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Film Score Friday 8/8/14
Posted By Scott Bettencourt 8/7/2014 - 9:00 PM
Intrada has announced two new releases which are available for pre-order and will begin shipping next week -- a four-disc set of music from the second season of NBC's BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25TH CENTURY (described at the time as "Burt Reynolds in Space"), featuring episode scores by Bruce Broughton ("The Golden Man," "The Guardians," 'Shgoratchx!," "Testimony of a Traitor," "Time of the Hawk," and his Emmy winning score for "The Satyr"), John Cacavas ("Journey to Oasis"), Stu Phillips ("The Hand of Goral") and Herbert Don Woods ("The Crystals," "The Dorian Secret"); and the first-release of Georges Delerue's typically gorgeous score for the 1989 romantic comedy mystery HER ALIBI, directed by Bruce Beresford (Driving Miss Daisy, Breaker Morant, Tender Mercies) and starring Tom Selleck and Paulina Porizkova, one of five films Delerue scored for the director (Delerue died immediately after recording his score for Beresford's Rich in Love).

La-La Land has announced their schedule of new releases for August -- on August 12 they will release an expanded, two-disc version of Dimitri Tiomkin's score for WILD IS THE WIND, which earned Oscar nominations for Anthony Quinn and Anna Magnani's lead performances as well as for Tiomkin's popular title song, and a CD pairing Barry Gray's scores for the two feature spinoffs of the Thunderbirds TV series, THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO and THUNDERBIRD 6; on August 26, they will release Brian Tyler's score for the all-star sequel, THE EXPENDABLES 3 (Tyler also has two new films in theaters this week -- Into the Storm and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), and Robert J. Kral's score for BATMAN: ASSAULT ON ARKHAM.

The latest release from Kritzerland features two never-before-released scores by Oscar nominee Cyril J. Mockridge, for two of director John Ford's final films -- the Western classic THE MAN WHO SHOT LIBERTY VALANCE, starring John Wayne, James Stewart and Lee Marvin, and the Hawaii-set DONOVAN'S REEF, the last collaboration between Ford and Wayne.

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Aisle Seat 8-5: Demy, Herzog, DePalma & Paul Williams
Posted By Andy Dursin 8/4/2014 - 9:00 PM
A pair of new Blu-Ray anthologies offer retrospectives on the unique careers of filmmakers Jacques Demy and Werner Herzog. Given the overall lack of foreign film content in the high-definition format domestically, these two packages from Criterion and Shout Factory, respectively, rank as two of the format’s finest of the year.
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Film Score Friday 8/1/14
Posted By Scott Bettencourt 7/31/2014 - 9:00 PM
Over the last five years, the various soundtrack labels (Film Score Monthly, GNP Crescendo, Intrada, La-La Land, Varese Sarabande) have been releasing expanded versions of the scores for the Star Trek films (as well as exhaustive collections of Star Trek TV music), and this week the Varese Sarabande CD Club is releasing a Deluxe two-disc set of the only Star Trek feature score that had yet to receive this treatment -- Michael Giacchino's score for J.J. Abrams' 2013 hit STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS.

They have also announced three new releases in their limited edition series of contemporary scores -- the fact-based period drama NO GOD, NO MASTER, starring David Strathairn and scored by Nuno Malo (The Celestine Prophecy); the action-thriller WICKED BLOOD, starring Abigail Breslin, Alexa Vega and Sean Bean, with music by Elia Cmiral (Ronin, Bones, They); and the horror film HAUNT, scored by Reinhold Heil (Run Lola Run, Land of the Dead, Cloud Atlas).

On September 9th, the label will releasing Marco Beltrami's score for the new espionage thriller THE NOVEMBER MAN, starring Pierce Brosnan as an expert assassin whose name is not James Bond. And on September 23rd, they will release Harry Gregson-Williams' score for THE EQUALIZER, the feature inspired by the popular Edward Woodward TV series, with Denzel Washington in the title role (for those trying to imagine further remakes with Denzel replacing Woodward, The Wicker Man has been done but there's always Breaker Morant...)

This week, along with their previously announced, expanded release of Mark Snow's score for the first feature spinoff of THE X-FILES (often referred to as The X-Files: Fight the Future), La-La Land is releasing the first ever release of the score to 1979's buddy comedy hit THE IN-LAWS, which paired Alan Arkin and Peter Falk and featured a score by one of the all-time great comedy composes, John Morris.

