhold Heil - Lakeshore
Re-Animator - Richard Band - Intrada Special Collection
To Catch a Thief/The Bridges at Toko-Ri - Intrada Special Collection
January 28
Big Bad Wolves - Frank Ilfman - MovieScore Media/Kronos
El Tiempo Entre Costuras
- Cesar Bonito - MovieScore Media/Kronos
Labor Day - Rolfe Kent - Warner Bros.
Person of Interest: Season Two - Ramin Djawadi - Varese Sarabande
Ride Along - Christopher Lennertz - Varese Sarabande
That Awkward Moment - David Torn - Varese Sarabande
February 4
The Art of Travel/Guilty as Charged
- Steve Bartek - Buysoundtrax
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit - Patrick Doyle - Varese Sarabande
- John Debney - Buysoundtrax
The Monuments Men - Alexandre Desplat - Sony
RoboCop - Pedro Bromfman - Sony
February 11
The Lego Movie - Mark Mothersbaugh - Watertower
Pit and the Pendulum
- Richard Band - Perseverance
A Winter's Tale - Hans Zimmer, Rupert Gregson-Williams - Watertower
Date Unknown
- Daniel Tjernberg, Mikael Tjernberg - Intermezzo
The Best of Silent Hill
 - Akira Yamaoka - Perseverance
The Buccaneer - Elmer Bernstein - Kritzerland
Die Spionin
 - Nic Raine - MovieScore Media/Kronos
The Doll Squad - Nicholas Carras - Monstrous Movie Music
Firefly: Music for Solo Piano
 - Greg Edmonson - Buysoundtrax
Joseph Andrews
- John Addison - Kritzerland
Ladyhawke - Andrew Powell - La-La Land
Legends of Chima
 - Anthony Lledo - MovieScore Media/Kronos
Omaggio a Donaggio
 - Pino Donaggio - MovieScore Media/Kronos
Patrick - Pino Donaggio - Quartet
Sherlock: Series Three
 - David Arnold, Michael Price - Silva
Three Days (of Hamlet) 
- Jonathan Beard - Buysoundtrax


January 17 - Ryuichi Sakamoto born (1952)
January 17 - John Williams begins recording his score to Return of the Jedi (1983)
January 18 - W. Franke Harling born (1887)
January 18 - Cyril J. Mockridge died (1979)
January 18 - Joseph Gershenson died (1988)
January 19 - Bjorn Isfalt died (1997)
January 19 - Gerard Schurmann born (1928)
January 19 - Jerome Moross begins recording his score to The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1960)
January 19 - John Williams records his score for The Ghostbreaker (1965)
January 19 - Jerry Goldsmith begins recording electronic cues for Logan's Run (1976)
January 19 - David Shire records his score for the Amazing Stories episode "Moving Day" (1987)
January 20 - Emil Newman born (1911)
January 20 - Franz Waxman begins recording his score to Untamed (1955)
January 20 - Bronislau Kaper begins recording his score to The Prodigal (1955)
January 20 - Gerry Mulligan died (1996)
January 21 - Paul Misraki born (1908)
January 22 - J.J. Johnson born (1924)
January 22 - Al Kasha born (1937)
January 22 - Marc Blitzstein died (1964)
January 22 - Alexander Courage's score to the Star Trek pilot, "The Cage," is recorded (1965)
January 22 - Christopher Palmer died (1995)
January 23 - Marty Paich born (1925)
January 23 - Casablanca released in theaters (1943)
January 23 - Alfred Newman begins recording his score to The President's Lady (1953)


AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY - Gustavo Santaolalla

"As directed by Wells, he seems to have been almost too hands-off when it comes to his heavyweight cast. There is little in the way of craftmanship here -- even the usually-reliable composer Gustavo Santalalla provides a rather workmanlike score -- and the film could've used a stronger hand in guiding the transition of the play to the big screen. There is a powerful cinematic experience somewhere in 'August: Osage County' waiting to get out in the sprawling two hour plus runtime, but in seemingly staying too faithful to Letts' work, the end product winds up playing almost like a supercut of Important Acting In Big Scenes, instead of a cohesive work of dramatic weight and thematic thoughtfulness."

Kevin Jagernauth, The Playlist

"When [director John] Wells doesn't remain invisible, he steps in mostly to blunt the impact of the nonstop trauma onscreen. Some might welcome a little salve, but it runs counter to the harsh, uncompromising honesty of Letts' work. We don't need intrusively sad music to clue us in about how sad these lives are. We don't need blandly pretty landscape shots to act as contrast to the ugliness elsewhere onscreen. Letts arms his characters with words as weapons, and William Friedkin's prior Letts adaptations let them retain their raw destructive power."

Ian Buckwalter, NPR

"Still, Wells’ heavy-handed direction and a bizarrely sappy score by Gustavo Santaolalla flatten much of the humor and spikiness; the pace seems to slow just as the no-exit tension should kick in. (Both the length and single set were crucial to the stage version’s effect.)"

Ben Kenigsberg, The Onion AV Club

"It’s somehow perfect that 'August: Osage County' (which takes place during a stifling heat wave) was released on Christmas Day, at a time of year when many people find themselves locked in close-quarters combat with their monstrous relatives. Despite an inappropriately saccharine score by Gustavo Santaolalla, this isn’t one of those uplifting dysfunctional-family-reunion dramas that bring generations together in the theater at holiday time. But it should at least have the salutary effect that, by the time the movie ends, you’ll be eager to get away from the Weston family and back to your own."

