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 Posted:   Jan 17, 2023 - 2:46 PM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

Continuing SEASON 3:

"Bendless Love"

  • 0:28 in. Twenty seconds of exciting ship take-off music.^
  • 6:41 in.^
  • 9:16 in. Instrumental homage to the Righteous Brothers' take on the song Unchained Melody.^
  • 10:17 in.
  • 11:41 in.^
  • 13:24 in.^
  • 18:15/18:40/18:54/19:15 in. I wonder if like the Werecar Schrezo cue, if the cue continued here but was dialed down to zero as well.^
  • 19:54 in.

    We finally hear the male auto pilot mentioned in a previous episode. I also seem to recall later on in the series, it has a female voice with no explanation.

    Third season in and the owl infestation is still a thing. And I like it. I hope its not forgotten in the new season(s).

    Bender is only four-years-old. I swear this contradicts earlier statements. So, he was just over a year when he decided to kill himself.

    Zoidberg fixing his slinky and it catching fire, must have been learned from the Homer Simpson Book on Fixing Slinkies. It's right next to his old book: Homer Simpson's Book on Cooking Corn Flakes.

    Continuity Error: Previously scenes of Clamps using his clamps, show they open up/down, creating a parallel space between each clamp, but here they spread open from the wrist, like spreading your legs apart.

    (NtM: 8:43, 11:58, 21:51 ~ 7:51/gif)

    Professor Farnsworth: "Go satisfy your bend lust!"

    Professor Farnsworth: "Some say I'm 'Robbing the cradle', but I say she's robbing the grave."

    Bender: "I recently upgraded my funk card."

    Professor Farnsworth: "Wangle a new dangle on life."

    "The Day the Earth Stood Stupid"

  • 0:28 in.^
  • 3:00 in. Ten-second Spanish flamenco music.^
  • 5:45/6:03/8:17/10:23 in.
  • 6:49 in.^
  • 12:59 in.^
  • 15:33/16:53 in.^
  • 18:18/18:44/19:34 in.^
  • 20:45 in.

    I think this is the first episode with Hypnotoad.

    We learn the truth about Nibbler.

    Second episode with the humanoid female cat that has a small person as a pet. I think the alien invasion probably melted down the nuclear power plants, mutated some future generation of Snowball, and that's where she came from.

    (NtM: 16:12)

    Female Nibblonion: "Nibblonions to nibblestations: Prepare Cuddlebug for deployment in forty nibblets."
    Male Nibblonion: "Ughhh ... sometimes I fear we are cute."

    Nibblonion: "Let what must be done, be done."

    "That's Lobstertainment!"

  • 3:32 in.
  • 7:28 in.
  • 8:08 in. Short instrumental Hooray For Hollywood cue.^
  • 9:53 in.^
  • 11:36 in.
  • 12:08/12:22 in.^
  • 12:41 in. Music for the fake movie.^
  • 13:14/13:41 in. Music for the fake movie.
  • 14:22 in.^
  • 15:57/16:55/17:55 in.^
  • 19:29 in.^
  • 20:12 in.
  • 21:21/21:41 in.^(second)

    That reminds me, since it's his second episode -- a character I never want to see again: the blue water comedian.

    Missed Character Joke: Zoidberg is always complaining about going hungry and doing things from eating out of the dumpster to eating Amy's toe nail clippings, so if he gets hit with a tomato while telling jokes, shouldn't he had quickly realized all he has to do is suck and get free food?

    Missed Joke: The Neutral planet leader should have been nominated for starring in: "50 Shades of Gray".

    So, why do they need to find a parking space for the ship? Why not let the auto pilot keep the ship hovering, put the Lo-Jack on the steering wheel, and just get out?

    "Snow White and the 7-Ups". Sounds like a 30th century porno.

    (NtM: 6:36, 8:44)

    Calculon: "Look, I'm programmed to be very busy [...]"

    "The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz"

  • 3:03/3:50/4:27/4:49/5:38 in.^
  • 7:33/8:11 in.^
  • 9:30 in.^
  • 13:33 in.^
  • 13:33 in.
  • 17:00 in.^
  • 18:21 in.
  • 19:13/20:11/20:30 in.^
  • 21:09 in. Short heroic fanfare cue.^
  • 21:30 in.^

    You know, I'd love to be able to just buy a package of the cookie cream. Not that generic water-y tasting cream you get in increasingly cheaper-tasting Oreos (a cookie so pricy it became a luxury item many years back), but a good tasting cheap cookie like Lil' Dutch Maid cookies (who made great mint flavor and peppermint flavored cream-filled cookies).

    Open space has tollbooths for spaceships.

    13:59 in: this delightful montage cue was on the obscure short score promo. It's on one of my personal compilations with other cues from the promo, which I used to get alot of joy out of until my CD player stopped ejecting CD's, so now I almost never hear score outside of my TV series threads. :-(
    14:33 in might made a good combo with the score cue.

    19:52 in: I think this cue is actually edited out of another and tracked.

    (NtM: 12:44 ~ 18:12/gif)

    Professor Farnsworth: "The tanker has six-thousand hulls, so unlike me, it's entirely leak proof."

    "Good way to avoid frost-bite, folks: put your hands between your buttocks -- that's nature's pocket."

    "Look, nobody enjoys shootin' penguins, but if you have ta shoot penguins, well, you might as well enjoy it."

    Leela: "No -- you can do this -- it's just like murdering a little butler."

    "Luck of the Fryrish"

  • 0:27 in.^
  • 1:52 in.^
  • 4:15 in.
  • 6:22/6:42 in.^
  • 10:07 in.
  • 13:28 in.^
  • 14:51 in.^
  • 16:37 in.^
  • 18:48 in.^
  • 19:33 in.^
  • 20:34/21:12 in.