The label has also announced some other CDs in development, including Dimtri Tiomkin's WILD IS THE WIND (Tiomkin received an Oscar nomination for the popular title song), James Newton Howard's music for the Sally Field revenge thriller EYE FOR AN EYE, and a collection of music from the final Star Trek TV series, ENTERPRISE (only Dennis McCarthy's pilot score had been released).

On September 9, Howard Shore's Howe label will release his score for his 15th film with director David Cronenberg, MAPS TO THE STARS, starring Julianne Moore (who won Best Actress at Cannes for her performance), Robert Pattinson, John Cusack, Mia Wasikowska, Olivia Williams, and Carrie Fisher as Carrie Fisher.

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Posted By Andy Dursin 7/28/2014 - 9:00 PM
MORE AMERICAN GRAFFITI, the unnecessary sequel to George Lucas’ 1973 classic, has been largely forgotten about as the years have passed but is, especially for “American Graffiti” admirers, worthy of rediscovery (**½, 108 mins., 1979, PG; Universal).
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Film Score Friday 7/25/14
Posted By Scott Bettencourt 7/24/2014 - 9:00 PM
Kritzerland has announced two new CDs -- the soundtrack to the 1946 musical CENTENNIAL SUMMER, featuring the original songs by Jerome Kern (his final score, including his Oscar-nominated song "All Through The Day") and the incidental music by Alfred Newman (also nominated); and a disc pairing two scores by Neal Hefti -- WON TON TON: THE DOG WHO SAVED HOLLYWOOD, the 1976 Golden Age Hollywood spoof starring Bruce Dern, Madeline Kahn and a gallery of movie veterans, from noted comedy director Michael Winner (Death Wish 1-3, The Nightcomers); and a remastered edition of OH DAD, POOR DAD, MAMMA'S HUNG YOU IN THE CLOSET AND I'M FEELIN' SO SAD.

Varese Sarabande plans to announce their next set of limited edition releases this coming Monday, including new CD Club releases.

Music Box plans to release a two-disc set of Georges Delerue's score for the 1989 epic LA REVOLUTION FRANCAISE, featuring the cues included on the original, long-out-of-print release plus an additional 35 minutes of previously unreleased music.

Next week, La-La Land plans to release an expanded CD of Mark Snow's score for the 1998 feature film spinoff THE X-FILES (sometimes referred to as The X-Files: Fight the Future). The label has also announced plans to continue their release of Batman scores for the large and small screens with a third volume of the excellent music for Batman: The Animated Series as well as Robert J. Kral's music for the video Batman: Assault on Arkham.

Next Wednesday, July 30th, at Arclight Hollywood's Cinerama Dome, Creature Features is presenting a 40th anniversary screening of Brian DePalma's glorious PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE, hosted by Edgar Wright and featuring appearances by star-composer Paul Williams and stars Jessica Harper and Gerritt Graham.

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Aisle Seat 7-22: Summer Sizzler Edition
Posted By Andy Dursin 7/21/2014 - 9:00 PM
As someone who grew up in the ‘70s and ‘80s, my knowledge of the Golden Age of Radio is virtually non-existent. I recall my dad referring to “The Shadow” a few times, and remember listening to Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds” broadcast, but it’s an art form I wish I always had more exposure to.
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Film Score Friday 7/18/14
Posted By Scott Bettencourt 7/17/2014 - 9:00 PM
Caldera is releasing the soundtrack to the 2010 true crime-inspired drama ALL GOOD THINGS, which starred Ryan Gosling, Kirsten Dunst and Frank Langella. The score was composed by Rob Simonsen, who's been making a name for himself with indies and smaller features like Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, The Way Way Back, The Spectacular Now and the just-released Wish I Was Here, and has his most high-profile project coming out later this year, the already critically acclaimed Foxcatcher.

Oscar winner Ken Thorne died on July 9 in West Hills, California, at the age of 90. We will feature an obituary for him in next Friday's column.