Dana Stevens,

"Much of the action still exists in the overheated claustrophobia of the Weston household, yet footage of the rolling Oklahoma fields, characters in cars, and other exterior shots distract as opposed to elaborate on a setting that's meant to be suffocatingly insular. Most egregious is one scene in which Violet, on the verge of vomiting, exits a car and desperately runs into a field of haystacks, lunging for the horizon and flailing her arms as the music swells. The moment, so weakly melodramatic that high-as-a-kite Violet would likely roll her eyes at it, lacks the fluid self-awareness that Wells does an able job of capturing in the film's more tightly confined scenes (especially in the play's infamous dinner scene). Still, the sprawling Weston household provides a fine diorama."

Nick McCarthy, Slant Magazine

47 RONIN - Ilan Eshkeri

"A lack of faith in the material is suggested by the relentless use of Ilan Eshkeri's tumescent symphonic score."

David Rooney, Hollywood Reporter


Screenings of older films, at the following L.A. movie theaters: AMPASAmerican Cinematheque: AeroAmerican Cinematheque: EgyptianLACMANew Beverly, NuartSilent Movie Theater and UCLA.

January 17
DAY FOR NIGHT (Georges Delerue), IRMA VEP (Philippe Richard) [New Beverly]
FANTASTIC PLANET (Alain Goraguer), WAKING LIFE (Glover Gill) [Cinematheque: Egyptian]
GHOST WORLD (David Kitay) [Silent Movie Theater]
GIMME THE LOOT (Nicholas Britell) [Silent Movie Theater]
PITCH PERFECT (Christohpe Beck) [Nuart]
VERTIGO (Bernard Herrmann) [Cinematheque: Aero]

January 18
DAY FOR NIGHT (Georges Delerue), IRMA VEP (Philippe Richard) [New Beverly]
THE KNEELING GODDESS (Rodolfo Halffter), RED FISH (Miguel Asins Arbo) [UCLA]
THE LODGER, STRANGERS ON A TRAIN (Dimitri Tiomkin) [Cinematheque: Aero]
PAPRIKA (Susumu Hirasawa), TOKYO GODFATHERS (Keiichi Suzuki) [Cinematheque: Egyptian]

January 19
LAURENCE ANYWAYS (Noia) [Silent Movie Theater]
SON OF FRANKENSTEIN (Frank Skinner), HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN (Hans J. Salter, Paul Dessau) [New Beverly]
SPELLBOUND (Miklos Rozsa), NOTORIOUS (Roy Webb) [Cinematheque: Aero]

January 20
THE ANGELS' SHARE (George Fenton) [Silent Movie Theater]
SIGHTSEERS (Jim Williams) [Silent Movie Theater]
SON OF FRANKENSTEIN (Frank Skinner), HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN (Hans J. Salter, Paul Dessau) [New Beverly]

January 21
BORN YESTERDAY (Frederick Hollander) [LACMA]
COMPUTER CHESS [Silent Movie Theater]
PASSION (Pino Donaggio) [Silent Movie Theater]

January 22
PAIN & GAIN (Steve Jablonsky) [Silent Movie Theater]
VENUS (Connie Bailey Rae, David Arnold), CREATOR (Sylvester Levay) [New Beverly]

January 23
METROPOLIS (ToshiyukI Honda), COWBOY BEBOP: THE MOVIE (Yoko Kanno) [Cinematheque: Egyptian]
THE PLEASURE GARDEN, STAGE FRIGHT (Leighton Lucas) [Cinematheque: Aero]
VENUS (Connie Bailey Rae, David Arnold), CREATOR (Sylvester Levay) [New Beverly]

January 24
THE GOLD RUSH (Charlie Chaplin) [Silent Movie Theater]
NIGHT OF THE DEMONS (Dennis Michael Tenney) [Silent Movie Theater]
THE RING, THE MANXMAN [Cinematheque: Aero]
SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD (Nigel Godrich) [New Beverly]
SHE-DEVIL (Howard Shore), DEATH BECOMES HER (Alan Silvestri) [New Beverly]

January 25
THE EXORCIST III (Barry DeVorzon) [New Beverly]
REAR WINDOW (Franz Waxman) [Cinematheque: Aero]
THE ROARING TWENTIES (Leo F. Forbstein) [Cinematheque: Egyptian]
SHE-DEVIL (Howard Shore), DEATH BECOMES HER (Alan Silvestri) [New Beverly]
THIS STRANGE PASSION (Luis Hernandez Breton), TWILIGHT (Raul Lavista) [UCLA]

January 26
LAURA (David Raksin) [Cinematheque: Egyptian]
POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE (Carly Simon), DEFENDING YOUR LIFE (Michael Gore) [New Beverly]
REBECCA (Franz Waxman), DOWNHILL [Cinematheque: Aero]

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Well, the score mention for 47 RONIN certainly taught me something new - "A lack of faith in the material is suggested by the relentless use of Ilan Eshkeri's tumescent symphonic score". Tumescent?

Wow, in all my years of reading about film music, I don't think I've ever seen that word used before but apparently it means "bombastic", "pompous" or teeming with emotion. Sometimes I kind of like those qualities in my movie music... :)

Small thing, but THE BRIDGES OF TOKO-RI is a Korean War drama, not World War II.

Small thing, but THE BRIDGES OF TOKO-RI is a Korean War drama, not World War II.

Thank you for the correction. Watched it on TV decades ago so I didn't bother to do due diligence. Will fix.

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