    Trivia: Yes, I looked up to see if a seven-leaf clover has ever been found, and it turns out it happens, but it's very rare. And you never know what you'll learn looking these things up. Turns out each left means something: "hope is the first leaf; faith is second leaf; love is the third leaf and luck is the fourth leaf. A fifth leaf means money but nothing has been assigned to a sixth or seventh leaf."
    ALSO: A five-leafed clover is apparently considered rarer than one with four, even though we all grew up hearing about the four-leaf clover.

    Fry's dad doesn't strike me as a guy who would keep a safe he can't open, after Fry disappeared.

    How to bring Fry's brother's kid back from the dead: He was the first man on Mars. Maybe while there on another he and his crew had to put themselves in cryogenic freeze. To cover up their blunder, NASA faked his death and burial. And when he is awakened, we learn he has the seven-leaf clover frozen with him. And in some contrived plot, Fry has to save the universe, but he keeps making mistakes and only the cover will give him enough luck to save the universe. He always remembered what his dad said about regrets abut his baby brother Phillip, so this would allow some closure for Fry.

    (NtM: 5:44, 6:12, 8:02, 11:25, 17:42, 19:16)

     Posted:   Jan 25, 2023 - 9:24 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Finishing SEASON 3:

    "The Cyber House Rules"

  • 2:43 in. The source music; sounds like it was faded out, so there's probably more to it.^
  • 7:10 in.^
  • 7:20/7:36 in.^
  • 13:11 in. Short romantic cue.^
  • 15:21 in.^
  • 21:21 in. Nice emotional closing cue, just over thirty seconds long.^(open)

    Amy has had Cuteness Reduction Surgery, because she said she was "too cute".

    Bender telling all the kids they are now named "Bender Junior" reminds me of George Foreman, who named his ten kids all George.

    About 10:55 in: How is Leela moving the fake eye? Not only did the doctor draw it in with a black marker, but just seconds before he was doing an eye test with a light and only the real eye moved, not the fake one.

    I was going to ask why Bender can flush himself like a toilet when pressing his antennae down, even though previous times he's had is pressed down and it didn't happen, but then it occurred to me: he can internally change through programming and mechanics, the need of the antennae. Never mind Mom said it was only for controlling the robots, and that the obvious questions of where does the matter go and that there is no "Down" to flush to...

    It just occurred to me: I pointed out if Apu had to go, then Hermes would have to go, but now I realize that Bender would have to go to. Bender Bending Rodriguez is a Mexican, as he said, since he was built in Mexico. And so ... if Apu was a stereotype and had to be axed, then how about Mexican Bender, who drinks heavily, steals, and is lazy?

    (NtM: 1:55, 12:26, 17:28)

    Fry: "You're better than normal! You're abnormal!"

    Bender: "Kids -- meet the jerkbags I work with."

    Kid: "Can we have Bender burgers again?"
    Bender: "No -- the cat shelter is on to me!"

    Kid: "Daddy, how do I flush you?"

    "Insane in the Mainframe"

  • 2:22 in.^
  • 6:14 in.^
  • 7:02 in.
  • 15:30 in.^
  • 17:09 in.^
  • 19:53/20:15 in.

    Zoidberg has been with Planet Express for ten years.

    (NtM 13:54, 14:21, 17:49 ~ 13:17/gif)

    Leela: "I'm going to remind Fry of his humanity the way only a woman can."
    Professor Farnsworth: "You're going to do his laundry?"
    Amy slaps the Professor.

    "Bendin' in the Wind"

  • 2:51 in.
  • 6:39 in.^
  • 7:16/11:03 in.^
  • 12:46 in.
  • 19:21 in.

    So ... Zoidberg coughs up pearls as a natural bodily function. That could be useful later on, but I bet we never hear about it again. That's probably still more than will ever come out Roger's jewel-encrusted poop gold on "American Dad!".

    Bender: "Its time to take Life by the cans."

    "What is this -- the Year of the Jerk?!"

    "Time Keeps on Slipping"

  • 0:28 in.^
  • 0:53 in.^
  • 2:58 in.^
  • 4:00 in.
  • 8:45 in.
  • 11:07 in.
  • 12:57 in.
  • 19:15 in. Bittersweet kind of romantic music.^
  • 20:21 in.^
  • 21:01 in.^

    Even though this is the third season, it's only the year 3002.

    Apparently Zoidberg's birthday takes place possibly the day after Amy's.

    (NtM: 1:57, 15:33)

    Marv Albert's Head: "Ladies and gentlemen, something strange has just happened in this basketball game between space clowns and atomic monsters."

    Professor Farnsworth: "I suppose I could part with one and still be feared..."

    "I Dated a Robot"

  • 0:28 in.
  • 2:41 in.^
  • 3:11 in.^
  • 5:13 in.
  • 9:40/11:55 in.^
  • 13:19/13:57/14:15 in.^
  • 14:40 in.
  • 15:20 in.^
  • 16:19/17:49/18:29/18:49/19:05/19:47 in.
  • 19:33 in.
  • 20:46 in.^

    This is the first of two episodes where actress Lucy Liu voiced herself.
    She's still acting. I checked her IMDb page and found this interestingly-named project: "Exploding Kittens". So, naturally, I had to click on it. It's an upcoming animated series on Netflix described on IMDb as: "An eternal conflict reaches epic proportions when both, God and the Devil, are sent to Earth in the bodies of chunky house cats.". Brought to us by the creators of "King of the Hill". Well, now I gotta see that, I tell you what.

    So, will the love of Bender and Lucy Liu continue? LOL, no -- forgotten just as quickly as it started.

    (NtM: 7:10, 21:48 ~ 17:30/gif)

    Kid: "Mommy, why is that man like that?"
    Mother: "Don't look at him."

     Posted:   Jan 25, 2023 - 10:28 AM   
     By:   Timothy J. Phlaps   (Member)

    I was going to ask why Bender can flush himself like a toilet when pressing his antennae down, even though previous times he's had is pressed down and it didn't happen, but then it occurred to me: he can internally change through programming and mechanics, the need of the antennae.