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Next FSM ONLINE Issue Now Live!
Posted By Tim Curran 7/15/2014 - 2:00 AM
The July edition of FSM ONLINE is now live. In this issue, the cover story is an interview with MAX RICHTER on the new HBO series, THE LEFTOVERS, discussing how the producers first approached him because of their interest in his existing album works, which he ended up adapting and expanding upon. Also in this issue are a detailed report from DAVID ARNOLD: LIVE IN CONCERT, with an interview and video; JOSEPH TRAPANESE goes solo with EARTH TO ECHO; a behind-the-scenes chat with the creators of MUSIC BOX RECORDS; MICHAEL PENN scores MASTERS OF SEX and GIRLS; KEVIN RIEPL tackles the latest CABIN FEVER outing; a DELERUE Score Restore featuring THE FRENCH REVOLUTION; Cary Wong rounds up the Broadway season; even more stuff from France with TORN PAGES; a MARIO GRIGOROV Downbeat; a Golden-Age Soundtrack Obscurities; more embedded audio clips, and more.

Subscribers, you’ll get notification by email shortly. Or, just go here to log in. For those who want to join FSM ONLINE, go here, click on the “Subscribe” link and follow the instructions. And email us if you have any questions.
Your Friends at FSM ONLINE

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Aisle Seat 7-15: Apes, Shout, Olive & More
Posted By Andy Dursin 7/14/2014 - 9:00 PM
Sturdy and entertaining, DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES (***, 130 mins., PG-13) finds ape and man – what’s left of it in a post-plague San Francisco – existing tenuously in this worthy sequel to 2011′s surprising “Rise of the Planet of the Apes.”
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Film Score Friday 7/11/14
Posted By Scott Bettencourt 7/10/2014 - 9:00 PM
Intrada has announced three CD releases this week, including seldom-heard (and in one case, never-heard) scores by beloved Oscar-winning composers.

, director Martin Ritt's film version of William H. Armstrong's acclaimed 1969 novel about a family of black sharecroppers in the South and their dog Sounder, was a major Oscar contender in 1972 (that same year, Ritt also had the very different Pete 'n' Tillie in theaters), earning nominations for Picture and Adapted Screenplay as well as for Paul Winfield and Cicely Tyson's leading performances. The film's original score was composed by the great Alex North, who had previously worked with Ritt on The Long Hot Summer, The Sound and the Fury and The Outrage, but when the film was released it featured an entirely different score composed by one of the film's cast, actor-musician Taj Mahal (Mahal returned to score the largely forgotten 1976 sequel Part 2 Sounder, and was also the only major cast member to reprise his role). Intrada's new CD features North's 45-minute score for the first time, pairing it with North's 30-minute score for Monsanto's 1953 industrial film DECISION FOR CHEMISTRY.

Hugo Friedhofer may never have achieved the fame of such Golden Age contemporaries as Bernard Herrmann, Miklos Rozsa and Max Steiner, but his great, eclectic career spanned everything from his Oscar-winning score to 1946 Best Picture winner The Best Years of Our Lives to episodes of I Spy and Paul Bartel's psychosexual thriller Private Parts. His final score for the big screen was for the 1976 thriller DIE SISTER, DIE! (aka The Companion), which starred Jack Ging, Edith Atwater and Antoinette Bower (probably best remembered as the alien witch Sylvia from Star Trek's "Catspaw"). Intrada's CD is the first ever release of this chilling work, recorded only five years before the composer's passing in 1981.

Their final release of the week is actually a re-release of another vintage Les Baxter score that sold out quickly in its earlier Intrada pressing -- HOUSE OF USHER, the first of the Vincent Price/Roger Corman/Edgar Allan Poe horror films from the 1960s.

Next week, La-La Land plans to release THE NAKED GUN TRILOGY, a three-disc set featuring Ira Newborn's scores for the hit comedies inspired by the cult classic TV series Police Squad -- The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad, The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear, and Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult.

On August 19, Varese Sarabande plans to release the soundtrack to the supernatural TV series PENNY DREADFUL, starring Timothy Dalton, Eva Green, Josh Hartnett and Reeve Carney. The music was composed by Abel Korzeniowski (A Single Man, W.E., Escape from Tomorrow), and the series was created by John Logan (not that anyone asked, but John Logan has had the writing career I would have killed to have. Forget about the Tony award and the three Oscar nominations -- he got to write a James Bond film, a Star Trek film, a Sinbad film, and Sweeney Todd. I'm surprised he hasn't gone back in time to write a film for Hitchcock and Herrmann).

The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences has announced their latest nominations for the Primetime Emmys, including the following music categories: 

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