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What is your favorite score for an Anton Yelchin film? (June 21, 2016)
Along Came a Spider (Goldsmith) 22  votes 6.73%
Alpha Dog (Zigman) 1  votes 0.31%
The Beaver (Zarvos) 0  votes 0.00%
Broken Horses (Debney) 1  votes 0.31%
Burying the Ex (LoDuca) 0  votes 0.00%
Charlie Bartlett (Beck) 1  votes 0.31%
Dying of the Light (Wiedmann) 1  votes 0.31%
Experimenter (Senti) 0  votes 0.00%
Fierce People (Laird-Clowes) 0  votes 0.00%
5 to 7 (Bensi, Jurriaans) 1  votes 0.31%
Fright Night (Djawadi) 178  votes 54.43%
Green Room (Blair, Blair) 1  votes 0.31%
Hearts in Atlantis (Danna) 9  votes 2.75%
House of D (Zanelli) 0  votes 0.00%
Like Crazy (O’Halloran) 1  votes 0.31%
Odd Thomas (Swihart) 0  votes 0.00%
Only Lovers Left Alive (van Wissem) 5  votes 1.53%
The Pirates! Band of Misfits (Shapiro) 3  votes 0.92%
Rudderless (Barzelay) 0  votes 0.00%
The Smurfs (Pereira) 1  votes 0.31%
The Smurfs 2 (Pereira) 0  votes 0.00%
Star Trek (Giacchino) 65  votes 19.88%
Star Trek Into Darkness (Giacchino) 29  votes 8.87%
Terminator Salvation (Elfman) 8  votes 2.45%
Total Votes: 327 
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