    Or, it's a cartoon.

     Posted:   Jan 25, 2023 - 10:30 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Yeah, but its a cartoon that cares heavily about continuity and established things.

     Posted:   Jan 25, 2023 - 11:28 AM   
     By:   Timothy J. Phlaps   (Member)

    Yeah, but its a cartoon that cares heavily about continuity and established things.

    They don't care that much. They planned out a lot of plot/character elements early on, but anything else is up for grabs if it's in the service of a joke.

     Posted:   Feb 1, 2023 - 2:46 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    New episodes may land starting sometime this summer. My guess is by spring we'll get a teaser trailer, than maybe a month before the episodes drop, a full trailer.

     Posted:   Feb 3, 2023 - 9:19 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    SEASON 4:

    "Roswell That Ends Well"

  • 0:28 in.^
  • 1:35 in. Another cue to use as a demo to score an episode of "The Orville". And I hope that happens one day!
  • 2:50/3:10 in.
  • 3:54 in.^
  • 4:23 in.^
  • 7:06 in.^
  • 7:25 in.^
  • 8:49 in.^
  • 10:39 in.^
  • 12:07 in.^
  • 14:14/14:42/17:26 in.^(first/third)
  • 15:38 in.^
  • 16:30 in. I think this might be tracked from a prior episode. In fact, I think it's in three episodes now.^
  • 18:14/18:52/19:13 in. Man -- just great stuff. It's scoring like this that makes television music exciting.
  • 20:17 in.^
  • 21:44 in.^

    Another one of Tyng's best works for the series.

    So, how did Bender's head survive the wars and destructions of the world? Nothing happened to it in one thousand years? Nobody found it for a thousand years?

    (NtM: 1:00, 5:42, 17:42 ~ 2:09/gif)

    Fry: "Huh! But existing is basically all I do!"

    "A Tale of Two Santas"

  • 0:28 in.^
  • 2:37/3:33 in.^
  • 6:25 in.
  • 6:49 in. Action escape music.
  • 10:45 in.^
  • 15:44 in.^
  • 16:25 in. Chase music kind of like asped-up version of the repeating action material from the promo cue Where-care Schrezo.^
  • 19:45 in. Jingle Bells for action music.
  • 20:55 in.^
  • 21:39 in.^

    Another one of Tyng's best efforts for the show. And the song is catchy and fun, too!

    (NtM: 8:40, 13:47)

    "Anthology of Interest"

  • 1:51 in.
  • 3:19 in.
  • 7:48 in.
  • 9:36 in.
  • 11:15 in.
  • 13:19 in.^
  • 14:27 in. And the cue after the commercial break.^(second)
  • 17:07 in.
  • 17:59/18:13/18:21/18:28 in.^
  • 19:08 in.^

    15:17 in: This cue is on the obscure short score promo.

    (NtM: 1:45/gif, 21:11/gif)

    Bender: "Why didn't anyone tell me tasty things tasted so good?"

    "You watched it! You can't un-watch it!"

    "We resemble what are legally distinct from the Lollipop Guild, the Lollipop Guild, the Lollipop--"

    "Love and Rocket"

  • 0:29 in.^
  • 1:41 in.^
  • 3:42 in.^
  • 12:09 in.^
  • 13:22/13:50 in.^
  • 15:17/16:48/17:25/18:59/19:31 in.
  • 16:20 in.^
  • 18:10 in.^
  • 20:25 in.^
  • 21:10 in.^ Lovely soft closing cue.

    19:53 in: This cue is on the obscure short score promo. In the episode it sounds like two or three seconds are cut from the cue when Leela is trying to revive him.

    Cameo voice: the second and [currently] final episode for Lucy Liu voicing herself.

    Question: If, as previously stated, the Planet Express ship can travel from one galaxy to another in hours, why does it have to fly threw an asteroid field? At the speed it can go, it should be nothing to go around it, over it, below it, etc.; the field isn't going to be galaxy-sized big.

    (NtM: 5:55)

    Leela: "What was that?"
    Fry: "Maybe we hit a space cow."

    Lrrr: "This concept of 'WUV' confuses and infuriates us!!!"

    "Leela's Homeworld"

  • 0:27 in.^
  • 3:37 in.
  • 5:14 in.^
  • 6:17 in. And the short cue after the commercial break.^
  • 8:22 in.
  • 9:00 in.^
  • 11:41 in.^
  • 13:00 in.^
  • 15:18 in.^
  • 18:51 in.^

    How come the toxic green fluid can disintegrate a tree, a car, and part of a road, but not do disintegrate anything else?

    Now on top of that pile of Bart Simpsons dolls, a hot air balloon is seen, described to be constructed of parts of Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade floats, including part of Bart Simpson. Bart never archived a level of fame that would have him as a float is said parade. That would have to make "The Simpsons" a TV show in the "Futurama" universe. Yet that crossover episode. Personally, I think it should be restored; in my mind, knowing the cue, I think it would benefit the scene.

    12:08 in: This cue is on the obscure short score promo.

    16:56 in: This lovely cue with chase music at the end, is on the obscure short score promo. On the promo you can hear the cue in it's full beautiful form, in the episode, however, it's dialed down to zero (muted) for like fifteen seconds.

    The song that closes out the episode, is "Baby Love Child" (by a group called Pizzicato Five -- who, according to IMDb, have also done some scoring). The full song:

    Trivia: About five years before this episode aired, there was a "Free Willy 3", is the joke kind of misses the mark. If Bender had instead said 33, it would have worked.

    Bender: "Oh cruel fate! Can we really never return to this dank pit of sewage?!"

    "Where the Buggalo Roam"

  • 0:28 in.^
  • 1:!7 in.^
  • 1:55 in.
  • 2:27 in.^
  • 9:17 in.^
  • 11:22 in.^
  • 12:21/12:40 in.
  • 13:20 in.
  • 13:39 in.^
  • 15:35/15:53 in.^
  • 18:04/18:29 in.^
  • 20:42 in.^

    It's a little all over the place, but it's still good score and I'm tempted to call it one of his best efforts for the series. Now if only the episode had been as good as the score. I don't feel a need to watch it ever again.

