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What is your favorite score for a baseball film? (poll suggested by Brent) (October 7, 2005)
Amazing Grace and Chuck (Bernstein) 21  votes 2.70%
Angels in the Outfield (Edelman) 4  votes 0.51%
The Babe (Bernstein) 9  votes 1.16%
The Bad News Bears (Fielding) 8  votes 1.03%
Bad News Bears (Shearmur) 3  votes 0.39%
Bull Durham (Convertino) 2  votes 0.26%
Cobb (Goldenthal) 25  votes 3.22%
Eight Men Out (Daring) 2  votes 0.26%
Fear Strikes Out (Bernstein) 13  votes 1.67%
Fever Pitch (Armstrong) 3  votes 0.39%
Field of Dreams (Horner) 121  votes 15.57%
For Love of the Game (Poledouris) 40  votes 5.15%
Hard Ball (Isham) 2  votes 0.26%
Little Big League (Clarke) 2  votes 0.26%
Major League (Howard) 7  votes 0.90%
Mr. 3000 (Powell) 1  votes 0.13%
Mr. Baseball (Goldsmith) 232  votes 29.86%
The Natural (R. Newman) 242  votes 31.15%
Pastime (Holdridge) 5  votes 0.64%
The Pride of the Yankees (Harline) 11  votes 1.42%
The Rookie (Burwell) 4  votes 0.51%
Rookie of the Year (Conti) 11  votes 1.42%
The Sandlot (D. Newman) 5  votes 0.64%
The Scout (Conti) 2  votes 0.26%
Talent for the Game (D. Newman) 2  votes 0.26%
Total Votes: 777 
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