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This is a comments thread about FSM CD: Stagecoach/The Loner
 Posted:   Sep 1, 2016 - 8:08 PM   
 By:   RoryR   (Member)

Very cool! I've heard good things about this show and I love westerns with depth. I think I may pick this up. Any comments on the scores besides the two lovely Goldsmith ones? Did they incorporate Goldsmith's theme?

I wonder if we might get a release of other music from this series one day. Probably unlikely, I guess.


It's well worth getting. First off, the episodes are just a half-hour (actually 25 minutes), so there's no fat on them. Most are written by Rod Serling and you can tell if you're at all familiar with THE TWILIGHT ZONE. Not that it's a strange western, but one very interested in social commentary. The scores are mostly by Alexander Courage, Nelson Riddle and Fred Steiner. Goldsmith's theme pops up often, but the best version of it plays on the DVD's menu screen. Listen to it enough and you'll have trouble getting it out of your head the rest of the day. Finally, there's a good featurette on the final disc about the series and its music with comments from John Burlingame. At around $15 it's a great DVD set to add to your collection.

I was going to start a thread on it a couple months ago, but I figured few would be interested.

 Posted:   Sep 2, 2016 - 5:41 AM   
 By:   Hurdy Gurdy   (Member)

Revisiting my comments above, from the long ago, comparing the sound of the FSM release with the Mainstream issue, I would now add, much like their BLUE MAX release, the only one I go to is the LaLa Land re-issue, which closed the book on both scores (Stagecoach and Blue Max) for me.

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