    Kiff has a camouflage ability, described as a reflex. Something that would have come in handy back in the Snu Snu episode.
    And Kiff does not have bones, so there was no pelvis to shatter from Snu Snu.

    CinemaSins voice: "That's murder, right? She's just casually trying to murder Zoidberg, right? Not that I'm complaining, mind you."

    (NtM: 7:35, 11:44, 21:50)

    Zap: "Now remember, Kiff-- the quickest way to a girls bed is through her parents; have sex with them and you're in."

    Amy: "Wait -- I'm too rich to be kidnapped!"

    Bender: "Way to suck it!"

    Zap: "Please -- you give me too little credit."

     Posted:   Feb 9, 2023 - 11:53 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Continuing SEASON 4:

    "A Pharaoh to Remember"

  • 3:29 in.
  • 6:55 in.^
  • 7:38 in.^
  • 8:53/9:23 in.
  • 10:05/10:40 in.^
  • 15:13 in.
  • 16:33 in.^
  • 17:10/20:15 in.^
  • 21:41 in.

    Now in this episode the Professor says the standard bending unit is made of an iron/isonium alloy, but Bender has a 0.04% nickel impurity.

    The Crockadile Dundee knock-off guys is back, again a slave but on another planet. I hope we see him toiling away in the new series. In fact, I hope he's been plotting escape to get revenge on Hermes.

    Bender: "He's whipping angels now."


  • 0:27 in.^
  • 0:42/1:43/2:30 in.^
  • 5:59 in.
  • 7:57 in.
  • 8:37 in.
  • 10:10 in.^
  • 13:15 in.^
  • 13:55 in.^
  • 14:23 in.^
  • 15:14 in.^
  • 15:37 in.^
  • 19:54 in.
  • 21:34 in.^

    So ... God'ger?

    The space pirates we had been told about a season or two ago.

    11:42 in: This cue is on the obscure short score promo. Odd that a promo with so few tracks would waste space with even one cue that is nothing but a classical music arrangement. None of that awesome pirate battle music, nope, just this cue.

    Oh my goodness, so when Bender flew threw the atmosphere and heated up, it made me think of the alloys he is made of: can they withstand such head? Taken quickly from Wikipedia: the space shuttle en-enters the atmosphere and reaches 1,650 °C (3,000 °F). So, assuming Bender reaches that temperature (I wouldn't even know if he gets that hot):
  • Nickel is a good heat resistant alloy, but: Melting point of Nickel is 1455°C.
  • Iron is also a good heat-resistant alloy, but: Melting point of Iron is 1538°C.
  • Zinc has a low melting point: Melting point of Zinc is 419.53°C.
  • He also said he was made of recycled beer cans. In out time, beer cans as made of typically aluminum, which has melts easily: 600°C.

    So, in conclusion, no matter how you slice it, Bender should have melted down during re-entry. Maybe mass changes how much he heated up, but speed should increase the temperature. I have no idea -- someone here will known this nerd stuff.

    (NtM: 6:44)

    Bender: "Oh cruel fate, to be thusly boned. Ask not for whom the bone bones -- it bones for thee."

    Bender: "That was a practice miracle."

    Monk: "Ugh, this is the worst crazy sect I've ever been in."


  • 0:27 in.
  • 1:18/2:20 in Bold music lead by brass for a promotional film for the business.
  • 8:36 in.^
  • 14:47 in.^
  • 15:46 in.^
  • 18:04 in.

    At one point giant carrots roamed the Earth.

    2:00 in: This annoying cue is on the obscure short score promo.

    (NtM: 12:20, 21:51)

    Hermes: "... and you've been hypnotized by his swingin' baloney."

    Professor Farnsworth: "This isn't a business! I've always thought of it more as a source of cheap labor -- like a family."

    "A Leela of Her Own"

  • 4:26 in. Short cue using the main theme.^
  • 6:36/6:46 in.
  • 13:31/17:26 in.^
  • 21:33 in.^

    19:00 in: This cue is on the obscure short score promo. The end was repurposed from the alternate cue (also on the promo) when Bender was training in an earlier episode. It's similar, but with differences.

    In an earlier episode the Professor said the standard bending unit is made of an iron/isonium alloy, and in this episode Bender specifies part of the amount: he's also 30% iron.

    So, in order for there to be so much Soylent Green and it being a common cooking item for chefs, one would have to assume suicide booths are in common use (Bender did have to wait in line for one once) and that a clean up team -- not unlike perhaps a Pot-Of-Gold potable potty cleaner suctioning up tank water -- comes in, suctions up and collects the dead parts, where it's then sent to and processed at a Soylent Green plant -- no doubt owned by Mom.

    (NtM: 9:59)

    Leela: "Professor, please. Society's never gonna make any progress until we all learn to pretend to like each other. Now lets go over there and make these hideous strangers feel welcomed."

    "30% Iron Chef"

  • 7:32 in.
  • 12:07 in.^
  • 12:42 in.^
  • 13:50 in.
  • 5:04 in.^
  • 19:13 in.^

    The Planet Express building has an Accusing Parlor.

    (NtM: 8:12 ~ 10:52/gif)

    Bubble Gum Tate: "Ummm -- Soylent Green is my kind of people."

    Martha Stewart's Head: "I'm swimming in my own Soylent waste -- it's a good thing."
    (which reminds me: in an earlier episode a sport player drank water from a head jar while a head was in it; imagine now what was in that water...)

