Best Friends (Legrand)
Citizen Ruth (Kent)
City Heat (Niehaus)
Cop and a Half (Silvestri)
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex (Lowe)
Fuzz (Grusin)
Gator (C. Bernstein)
Hustle (DeVol)
The Longest Yard (DeVol)
Malone (D. Newman)
The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing (Williams)
The Man Who Loved Women (Mancini)
Mystery, Alaska (Burwell)
Navajo Joe (Morricone)
100 Rifles (Goldsmith)
Paternity (Shire)
Physical Evidence (Mancini)
Rent-a-Cop (Goldsmith)
Shamus (Goldsmith)
Silent Movie (Morris)
Skullduggery (Nelson)
Starting Over (Hamlisch)
Stick (Conlan/DeVorzon)
Striptease (Shore)
White Lightning (C. Bernstein)
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