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 Posted:   Nov 27, 2021 - 12:55 AM   
 By:   Laurent78   (Member)

In the meantime, I've identified one more poster, the Rumanian movie FUNERALII FERICITE (2013) :

Funeralii fericite (2013) - IMDb

ImdB doesn't credit Cosma but the poster does. Also, I've seen it a few years ago and confirm he scored it (actually a mix of reused stuff + what seemed to be a new theme for violin and piano if I'm not mistaken).

I've tried to figure out how the different scores have been possibly assembled. There's of course a margin of error since we don't have all titles at our disposal yet. Still, let's try it :

- VOLPONE (71) / BUT (66) / MEDECINS DE NUIT (78 and on). Note that either ENFANCE (71) or INSOLITE & CO (69), both excellent library music LPs, could also be featured here.
- TANG (71). Possible complement : LES GRANDS DETECTIVES (75).
- Michel Subiela tribute: ENQUETE POSTHUME SUR UN VAISSEAU FANTÔME (73) / LA MAIN ENCHANTEE (74) / LE COLLECTIONNEUR DE CERVEAUX (76) / VAINCRE A OLYMPIE (77). Possible complement (but a doubtful one since the master tape is indeed said to be lost): HUGUES LE LOUP (75)
- Michel Berny tribute : LES GRANDS SENTIMENTS FONT LES GRANDS GUEULETONS (73) / PETIT DEJEUNER COMPRIS (80) / POURQUOI PAS NOUS ? (81). Potential complement: LES MARLOUPINS (79). Though not directed by Berny but featuring Pierre Mondy (as in PETIT DEJEUNER COMPRIS), the TV series EDOUARD ET SES FILLES (90) could also have been placed here as a bonus.
- various movies (with 'serious' scores so to say): LES FILLES DE MALEMORT (74) / LA RAISON D'ETAT (78) / LA FEMME ENFANT (80), etc.
- various comedies: LA RAISON DU PLUS FOU (72) / LA DERNIERE BOURREE A PARIS (73) / DRÔLE DE SAMEDI (85), etc. Possible complement: LA GUEULE DE L'EMPLOI (74)
- various adventure TV series and TV movies: LA MER PROMISE (77) / L'EQUIPAGE (78) / L'ADIEU AUX AS (82), etc.
- various TV scores: SAM ET SALLY (78) / MADAME LE JUGE (77), etc. note: MEDECINS DE NUIT could also fit perfectly here.
- Lazare Iglesis tribute: LA JEUNE FEMME EN VERT (84) / HELLO EINSTEIN (84) / L'ETE DE LA REVOLUTION (89). Note: Cosma enjoyed a fruitful collaboration with this director so that other unreleased titles likely to make it here are: LA SERVANTE (79), LA BELLE VIE (79), LES MAÎTRES SONNEURS (80), LA GRANDE PITIE DU COMTE DE GRUYERE (81), LES DAMES A LA LICORNE (82, a serious contender possibly matching the poster featuring 5 faces in circles) & LE DEJEUNER DE SOUSCEYRAC (90).
- international collaborations: OCTAV (2017) / FUNERALII FERICITE (2013). Note: other possible bonus : the Dutch movies directed by Nikolai van der Heyde LAAT DE DOKTER MAAR SCHUIVEN (80) & NITWITS (87) or Israeli movies such as HU' HALACH B' SADOT (= ILS ALLAIENT A TRAVERS CHAMPS, 67), AYARIM (arranged by V.C., 67), ASEREI AHOFESH (= PRISONERS OF FREEDOM, 68), etc. Anthony Page's NIGHTMARE YEARS (a TV mini series in 4 parts, 89) seems unlikely since it's reusing stuff from previous movies like the march from LA RAISON D'ETAT a.o.
- CHET BAKER album (85) + a library music album, possibly CHARME, INTIMITE ET LOISIR (67).

Sorry if these titles appear as obscure but most of them really are ! And it's what's makes this box so exciting.

 Posted:   Dec 7, 2021 - 9:35 AM   
 By:   emmanuelcap   (Member)

Thanks for your very interesting and complete message.

I Also hope other soundtracks will be included.

La Gueule de l’emploi with the Music « Camionnettes en folie » i like a lot.

Le Moustachu also and maybe other Library Music from Patchwork
label and Musique pour l’image.

I think to Enfance, Musique Insolite, Musique dramatique or Série Noire.

I would like to find exclusive tracks from the reissue LP from Le père Noël est une ordure

 Posted:   Dec 7, 2021 - 12:31 PM   
 By:   Laurent78   (Member)

Thanks for your reaction, Emmanuelcap. Unfortunately, it seems we'll have to wait up to the 18th February. This is indeed the new release date given by the FNAC :

I guess this has to do with the current crisis in the paper field.

The LP INSOLITE & CO is very good. It's a rare endeavour by Cosma to write contemporary music. Another excellent library album is the double LP MUSIQUES POUR FILMS PUBLICITAIRES, also released by MPI. Needless to say there's still a lot of outstanding stuff to be released on CD. Like you, I'm also very fond of LA GUEULE DE L'EMPLOI. Fingers crossed.

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