     Posted:   Feb 17, 2023 - 9:50 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Finishing SEASON 4:

    "Where No Fan Has Gone Before"

  • 0:29 in.^
  • 2:57/3:59 in.
  • 6:25 in.^
  • 7:01 in.^
  • 8:49 in. Short Courage theme homage.^
  • 11:47/12:18 in.^
  • 13:28 in. Cue that opens up with "The Doomsday Machine" parody score.^
  • 14:52 in.^
  • 17:00 in. "Amok Time" fight music parody cue, which comes really close many times but drops part of the theme.^
  • 18:22 in.^
  • 19:38/19:59 in.^
  • 21:42 in. TOS parody closing cue.^

    First episode where it sounds like a number of cues are to some degree done with synth instruments instead of real players.

    The Professor is not in this episode.

    I went to the Trivia page on IMDb for this episode, to see if there was any significance to Bender mentioning the two cops driving unit 178, but I didn't find anything. Speculation: Shatner sung his infamous Rocket Man song rendition in 1978, perhaps the unit number just drops the "9".

    I always wondered why Scotty was not there and the weird Welshie. According to Trivia, Doohan was asked, but said "No thank you". He was the only surviving cast member to turn it down.

    In real life Leonard Nimoy did write books of poetry, at least one also includes photography. I didn't even know these existed. Perhaps somebody here has read one or more and can comment.

    The alien cloud entity says there were five episodes with energy beams. Well, I had to investigate. Turns out an "Energy beam" is not a generic term in the Trek universe, as the writers of this episode no doubt thought, but a real thing:

    And that page only indicates one TOS episode with it. So then I assumed they meant phasers being fired from the Enterprise, so I searched that, but did not find the answer. I did, however, find out something that made me pause and think for a second: \"Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kham" is the only TOS film where the Enterprise fires phasers. Yeah, I had to think about that. Every other instance of weapons users is photon torpedos. From my loose memory: one torpedo in ST: TMP, don't recall about TSfS, the Enterprise was only in the closing of TVH, no Enterprise weapons use in TFF, and two or so torpedos in TUC. And if we count the Enterprise B in Generations, it also did not fire any weapons -- it channeled a deflective energy blast from the main deflector dish.

    Melllvar shows a sign indicating it's 3002 in the show, but I swear at this point it should be early 3003.

    The tube/shaft Bender is fixing a part of the Planet Express ship in, is a near identical drawing of one Scotty was in in an episode of the original series, with some minor changes and color differences; I made this side-by-side comparison for verification:

    By the way, Microsoft Windows spell check has "Shatner" saved as a word, but not "Nimoy" or "Doohan".

    (NtM: 5:40)

    Bender: "Lets take these six Jim Carey movies and record over them."

    Leonard Nimoy's Head: "Why did the world turn its back on our obvious greatness?"

    : "Ah, can people who hate 'Star Trek' leave?"
    Walter Koenig: "Good question."

    Walter Koenig: "How can you do a spoken word version of a rap song?"
    Melllvar: "He found a way."

    Cancellation was a possibility, so in this episode Bender comments about another show being cancelled before its time. But it did not get boned by the network executives. This time...

     Posted:   Feb 17, 2023 - 11:25 AM   
     By:   Timothy J. Phlaps   (Member)

    Melllvar shows a sign indicating it's 3002 in the show, but I swear at this point it should be early 3003.

    Fox was constantly postponing and rescheduling episodes due to sporting events. There were only four production seasons of the original run, but Fox managed to stretch that out to five broadcast seasons through their fannying around.

     Posted:   Feb 17, 2023 - 11:42 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Ahhh, well that explains it. Well, I'm going back, but I noted many episodes about the year or year inaccuracies in future episodes.

     Posted:   Feb 19, 2023 - 3:07 PM   
     By:   Goatmeal   (Member)

    "Where No Fan Has Gone Before"

    The tube/shaft Bender is fixing a part of the Planet Express ship in, is a near identical drawing of one Scotty was in in an episode of the original series, with some minor changes and color differences; I made this side-by-side comparison for verification:

    Those are called "Jefferies Tubes": access conduits & service ducts found within the Enterprise and all other Starfleet starships. They were an in-joke set reference during the production of TOS, named after NCC-1701 Enterprise designer and TOS Art Director Matt Jefferies.

    And while they were never referred to as such in TOS, TNG officially canonized the name.

     Posted:   Feb 21, 2023 - 8:05 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Yeah, in TNG they were called Jeffries Tubes, but all tubes I remember from TNG onward were horizontal tubes you crawled on your hands and knees through. The one Scotty is in appears to be some vertical angled shaft with a tube shape. One could say after-the-fact in-universe that it is some sort of precursor to a Jeffries Tube, but at best all I could describe it as, was as I described it.

     Posted:   Feb 21, 2023 - 9:07 AM   
     By:   Goatmeal   (Member)

    Fair enough. Looking forward to more great Futurama observations and commentary! :^)

     Posted:   Feb 21, 2023 - 9:15 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Of course. :-)

    I am using my own internal Random Day Generator to make posts. Like that time Bender faced the Random Time Execution clock.

     Posted:   Feb 24, 2023 - 11:46 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    SEASON 5:

    "Crimes of the Hot"

  • 0:28/1:22 in.^
  • 1:34/2:01 in.^
  • 4:08/4:50 in.
  • 8:08 in.^
  • 15:08 in.
  • 19:38 in. And the cue after the commercial break.^(second)

    Why are they wearing bathing suits?

    I looked it up -- Chlorine does oxidize iron. Bender said a few episodes prior he was 30% iron, so true to his statement, he got oxidized rust when exposed to Chlorine.

    Sooo ... going by the Professor's comment, I take away that Neptune and Pluto have bugs.

    Continuity Error: Morbo's head should not inflate/deflate like that on the ass part; a few episodes prior when Bender was trying to be a great chef, Morbo was exposed to X-Rays which showed the inside of his skull -- the ass bumps are all bone.

    Bender's inability to get up off his back, makes zero sense given everything we have seen prior. Off the top of my head: he's sat up, his arms and lets can extend so al he has to do is place his hands down flat and extend his arms to push himself up, and he can always use one arm to push from a side and roll over.

