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 Posted:   May 21, 2021 - 7:38 AM   
 By:   OnyaBirri   (Member)

Now, the million-dollar question:

Where did the original sound effect originate? It is often heard on LPs in addition to films. Is it from a classic, vintage sound effects library such as Chappell?

 Posted:   May 21, 2021 - 8:27 AM   
 By:   King Solium   (Member)

"One of the Stock Sound Effects that pop up whenever films, cartoons or TV series depict a jungle environment with a Noisy Nature is the cackling laugh of the kookaburra, which sounds something like: "OOOOOO-HOOO-OOO-HOO-HOO-AHAHAHAHA" and is often assumed to be a monkey by people unfamiliar with the bird. It doesn't help much that we typically hear the sound without actually seeing the animal making it, thus adding to the confusion."

Apparently some of you didn't watch enough "Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom" growing up.

 Posted:   Jul 23, 2021 - 1:12 AM   
 By:   annaneves   (Member)

I would have never guessed this.

 Posted:   Jul 23, 2021 - 5:15 AM   
 By:   BillCarson   (Member)

Bumped by spam.

However it rather ruins the great joke...

Two monkees in a bath.

One says "Oooh oooh aah aah aah"

So the other says "Well put some more fkn cold water in then"

 Posted:   Jul 23, 2021 - 8:10 AM   
 By:   Last Child   (Member)

A fitting epitaph for a member who is not a member. "OnyaBirri" sounds like a related species to the "Kookaburra."

Classic Monkey Jungle Cry is Not a Monkey!

 Posted:   Jul 23, 2021 - 8:40 AM   
 By:   Jeff Bond   (Member)

We have peacocks around here and their cries sound remarkably like the classic Tarzan jungle cry...

 Posted:   Jul 23, 2021 - 11:58 AM   
 By:   jackDAWG   (Member)

So I just learn that the classic jungle "monkey" sound effect - used in Tarzan films and in countless films since - is not a monkey at all, nor is it native to Africa.

It is an Australian bird called a Kookaburra. Live and learn.

Flings book at Kooka's cage! "Shaddup! You made me miss the punchline!!!!"

Thanks Ock! I believe that the noises made by "Flipper" on the 60s TV show were also Kookaburra calls as well.

I'll have to record the audio to Audacity and put it in my phone for an alarm sound. Wife will love to wake up to that one!

 Posted:   Jul 24, 2021 - 6:21 AM   
 By:   Ag^Janus   (Member)

The White Lotus sounds like monkeys with some kind of jungle fever.

 Posted:   Jul 26, 2021 - 1:24 PM   
 By:   Kurcina   (Member)

Why wouldn't they just use monkeys? They should use monkeys. It would make more sense to me, but whatever, no one even saw the difference.
Still, it's nice to know that a bird like this can make that kind of sound. I love working with sound effects, and that's why I use ree sound effects royalty-free all the time. They have a huge sound effect library, and I know that I could find the right monkey sound effects if I ever needed them.
Websites like this can help a lot when it comes to working with editing sound effects like I do. Having something like this for free is an awesome thing to have.

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