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 Posted:   Sep 15, 2023 - 7:40 AM   
 By:   scatmanjack   (Member)

New Release (CD!) by James Newton Howard

October 2023 Release

Night After Night: Music from the Movies of M. Night Shyamalan celebrates one of the richest collaborations between a contemporary film director and a composer – an all-new recording of music for M. Night Shyamalan’s most acclaimed films by the Emmy®- and Grammy®-winning composer and nine-time Oscar® nominee James Newton Howard. The Sony Classical album will be released on October 20, 2023. Included on Night After Night are highlights from Howard’s haunting scores that became part of the identity of eight of Shyamalan’s eerie, mind-bending thrillers – The Sixth Sense (1999), Unbreakable (2000), Signs (2002), The Village (2004), Lady in the Water (2006), The Happening (2008), The Last Airbender (2010) and After Earth (2013). For this album, James Newton Howard created eight suites that are piano centric and include new and original material.

 Posted:   Sep 15, 2023 - 7:43 AM   
 By:   Jason LeBlanc   (Member)

1 Signs: The Cornfield
2 Signs: After You Were Born
3 Signs: Hand of Fate
4 The Village: Morning - James Newton Howard, Hilary Hahn, Jean-Yves Thibaudet
5 The Village: Noah Visits - James Newton Howard, Hilary Hahn, Jean-Yves Thibaudet
6 The Village: Ivy Saves Lucius - James Newton Howard, Hilary Hahn, Jean-Yves Thibaudet
7 The Sixth Sense: Lonely Boy
8 The Sixth Sense: Ghost in the House
9 The Sixth Sense: Acceptance
10 Lady in the Water: Prologue
11 Lady in the Water: Charades
12 Lady in the Water: Story
13 Lady in the Water: Return to the Blue World
14 Unbreakable: Survivor
15 Unbreakable: Destiny
16 The Last Airbender
17 The Happening: An Event - James Newton Howard, Maya Beiser, Jean-Yves Thibaudet
18 The Happening: Harbinger - James Newton Howard, Maya Beiser, Jean-Yves Thibaudet
19 The Happening: Aftermath - James Newton Howard, Maya Beiser, Jean-Yves Thibaudet
20 After Earth
21 Flow Like Water

 Posted:   Sep 15, 2023 - 7:45 AM   
 By:   jwb1   (Member)

Why is there listings for a single CD and another one with more than 1 CD but both have the same number of tracks?!

 Posted:   Sep 15, 2023 - 8:42 AM   
 By:   igger6   (Member)

Yes, please! Time for JNH to embrace his inner JW and start reinventing his movie music for the concert hall like the classy maestro he is. When's the first CSO concert?

 Posted:   Sep 15, 2023 - 10:29 AM   
 By:   First Breath   (Member)

Wow, cool release.

More composer compilations, please!

 Posted:   Sep 15, 2023 - 11:28 AM   
 By:   JeffM   (Member)

Why is there listings for a single CD and another one with more than 1 CD but both have the same number of tracks?!

I’ll bet that 2 disc is the vinyl and it’s just mislabeled/miscategorized.

 Posted:   Sep 15, 2023 - 11:34 AM   
 By:   SchiffyM   (Member)

This looks very promising! In a world with three-disc sets devoted to single scores, it's nice to also have pure listening experiences like this one seems to be.

 Posted:   Sep 15, 2023 - 11:44 AM   
 By:   Nicolai P. Zwar   (Member)

Cool, I will get this.

 Posted:   Sep 15, 2023 - 12:03 PM   
 By:   Hitch22   (Member)

This is fantastic! I’ve never been into compilations (always prefer the complete journey, rather than a selective road), but this release will contain new material, and that's very promising! The "Morning" suite from The Village is a beautiful fresh interpretation.

 Posted:   Sep 15, 2023 - 12:14 PM   
 By:   Cacs   (Member)

Wow. I'm really looking forward to the CD. The track “Morning” is promising. Like it very much.

Hopefully there will be more JNH Sony releases to come...

 Posted:   Sep 15, 2023 - 12:41 PM   
 By:   Magnus Opum   (Member)

Ooh! I'm most definitely getting this.

 Posted:   Sep 15, 2023 - 12:49 PM   
 By:   Nicolai P. Zwar   (Member)

I very much like these types of recordings ("serious" new recordings of film score suites), and it's unfortunate they are not done more frequently, I suppose the audience is too small. I love all these scores and look forward to hear them anew.

 Posted:   Sep 15, 2023 - 1:11 PM   
 By:   Peter Greenhill   (Member)

This looks to be a very interesting set. Count me in for this one.....

 Posted:   Sep 16, 2023 - 12:17 AM   
 By:   Hitch22   (Member)

The "Morning" suite reminds me of the fact that the soundtrack of The Village is nothing less than a masterpiece. It's so pure and it reaches the same emotional heights that Williams accomplishes with Schindler's List.

 Posted:   Sep 16, 2023 - 12:22 AM   
 By:   Mathew   (Member)

Ordered immediately!

 Posted:   Sep 16, 2023 - 8:00 AM   
 By:   davefg   (Member)

I remember a poster here calling JNH "a journey man". This CD should silence those critics. I will order it.

 Posted:   Sep 16, 2023 - 9:22 AM   
 By:   Thor   (Member)

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that -- with the exception of THE VILLAGE (which is a masterpiece, as another person said above) -- I've never been too thrilled with JNH's Shyamalan scores. Yeah, I know, enormously controversial, but it's not my favourite kind of JNH. But that puny gripe aside, I love the fact that an album like this is coming out. Will definitely check it out.

 Posted:   Sep 16, 2023 - 1:41 PM   
 By:   First Breath   (Member)

I think UNBREAKABLE and THE SIXTH SENSE are the best ones.

 Posted:   Sep 17, 2023 - 4:43 AM   
 By:   Hurdy Gurdy   (Member)

I do love THE VILLAGE, but its 'too close to Vaughan Williams' leanings place it behind SIGNS and LADY IN THE WATER for me, in the Masterpiece Score stakes.
Those are very high bars though.
The build up to the finale cues in SIGNS and LITW are brilliant and the actual finale cues are off the chart stupendous.
I'd prefer expanded editions of the MNS scores before this 'for the masses' type release, but it's great music being preserved for the casual film music listener.
Plus, Flow Like Water.
I remember first hearing it while playing the CD (THE LAST AIRBENDER) as I was wrapping Christmas presents and when it came on, I just stopped, thinking WTF.
I couldn't do anything else but concentrate fully on the music.
I've still never seen the film, to this day, but that piece of music is absolutely fucking incredible (as is most of the score).

 Posted:   Sep 20, 2023 - 2:33 PM   
 By:   Jason LeBlanc   (Member)

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