    Even though not directly stated, we are lead to believe that the Professor invented the alcohol-drinking bending unit seventy-five years ago, at Mom's; it would stand to reason that in order to cut costs and have money to bridge government officials in regards to emissions standards, that she would have been the one to ship production out to Mexico.

    3:15 in: The end credits to the Global Warming propaganda short is just a small fragment from the cue Bender's Life As A Penguin.

    (NtM: 6:18, 13:44)

    Quack "Doctor": "I've got a degree in homeopathic medicine!"
    "You've got a degree in baloney!"

    Algore: "I have ridden the mighty Moon worm!"

    Bender: "Oh -- you're a robot!"
    "Don't stop..."

    Hedonismbot: "I apologize for nothing."

    "Jurassic Bark"

  • 1:21 in.^
  • 3:22/6:39 in.
  • 7:36 in.^
  • 9:31 in.^
  • 14:38 in.
  • 20:33 in.

    16:39 in: This cue is on the obscure short score promo.

    Now Bender is 40 dolomite. Looking back, it appears dolomite does not melt, rather is decomposes and it can take hours to do so under extreme heat, suggesting that maybe being also 40% dolomite saved Bender on Earth re-entry a few episodes ago. However, a new question arises in my mind, despite the writer's attempts to try and keep it all together: can you mix all these elements together into one structure? Does that work?

    This episode glosses over something potentially big that never occurred to me before: Seymour was fast-fossilized while still alive, so some major event happened on Earth sometimes after the owner died but right before the dog died. However, the spry-looking fossil doesn't match with the dog fossil, or pet dog rock. Sometime twelve years later.

    However, there's something even bigger that I noticed and I don't think the shower ever got around to addressing. We know they plan things in advance on this show, this THIS TIME the flash back of Fry in 1999 included two NEW things (SPOILERS):
    The trash can has been moved and now Nibbler is seen poking an eye out, though it could be another member of his species. AND the second thing: a second shadow has been added next to Nibbler's shadow; this one appears to have devil horns of some kind.

    This implies the timeline has been altered and we don't know how or why yet.

    "I hope in time you'll realize what an idiot you've been."
    Fry: "I wouldn't count on that."

    Fry: "Look, Bender, this has nothing to do with you."
    Bender: "That's impossible!"

    Robopuppy: "Robopuppy commencing two hour yipping session."

    Professor Farnsworth: "Let this abomination onto the Lord begin!"
    (sweet zombie Jesus!)

    "The Route of All Evil"

  • 7:47 in.^
  • 10:57 in. I would have switched out that annoying Bot-mitzvah cue on the promo for this.^
  • 14:01 in.^
  • 14:35 in.^
  • 17:34/17:49/18:06/18:25/ in.^

    Continuity Error: So ... as it's been about three years in-'verse since the show began, and Cubert says his dad declared himself dead three years ago as a tax write off, this creates a continuity error (still an error even if he was declared dead when sleeping in a ditch, as he claims): the robots that came away to take him to the old people sphere when you reach a certain age, wouldn't have come when they did in the show. He'd have hid, they'd have assumed he was dead and could not find the body and left never to return.

    Funny thing that occurred to me: You might ask why the Professor has so many phones, but consider his character and how he would have handled one phone being put in; it might have gone something like this:

    Leela: "All done Professor; one landline phone installed. Had to steal it from the Smithsonian, but now you have one."
    Bender: "You're welcome."
    Professor Farnsworth: "Whaaa? One? I want ten phone lines!"
    Fry: "Why ten? You'll only ever use one."
    Leela: "Fry's right -- that doesn't make any sens--"
    Professor Farnsworth: "Nuts to making sense! I should be able to get a million landline phones if I want them! Bender, go steal more landline phones!"
    Bender: "Can do."

    Only one quote this time (and I only said it to distinguish it from the above made up lines):

    Hermes: "I was wrong! I can still feel pain!!!"

    "A Taste of Freedom"

  • 1:55 in.^
  • 2:20 in.^
  • 4:27 in.
  • 5:47/6:03 in.
  • 7:42 in.^
  • 11:36 in.^
  • 13:33/14:09/15:08/ in.
  • 16:29 in.^
  • 18:04/9:12 in.
  • 19:30/20:01/20:39 in.
  • 21:10 in.

    Zoidberg has three hearts.

    (NtM: 3:32, 9:13)

    Fry: "Anyone who laughs is a communist."

    Bender: "I was hatin' Zoidberg before it was cool."

    Zap: "Remember men: Take him alive so there's something left to kill."

    "Kiff Gets Knocked Up a Notch"

  • 0:28 in.
  • 2:25 in.^
  • 2:39 in.^
  • 3:35 in.^
  • 7:49 in.
  • 8:32 in.^
  • 16:30 in.^
  • 17:44 in.
  • 18:00/18:44 in.^
  • 19:33 in.
  • 20:33/20:43 in.^
  • 21:29 in.^

    Shouldn't Kiff's abilities to stick to walls when climbing them, since he's some kind of amphibian species, not work when he has gloves and boots on?

    Well, Zap's ship has a "Star Trek: The Next Generation" holodeck rip off. But the writers forgot: holograms only exist inside the holodeck -- where the holo projection technology is.

    Kiff says in twenty years the babies will sprout legs and call back onto land as children, so theoretically a "Futurama: The Next Generation" could have a one-eyed Leela green alien, with Fry as the old owner of Planet Express.

    Continuity Error: Bender gives Amy is baby booties, bronze. But we sa Bender's birth -- being assembled and program set in Mexico, as he was, fully shades of grey.

    (NtM: 13:11, 13:43)

    Bender: "I'm back, baby."

     Posted:   Mar 1, 2023 - 8:25 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Continuing SEASON 5:

    "Less Than Hero"

  • 0:28 in.^
  • 4:10 in.
  • 6:37 in.^
  • 6:59 in.
  • 12:50 in.^
  • 13:12 in. "Batman"-style fight music.^
  • 15:00 in.^
  • 16:00 in.^
  • 20:21 in.

