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 Posted:   Feb 26, 2018 - 11:51 AM   
 By:   foxmorty   (Member)

I'll have more new stuff and personal favorite stuff, but wanted to separate these out as i feel they are absolutely critical. And there's nothing new here really. I've chimed in on these many times as have other. I would desperately hope that these would make the cut for Volume 4:

Memento Mori (a good representation of the episode, especially that hallway scene in the hospital at the end, but there's lots to love here)

Never Again (also a good representation of this episode, the tattoo scene, there's a contempo sounding tracking shot down a hallway, and all sorts of interesting stuff)

I know these episodes are close together in the running, but what can I say, Snow was on a major roll in season 4.

Deep Throat, the bar scene at the beginning. I know this is likely short and the producers probably feel it's a bit awkward. stick it in as an easter egg if need be, whatever it takes.

Talitha Cumi - Mulder searches the summer house for the stiletto

Redux II: Either the teaser, or later on with Mulder at Scully's bedside, or both. This is the main theme of the episode. Is there any chance Snow didn't write this? Of everything, I continue to be most perplexed by this omission.

Thanks for considering, and anything beyond this will just be gravy. Thanks again for being so generous with the X-music. I hope fans will reward you again with more strong sales. More strictly personal favorites to come!

 Posted:   Feb 26, 2018 - 12:34 PM   
 By:   La La Land Records   (Member)

We are gonna try and push some more season 1 stuff, even though Mr Snow does not think it's his strongest material due to the constraints of the technology at the time. Personally I love it!

Also, gonna see if we can license some 3rd party tracks to incorporate into the set for you completest. Fox okayed it, just need to get Mr Snow on board!


 Posted:   Feb 26, 2018 - 12:38 PM   
 By:   'Lenny Bruce' Marshall   (Member)

We are gonna try and push some more season 1 stuff, even though Mr Snow does not think it's his strongest material due to the constraints of the technology at the time. Personally I love it!

Also, gonna see if we can license some 3rd party tracks to incorporate into the set for you completest. Fox okayed it, just need to get Mr Snow on board!


MOby's track when Mulder's sister appears as a ghost would be fantastic!!!

"My ------"

 Posted:   Feb 26, 2018 - 12:40 PM   
 By:   foxmorty   (Member)

We are gonna try and push some more season 1 stuff, even though Mr Snow does not think it's his strongest material due to the constraints of the technology at the time. Personally I love it!

Also, gonna see if we can license some 3rd party tracks to incorporate into the set for you completest. Fox okayed it, just need to get Mr Snow on board!


i would flip my lid for "secrets of the x-files" and "more secrets of the x-files" specials. as i have droned on about before. they certainly wouldn't take up a lot of disc space!

I also love that really early season 1 sound. By the second half he had already steered away from it, but those first 10 episodes or so, I just could eat up that dated synth with a big spoon

 Posted:   Feb 26, 2018 - 1:14 PM   
 By:   Chris Avis   (Member)

We are gonna try and push some more season 1 stuff, even though Mr Snow does not think it's his strongest material due to the constraints of the technology at the time. Personally I love it!

Please do! That first disk of Volume 3 you released was just amazing. I gave it way more play than any of the other three in the set combined!


 Posted:   Feb 26, 2018 - 2:18 PM   
 By:   Nightwalker   (Member)

First of all: Thank you once again for the Opportunity of another (sadly last) 4 CD Box Set of X-Files Music.

Next great News: Season 11 gets (hopefully) a separate release this spring! An Appetizer to "fill" the waiting time until the fourth Volume wink

So, I'm rewatching old episodes right now, be prepared to get massive input from my side over the next weeks.

But I really wanna start with the tracks that I long for the most:

X1-06 Ghost in the Machine

18:34 - 22:19 = 3:45
Lamana follows Wilczek to Eurisco Building, Wilczek sees on Monitor how Lamana gets killed by COS

24:07 - 25:11 = 1:04
Mulder driving to Wilczeks House and is stopped by suited Agents, short afterwhile meets with Deep Throat

28:38 - 30:44 = 2:06
Mulder gives Wilczek a Laptop in prison to create a virus to destroy COS, Scully asleep gets a call and realizes her computer gehts hacked

2x06 Ascension

*** 14:40 - 22:33 = 7:53 *** PERSONAL REQUEST
Mulder and Krycek drive to Skyland Mountain. Mulder starts to ascend with a tram while Duane Barry is driving with his car and the kidnapped Scully in the rear trunk. The Scenes are intercut until Mulder arrives the top of the mountain, finds the deserted car that Duane Barry stole and some moments later finds a hysterically laughing Duane Barry while a bright light disappears.

