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 Posted:   Jun 4, 2019 - 2:57 PM   
 By:   kenisu3000   (Member)

A few years ago it used to be I was annoyed by the fact that people were more interested in the NES game than the cartoon. I'd go on YouTube, search "ducktales" and IIRC all the top results would be videos about the game. And you could forget about searching for "ducktales music" if you were looking for the Ron Jones score, because that would just bring up 20 million different remixes of the Moon theme, again from the NES game. I mean, I enjoy me some Moon theme just as much as the next guy, but if I were looking for something else entirely and that kept popping up, it could get VERY frustrating. I was sure this "wait, there was a CARTOON too??" attitude the entire Internet seemed to have was not doing the Ron Jones score any favors toward an official release.

So, the massive DuckTales craze I went through a few years ago (not just "hey, I still love this show", but outright living-breathing-eating it) was sort of punctured by a number of things: the announcement of the reboot, the news about Disney saying no to a score release, and the fact that IDW's Uncle Scrooge comics couldn't accept new writers/artists (so much for my ambitions), so that by the time the reboot was only a few months old, my enthusiasm for the thing that inspired me to become a cartoonist in the first place, appreciate film scores, and overall add so much color and wonder to my life, had fully died down.

When the reboot was first announced I knew, just KNEW, it would destroy any chance my favorite show had of being untainted by a toxic, divided fanbase, to say nothing of getting its music score out there. I KNEW the old-school, episodic writing and sometimes slightly flawed characterization would have trouble standing up to today's general public's preference for edgy backstories and epic storylines that span whole seasons, and that newcomers and veterans alike would point to this and use it as an excuse to bash the '80s series to smithereens.

When the pilot finally aired, I actually breathed a sigh of relief, because I found it very lackluster compared to the classic series' pilot, and for a short blessed moment I was confident people would recognize the stark difference and not let the reboot swallow up the original.

Boy, was I an idiot.

The other day I take a peek back into things, and what do I find? As far as the Internet is concerned, it's almost as if the original series had never existed. Search "ducktales" on YouTube and you get essentially a bombardment of reboot clips - only maybe one or two videos having anything to do with the classic show managed to squeeze themselves in there. Click on any of those, and read the comments if you want your blood to boil.

It's even WORSE than I predicted, because I see barely anyone defending the original series. The fanbase is hardly divided at all - it's a unified "old show is old, and that sucks".

Talk about depressing. The '80s series symbolized childhood innocence for me, just about the last thing dear to me that hadn't been tainted by modern trends, and even if people I talked to barely remembered it, what memories they did have were fond.

Now everyone hates it and bashes it. It's become the butt of a joke.

 Posted:   Jun 4, 2019 - 3:05 PM   
 By:   litefoot   (Member)

Well I certainly don't hate it. And I've yet to see the new series. In fact I bought the Volume 3 DVD the other day, which I will watch soon. Now if only we'd get a UK release of Volume 4.

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