    This episode just kind of ends with unanswered questions, the biggest one of which is: What is the villain going to do with the quantum diamond?

    (NtM: 11:07, 17:00, 17:25, 18:16, 19:44)

    "Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles"

  • 1:17 in.^
  • 3:09 in.^
  • 3:58 in.^
  • 5:37 in.
  • 7:59 in.^
  • 18:14/18:29/18:51 in.
  • 19:40/20:01 in.
  • 20:45 in.
  • 21:39 in.^

    The Professor destroys Deep Space Nine.

    The age reader says the Professor is 161 years old. He should by now be about 164.

    So ... where is Cuebert?

    (NtM: 8:43, 15:25)

    "Sir, its not necessary or wise to be naked."
    Professor Farnsworth: "Ooph -- you sound just like my tennis instructor!"

    Professor Farnsworth: "Fifty-three years old? Ooohhh, now I'll need and I.D. to rent ultra porn."

    Out-of-context quote...
    Bender: "Harder, damn you!"

    "The Why of Fry"

  • 0:28 in.^
  • 4:08/4:54 in.
  • 5:36 in.^
  • 5:53 in.^
  • 8:21/8:36/9:42/10:02/10:27/10:42/12:33/14:33 in.
  • 16:26 in.^
  • 17:23 in.^
  • 19:43 in.
  • 20:18 in.

    And so now I can avoid spoilers regarding the shadow.
    Yes, Nibbler was under the desk -- his shadow -- in the pilot. People insisted it was something added later, but people yanked out their copies recorded off TV back when the pilot first aired, and there he was. Yes, it is now season five and they are finally revealing why.

    However, this raises a thoughts: where is Nibbler's shadow? And it turns out that second shadow was Fry's shadow. Yes, they planed his like months back, maybe even a year.

    Nibbler also mentions that Leela is the other one, imploding she is also important to the fate of the universe some how, but I don't recall this being addressed.

    (NtM: 3:36, 6:58, 7:03, 17:23, 21:48)

    "You are the single most important person in the universe."
    Fry: "Oh snap."

    Random Flying Space Brain: "Detecting trace amounts of mental activity; possibly a dead weasel or a cartoon viewer."

    "The Sting"

  • 0:28 in.^
  • 2:18 in.
  • 3:52 in.
  • 5:35/6:05 in.
  • 7:26 in.^
  • 10:14 in.^
  • 13:07 in.^
  • 13:48 in.^
  • 19:48 in.
  • 21:41 in.

    7:08 in: this touching cue is on the obscure short score promo.

    Continuity Error: The Professors says they're space bees. However, in an earlier episode (maybe it was the pilot), the Professor dumps the job chips from the previous crew and the folder says it's contents of the space wasps stomachs.
    But this episode raises questions: If the old Planet Express ship is there, how did the Professor get their old job chips?

    Continuity Error: If French is a incomprehensible dead language, as the Professor stated in the episode "A Clone of My Own", they how does he know what a guillotine is? And how are French still speaking French if it's a dead language?

    Bender has a court order not allowing him to sing.

    (NtM: 3:17, 11:22)

    Bender: "We live to suck another day!"

    Multiple Bees: "He insulted our fat Queen!"

    Bender: "I'm back, baby!"

    Hermes: "Sooth us with sweet lies."

    Professor Farnsworth: "Bull pies!"

    "The Farnsworth Parabox"

  • 2:07 in.
  • 3:04 in.^
  • 15:08/15:27 in.^
  • 17:38 in.^
  • 19:39 in.^

    Continuity Error: Bender didn't toss a coin to pick the color of his finish -- he was assembled in Mexico the way he is. Then his programming was installed, so he couldn't even think until after being assembled.

    Professor Farnsworth: "Yes, it's the apocalypse all right; I always thought I'd have a hand in it."

    "Three Hundred Big Boys"

  • 0:28 in.^
  • 7:03 in.^
  • 8:29/9:31 in.
  • 10:05 in.
  • 18:52 in. Stops and goes twice.

    19:41 in: This memorable synth and wordless vocals cue is thankfully on the obscure short score promo. In the episode they faded out the end a few seconds early, so with the promo you get a proper fade out.

    (NtM: 13:09/gif)

     Posted:   Mar 6, 2023 - 10:36 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Continuing SEASON 5:

    "Spanish Fry"

    This episode features the cast doing an acapella version of the series' theme music.
    This episode also does not have the end credits theme or a black screen with white credits, but instead has a surprise mini episode of ... "The Scary Door".

  • 0:28/16:22 in.
  • 1:35 in.
  • 2:09 in. Though I think this cue is tracked from a prior season.
  • 4:37 in.^
  • 5:38 in.
  • 6:10 in.^
  • 12:15 in.^
  • 18:22/18:45 in.^
  • 20:27 in.

    How does the Professor question the existence of Big Foot? One or two episodes ago a regular magazine had Big Foot on the cover, celebrating his 80th birthday.

    (NtM: 7:31, 14:27/next, 16:28, 21:46)

    Fry: "Why does your vanity plate say 'Probe 1'?"

    Porno-Dealing Monster: "Hey -- I'm a porno-dealing monster, what do I care what you think?"

    "Bend Her"

  • 0:29 in. Music for the 3004 Olympics.
  • 7:26 in.
  • 7:33 in.^
  • 19:24 in.

    Female Bender still looks better than nuBruce Jenner.

    Calculon says as a robot he can't sleep at night, yet we've seen multiple times that Bender goes into some sort of sleep hibernation mode and "sleeps".

    Bender is right. I have two people in my family who have gone out on a date with a guy just to get a free dinner. Women do this shit.

    Bender: "I'm so embarrassed; I wish everybody else was dead."