22:35 - 29:31 = 6:56
Mulder interrogates Duane Barry, then has a vision about the test that are possible done with Scully. He finds Krycek interrogating Duane Barry and confronts him. Skinner and some FBI Agents arrive at Skyland Mountain, they get alarmed and find Duane Barry struggeling and dying while some paramedics try to save him.

*** 38:39 - 44:39 = 6:00 *** PERSONAL REQUEST
Mulder discusses with Director Skinner what he got about Krycek. A Call informs Skinner that Krycek didn't show up at work that morning. Skinner reopens the X - Files. Afterwards Mulder meets with Scullys mother, talks to her about Scully. The End of the Episode shows Mulder standing at Skyland Mountain an looking up to the stars.

2x19 Dod Calm

0:00 - 2:48 = 2:48
Opening, Men leave the USS Ardent for Survival, afterwards Lisette finds a boat with some of them and it's revealed, that all of them aged extremely in just some hours.

09:39 - 10:22 = 0:43
Mulder and Scully ship with the Zeal to the Lofoten.

*** 39:19 - 41:35 = 2:16 *** Special Request!
Mulder falls asleep, Scully's writing her last Journal Entry and tells about the old legend of the Wolf Skoll. Finally the rescue.

3x21 Avatar

*** 23:28 - 27:21 = 3:53 *** PERSONAL REQUEST
Mulder visits Skinner in the interrogation cell. Skinner tells Mulder about his near-death experience during vietnam war. Scene switches to Mulder and Scully observing skinners crashed car and collecting evidence.

*** 40:55 - 42:22 = 1:27 *** PERSONAL REQUEST
Mulders asks Skinner to tell him why Skinner went to the Ambassador Hotel off the Record but Skinner refuses. When Mulder and Scully have left the office, Skinner finds his wedding ring and puts it on!

3x24 Talitha Cumi

*** 7:09 - 08:37 = 1:28 *** PERSONAL REQUEST
Mrs. Mulder and the CSM meet at the old Mulders summer house. He want's her to remember something. Someone far watches them and makes photos of them.

16:04 - 19:12 = 3:08
Mulder in the old Summercottage of the Mulders is surprised by Mr. X telling about the meeting of Mrs. Mulder and the CSM. An Intercut to the FBI Building where a man looking like Jeremiah Smith is turning himself in.

*** 20:06 - 23:32 = 3:26 *** PERSONAL REQUEST
Mulder searches the old summer cottage and finds the stiletto!

*** 32:27 - 42:19 = 9:52 *** PERSONAL REQUEST
Mulder on his mothers bedside, next Scene he confronts the CSM who wants to see how Mulders mother is. Scully finds out about many Jeremiah Smiths at the Social Security Administration, all alook like. Then Mulder meets with Mr. X in a garage, where they fight about the stiletto. Mulder gets away. Scully is visited by one of the real Jeremiah Smiths. They meet with Mulder at an old road. But before they can talk, the bounty hunter appears .. TO BE CONTINUED

 Posted:   Feb 26, 2018 - 2:29 PM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

Another suggestion thread? I swear we not only have one for Volume 4, but an all-encompassing one as well, on top of the others and threads where suggestions were made.

I'm surprised Thor has leaped in and engaged Thor Mode and linked to them already.

Unfortunately, it's been so long since I've watched the series, and I don't have any of the volumes yet due to cash/employment issues, I can't really contribute much. In fact, all I can pretty much do is repeated what I've asked for before:

"The Walk" (audio is sped up)

  • 11:52 in. My favorite part is the brief stuff about 12:59 in).
  • And the closing cue, which is "MillenniuM"-like. (new suggestion)

    "Small Potatoes" (audio is sped up)

  • About 18:00 in. (new suggestion)
  • About 26:00 in (new suggestion; I had forgotten about this cue -- another one I wanted)
  • 28:39 in. (new suggestion)
  • The closing cue.

    This promo music:

    I have no idea if it's a Snow original, but after hearing it for several seasons, it's become a favorite.

    Also, the end credits from the pilot.

    And in an interview Snow said he did a number of tries at the theme music but none were working for Chris. Can we have this passed on demo themes?