    "Obsoletely Fabulous"

  • 7:16 in.
  • 10:36 in.^
  • 13:53 in.
  • 15:57 in.^
  • 18:53/19:37/20:05 in.^
  • 20:42 in.
  • 21:45 in.

    Continuity Error: The previous episode featured the 3004 Olympics. This episode has a sign reading the year 3003.

    (NtM: 17:09)

    Bender: "Take that, Beethoven, you deaf bastard!"

    Bender: "Save my friends! And Zoidberg!"

    "Bender Should Not Be Allowed on Television"

    NOTE: The cast sings along with the opening credits, adding words and vocal effects. Also a special end credits song sung by Bender.

  • 1:27 in.
  • 5:52 in.^
  • 8:33 in.^
  • 10:39 in.
  • 15:17 in.^
  • 18:20 in.

    Continuity Error: Bender plugs the TV into the bottom of his shiny metal ass where there is a power outlet, however just in the prior episode Bender was looking for a place to plug a blender into and couldn't find one.

    Incase you missed it: Fathers Against Rude Television = F.A.R.T.

    Trivia: I did look it up; the director of this episode is Ron Hughart, and no -- that "All My Circuits" director inside the episode does not look like Ron at all.

    Tiny Robot Tim: "You raised my hopes and dashed them most expertly, sir; bravo."

    Calculon: "I'm not familiar with the type of thing I'm seeing..."

    Bender (voiceover): "You're watching 'Futurama' -- the show that does not advocate the cool crime of robbery."

    Calculon: "Great Shatner's ghost!"
    (we already know from a prior episode that Shatner isn't dead; his head is in a jar like other people from over a thousand years prior.

    "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings"

  • 5:50 in.^
  • 9:20 in.^
  • 9:48 in.^
  • 12:49 in.^

    Bender's crotch plate is his shiny metal ass.

    Bender: "So, musicians really Roger your Hammerstein, huh?"

    Bender: "I got a hundred buck on Rectal Exambot!"

    Calculon: "Well, I do owe you for giving me this unholy ... ACTING TALENT!"
    (regular readers of my TV series threads know that on occasion I give out the Calculon award for Unholy Acting Talent to particularly bad actors and actresses)

    Zoidberg: "The music's bad and you should feel bad!"
    (I think this is another changed line; I swear it originally aired and played in re-runs as "You suck and you should feel bad!")

    And so with that, the show was cancelled.

     Posted:   Mar 14, 2023 - 7:31 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    SEASON 6:

    Now, here's where things start to get wonky and take some explaining.

    The show was not un-cancelled, but some feature-length direct-to-DVD feature-length specials were made two years later, since the show was so popular in re-runs on Adult Swim (the Cartoon Network). Many websites erroneously list this as a new "season" of the show. So, in order to stick to the IMDb listing, I am staying with this being "Season 6".

    "Bender's Big Score" (sound quality is not that great; rent or buy it if you want better' also out-of-sync and gets worse as it continues.

  • 0:00 in.^
  • 7:13 in.^
  • 21:39 in.^
  • 26:21 in.^
  • 36:25 in.
  • 41:57 in.^
  • 44:02 in.^
  • 51:24 in.^
  • 56:52 in.^
  • 1:03:17 in.^
  • 1:04:44 in. The sax' wedding march source cue.^
  • 1:15:29/1:16:28/1:16:53 in.^
  • 1:20:47 in.^

    So, I did go back and check the pilot and no -- Fry's pants were up and nobody was behind him.

    Continuity Error: Later on in the season we learn Leela has something living on one of her ass cheeks, in a terrible episode that should be de-canonized. When she's naked here, we don't see it or a mark from temporarily killing it.

    TRIVIA: While it appears -- according to various years on, that never existed (all I see is a black page), the full e-mail -- was ten years ago, replying if you e-mailed it. One person says it generated about four typical responses. I have no idea if it is still active. Several archives of the website wee made on one day this month, suggesting to me that perhaps somebody behind the scenes is working on the website to bring it back, baby.

    More Trivia: Bender spoofs the Terminator in some ways. Halfway into the episode we see Bender walk out of the ocean like a Terminator. This was 2007. Over a decade later in 2019 in the awful "Terminator: Date Fate" sequel film, the Terminator walks out of an ocean.

    Still More Trivia: So, let's think about it: there are multiple Bender's in the past now. There's the alive head dropped somewhere around Roswell, there's the one in the cryogenic freezer, there's the one hanging around below where the Planet Express building would be in the future (but it's impossible to think he just waited there for a thousand years and didn't do anything else; he had to get alcohol to survive, after all). Did I miss any?

    Continuity Errors: While we see how Seymour got incased like seen in his first episode (which itself doesn't make any sense), I once again find myself saying the same thing: Seymour lived to an old age as we saw in the closing of his first episode. Here he's incased at a younger age.

    (NtM: 19:15, 33:05, 55:17)

    Bender: "We're back, baby!"

    Leela: "What's the secret to time travel doing on fry's ass?"
    Fry: "It was bound to be somewhere."

    Hermes: "You do a nice hand job, Zoidberg."
    (NO -- it's not what you think)

    Bender: "Well, we're boned."


    "The Beast with a Billion Backs"

    "Bender's Game"

     Posted:   Mar 14, 2023 - 7:51 AM   
     By:   orion_mk3   (Member)

    The show was not un-cancelled, but some feature-length direct-to-DVD feature-length specials were made two years later, since the show was so popular in re-runs on Adult Swim (the Cartoon Network). Many websites erroneously list this as a new "season" of the show. So, in order to stick to the IMDb listing, I am staying with this being "Season 6".

    To make things even MORE confusing, the four direct-to-DVD movies were later split up into four 22-minute episodes each, "creating" a Season 6 of 16 episodes. This is how Hulu currently streams them, with the episodes listed as "Bender's Big Score Part 1," "Part 2," etc.

    I also read that either at the beginning of the movies or the subsequent Season 7 the show switched from a live orchestra to all synths, but my old ears really can't tell the difference.

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