     Posted:   Feb 26, 2018 - 2:38 PM   
     By:   foxmorty   (Member)

    Alrighty here go some slightly more personal requests:

    Ghost In The Machine - Kodos to Nightwalker for some specifics here. I can't bring myself to rewatch it but I believe this one is just jam packed with that amazingly dated synthy sound we were just recently discussing. If that's the goal, I have to think there's probably a treasure trove here.

    In terms of making sure the mythology gets its due from start to finish I would certainly be a strong proponent of:

    Duane Barry/Ascension - Certainly the cliffhanger music of Duane Barry. The whole sky ride sequence in Ascension is also pretty great.

    Apocrypha - The lone gunmen at the ice rink and Krychek getting locked up in the bunker at the end

    Max - I think mostly the ending here where Scully discusses the keychain's meaning, does the plane crash have interesting music or did the sound effects totally dominate, I can't recall?

    Three Words - The opening run at the White House and the whole break-in sequence toward the end of the episode

    Nothing Important Happened Today - there's probably more to be mined from this one in particular than we think since people tended to write the mythology off at this point. But I would think certainly the cliffhanger music of Doggett being pulled into the water is worth an inclusion.

    Providence - the sequence where the buried UFO lights up and prepares to take off.

    Strictly personal: my two favorite episodes of all time are End Game and Paper Hearts. If you could find your way to include just a little more I would be elated. I'll buy 2 copies if you can include one of these and 3 copies if you you can expand both. The recap/teaser for End Game and the teaser for Paper Hearts would likely satiate me. These episodes are benchmarks.

    And the rest...

    Our Town - cool music in this especially that whole ending sequence where Mulder has to rush to save Scully before the beheading

    Quagmire - also some great music particularly at the very end where they discuss Big Blue and we see the sea monster

    Unruhe - Mulder again rushing to save Scully, she's always getting into trouble, and busting her out of the trailer

    Leonard Betts - the teaser music has a pretty fantastic theme sort of an industrial sounding music box, i've always thought. If Memento Mori and Never Again are going on this is sort of the first in a very unofficial trilogy.

    Arcadia - Different fun comedy sound here. That music where Mulder puts the flamingo out I mean come on!

    Fight Club - Don't watch it, the worst episode of all time? Methinks so. But that theme is bonkers and totally worth a listen.

    Three of a Kind - I will echo others' push for this one as well. the teaser is great where Byers discusses his perfect life. This one is strong all around.

    Thanks for wading through all of this!

     Posted:   Feb 26, 2018 - 4:08 PM   
     By:   dukeman   (Member)

    Please, the background ambience in the diner from the opening shootout of "Kill Switch".

     Posted:   Feb 26, 2018 - 4:11 PM   
     By:   Martin B.   (Member)

    Season four's "Synchrony" has a good theme and some really effective music. I remember a particularly nice stretch starting at around 20:30, where Lisa is being followed and confronts the old man. It stands out because there wasn't much dialogue, but there are other fine cues, including the final conversation between Mulder and Scully and the very last cue. So some selections from this episode would be terrific!

    This would be one of my requests as well, along with the Dod Kalm scene where Scully is writing the journey at the end about the Norse myth.

    Thanks so much for one more volume, plus Season 11

     Posted:   Feb 26, 2018 - 4:23 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Quite frankly, all of the missing score from "Post-Modern Prometheus" and "Christmas Carol".

    Love 'em.

    With nine original seasons, we may need a Volume 5.

    How sweet would it be to spend the entire month of October just playing X-Files scores and then on Halloween as well. I don't mean 24 hours a day -- there's not that much material released.

     Posted:   Feb 26, 2018 - 9:41 PM   
     By:   musicpaladin2007   (Member)

    I’ve said it before but my main missing ones are the sing sing sing type music from Triangle and the ufo streaks across the sky while Reyes smokes and says no friggin way from This is not happening

     Posted:   Feb 27, 2018 - 8:51 AM   
     By:   orodromeus   (Member)

    Woo very much looking forward to this! Thank you so much LLL for continuing to do this and for asking for suggestions!

    As you can see from the detail of the suggestions in this thread, this is something people take seriously. And I will confess I've spent hours with setting up this compilation page and updating it over the years, with many requests from members of this board:

    It currently contains cues from 147 episodes -- of course I expect no commercial volume to cover all this, although I will keep my hopes up for a Volume 5 or limited release complete episodic scores...
    Note that certain key cues can be satisfied with only spending little time per episode, no need for complete episode score for several ones.
    Also note that I would also be over the moon with ten hours of just atmospheric mood cues from the first 2-3 seasons and nothing else!

    So here is the very best of of that, 3-star cues, per season (obviously subjective). If Volume 4 contains part of that I will be happy!

    - Deep Throat: final scene, a recurring request...Vol.3 included the theme, but that final scene is a somewhat different rendition and highly cherished by fans (43:10-45:20)
    - Shadows: Teaser synth and piano motif (
    - Ghost in the Machine: “Technology cue” (electronics/marimba sound loop): Lamana follows Wilczek to Eurisco Building, Wilczek sees on Monitor how Lamana gets killed by COS (18:34-22:19)
    - Darkness Falls: Various motifs, “bugs” motif during the tense nights in the cabin (
    - The Erlenmeyer Flask: Mulder discovers the hybrids in a warehouse (21:37-23:26)

    - Duane Barry: Several atmospheric pieces: Teaser; Mulder arrives at scene; Hostage exchange; Duane Barry wakes up at the hospital
    - Ascension: Several atmospheric pieces: Mulder and Krycek drive to Skyland Mountain, Duane Barry driving, Mulder ascends with tram, Krycek tries to stop him, Mulder finds the deserted car and Scully’s cross, finds Duane Barry and a bright light appears (14:06-22:33); Mulder discusses Krycek with Skinner, Skinner reopens the X-files/Mulder meets with Scully’s mother (37:04-42:49); End scene melancholic music: Mulder watches the stars (43:46-44:35) (
    - Colony: Samantha tells Mulder of her alien parents (34:54-36:05)
    - End Game: “Previously on the XF” opening montage and Teaser: pulsing motif (0'-3'); Samantha tells of her parents; Mulder trades Samantha for Scully (6:39-14:14)
    - Dod Kalm: Teaser cue: ship finds lifeboat (dark metallic clanging motif) (0:00-2:48); End scenes: Scully’s last journal entry; Scully falls asleep; rescue (39:19-43:19)

    - 731: right after the opening titles: Mulder on the train trying to get in (0min40)
    - Grotesque: Patterson gives Scully advice and Scully finds evidence under the car/Mulder asks John Mostow how to find evil (25:45-30:08) (
    - Apocrypha: Mulder & Well-Manicured Man meet in Central Park, continues into Scully at the hospital (26:26-30:25); Car rental papers/Scully and Mulder search silos/CSM has them arrested and leaves Krycek to cough up the black oil (33'-39:35); Piano cue, Scully at Melissa’s grave (39:53-41:21) (, transitions into End scene: Krycek in silo (42:57-43:34)
    - Avatar: Mulder visits Skinner in the interrogation cell, Vietnam War story/Mulder and Scully examine Skinner’s crashed (23:28-27:46); End scene: Skinner’s office, Mulders questions Skinner; Skinner puts on his wedding ring (40:55-42:22)
    - Talitha Cumi: Mrs. Mulder and the CSM meet at Quonochontaug (7:09-8:37); Mulder searches the stiletto in his family cottage (20:06-24:30) (; Choral background during interrogation scenes between Jeremiah and CSM + Bounty Hunter finds Smith gone (24:31-28:00; 30:00-33:43) (; Mulder at hospital with Teena/Mulder confronts CSM (34:16-36:43); Scully searches Social Security database/Mulder meets X in parking garage (36:43-38:46)

    - Herrenvolk: End scene: CSM has the Bounty Hunter heal Mrs. Mulder (41:23-43:15) (
    - Paper Hearts: Search for Roche/Mulder shoots Roche (38:21-41:45); Scully comforts Mulder (41:45-44:01)
    - Tunguska: Mulder and Krycek arrive at Tunguska gulag (plaintive synth), chased (percussions later developed in Terma) (before act break and Vol.2 CD2 Track 19) (32:23-36:12)
    - Never Again: Scully gets tattooed: similar instrumentation, new-agey synth texture/electric sitar-like instrumentation (28:34-32:15) (; Scully & Ed fight: aggressive action cue, electronic tempo, synth guitars (sound edit with Jodie Foster’s laughs) (
    - Memento Mori: Mulder brings flowers to Scully (2:10-4:27); Mulder escapes the Gray Haired Man/Mulder and Scully hug at hospital (piano)/CSM in Skinner’s office (35:22-44:02)
    - Synchrony: Old Man follows Lisa, she confronts him – extended version of singing theme (20'-22')
    - Gethsemane: Act I, after opening titles: First trek, 1st “trek theme” statement (2min30)

    - Redux: CSM’s feelings at Mulder’s apartment (13:48-15:00); (After act break at end of Vol.2 CD3 Track 9) Scully testifies/Mulder escapes Pentagon/Scully collapses (37:24-42:05)
    - Redux II: Mulder sees Samantha (19:42-20:44); Mulder speaks with Samantha, watches as she leaves with CSM (22:59-25:54); Mulder cries at bedside of a sleeping Scully at (reprise from earlier, 32:45-33:50)
    - Kill Switch: Teaser: choral samples in music building tension
    - The Pine Bluff Variant: Scully searches for Mulder’s bank robbery/Mulder’s false execution – better rendition of the theme than teaser (38:06-41:57)
    - The End: Mulder gets an immunity deal for the prisoner/Well-Manicured Man doubts CSM (30:43-33:48)

    - Triangle: Cue on the Queen Anne: Betrayed (traitor tells of Thor’s Hammer)/Kersh wants to go “To Jamaica!”/Mulder thrown in the ballroom (“Quest for Swath” dramatic reprise) (ca. 3min); Final scene at hospital: piano version of the X-Files theme (43:38-44:43)
    - The Rain King: Sheila tells Mulder & Scully it’s all her fault (20'-22'); Mulder confronts Holman (28'-30')
    - Two Fathers: CSM sends Spender to kill an alien Rebel, Spender arrives at Rebel’s door (31:18-34:28)
    - One Son: Recurring piano motif as CSM tells Mulder all about the Syndicate (16:14-22:11) (music right before and right after that is from Fight the Future)
    - Milagro: Teaser (heartbeat motif); End: piano after “Agent Scully is already in love”
    - Three of a Kind: Byers first sees Susanne Modeski again at the Casino (

    - Requiem: Mulder’s abduction scene (“Stairway to Heaven”) / Krycek throws CSM down the stairs (38:19-41:13)

    - Without: Piano and strings: hunting for Gibson Praise in the desert (25:33-26:59) (
    - Invocation: Teaser: piano rendition of “All the pretty little horses” – Billy is kidnapped from his mother in 1990 (0:00-1:55)
    - Salvage: End scene: Scully explains the case to Doggett (40:55-43:36)
    - DeadAlive: Scully asks Doggett about Mulder’s condition, enters Mulder’s hospital room (13:22-15:10)

    - Audrey Pauley: Reyes released (39'-41'); End scene: Reyes & Doggett (43'-44')

     Posted:   Feb 27, 2018 - 5:10 PM   
     By:   MikeJ   (Member)

    Thanks, guys. Lots of great ideas here!

     Posted:   Feb 27, 2018 - 5:23 PM   
     By:   jwb79   (Member)

    More requests in this thread.

     Posted:   Feb 28, 2018 - 6:52 AM   
     By:   Nightwalker   (Member)

    It seems all the right persons (MikeJ, LaLaLand Records, maybe Mark Snow as wwell wink are reading this thread!

    Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to contribute to the fourth Volume of the X-Files Score Release.

    Of course this should be about the Music of Mark Snow I couldn't talk myself out of "showing" you my compositions for inspired by a Book Series called "The UFO Files". The Sound and Mood is very much inspired by Mark Snows Compositions for the X-Files.

    Volume 1 - Project Ghostrider:

    Volume 2 - Flight 19:

    Volume 3 - Infected:

    Would really like to know what you think about it (though it is a little Off-Topic wink

     Posted:   Feb 28, 2018 - 8:12 AM   
     By:   AgentM   (Member)

    Hey MV, I'd love to get more music from "Pilot", "Deep Throat", "Eve" and "EBE", that would be awesome to me. You can keep "Space" razz

     Posted:   Feb 28, 2018 - 8:14 AM   
     By:   AgentM   (Member)

    MV throw in "Humbug" smile

     Posted:   Feb 28, 2018 - 8:35 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Oh, and any versions of Scully's Theme. Can't have enough of that.

     Posted:   Feb 28, 2018 - 9:10 AM   
     By:   jamir   (Member)

    I really like the music of Season 3 Episode 19 : Hell Money. Thanks if you could add it wink

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